GP-014 Threshold Marketing Guild Nominations Election 2022

I strongly support Benjamin’s (@ZeroInFo56) nomination! He has been an integral member of the committee and has enthusiastically embraced Threshold’s mission and his role on the committee - leading a diverse set of initiatives, from creating and maintaining a PRE node for the guild, to maintaining our multi-signature wallet and initiating transactions, contributing to each issue of the newsletter, as well as spearheading outreach efforts like Threshold Embassy.

I also endorse @Jessi for a continued role on the committee, as she brings not only design expertise but a range of support, including regularly contributing to the newsletter and other content, and volunteering to help out where it’s needed most.

@Liz_S and @Carusosa have been key members of the committee, providing not only their design and community expertise but also a critical link to the Keep and NuCypher dev teams, respectively. While it would be great to see both of them continue on the committee, Liz has advised that with @Hagan joining the Keep marketing team, he would be a natural fit to continue as the Keep representative. We’ve already started working with Hagan, so I’d like to formally nominate him, as well as Ryan (@Carusosa)! (And Liz, you know we’ll be calling on you for your input and to continue educating us on your work with the Threshold brand and product.)

I’ve enjoyed getting to know @nico186 (including in our informative and wide-ranging “Meet the DAO” interview) and think his extensive experience in education and other areas, plus his passion for Threshold and Web3, would be great assets to the committee.

And what would the committee and Marketing Guild be without @MrsNuBooty? Not only our community’s marketing activity lead long before there was a guild (or even Threshold), but a tireless contributor and enthusiastic voice - truly the heart of our guild. Ashley has remained at the center of the guild’s activities, as well as coordination with other guilds and stakeholders. Her contributions are too numerous for me to list (but many will be featured in the upcoming guild retrospective I’m drafting now), so I hope that Ash finds time to post and share anything else she’d like known about her nomination!


Thank you @JohnPackel for the nomination. I accept the nomination and look forward to potentially continuing to serve the TMG on behalf of NuCypher


@JohnPackel Greatly appreciate the nomination and the opportunity to potentially serve on the TMG on behalf of Keep.


Thank you for the kind words @JohnPackel ! And I’ll be happy to provide input where ever needed. I also nominate you for a role on the MG! Your work on the newsletter has been :chefskiss: and you have been an active and integral part advising and contributing to the MG these past months.

I also +1 the nomination for @Hagan for Keep, and endorse @Carusosa for NuCypher. I endorse @Weedzy and look forward to more animations, GIFs, and design content from him for the MG. I endorse @ZeroInFo56 nomination as well, and I think he has been an integral part of organizing MG and making sure the MG is staying on track.

I also strongly endorse @MrsNuBooty to continue on the MG. Some of her extensive contributions include (but are not limited to) crafting clever social media content, staying on top of MG meetings & hosting the T party as well as attending meetings of other guilds, collaborating with partnerships (the FAQ bot for one) for the DAO, and coming up with new ideas and ways to improve what the MG is doing & should be doing.

I strongly endorse @Nous nomination, and I think his background in parliamentary procedure has brought structure and efficiency to the MG and DAO processes. He also has created excellent video content and continues to do so. He has been an awesome resource for the MG and we are lucky to have him!


@JohnPackel, thank you for the kind words and, more importantly, for your immense dedication to the Marketing Guild Committee. John has been an irreplaceable leader, mentor, and contributor to the MGC, even before any of it was formalized. John helped me to organize an early contributor campaign and made himself available as an advisor. In November of 2021, John helped me kick-start the MG and helped drive early community growth and participation. Through John’s early support, and the Keep Network providing early funding for the guild contributors, we found valuable talent hiding within our community, and this helped establish our very talented first-term committee. I would like to second Liz’s nomination of John for a second term on the committee. I’m not sure we’ll ever deliver another edition of Threshold Time without him. His commitment and cat herding skills are impressive!

The participation of team members in the MGC has been extremely helpful in better aligning our DAO. @Carusosa and Liz bestowed valuable insights into team activities, were helpful with copywriting, made collaboration with the team a smooth process, and provided their time and talent to help lay the foundation of the MG. I would like to encourage Ryan’s continued participation and am happy to see @Hagan has accepted his nomination. I hope to see that both be elected. @Liz_S, thank you for everything, and I look forward to your continued participation with the MG.

I would also like to express my support for @ZeroInFo56, who handles many of the administrative tasks, contributes to the Threshold Time, operates the MG’s node, leads the Threshold Embassy (whose primary focus is currently on PRE adoption), and much more. From a Reddit moderator to a wrangler of partnerships and adoption, I’m here for it!

I would like to express my support and appreciation for @Nous, as his skillset and background have served the MG very well. Nous’ educational videos, rules committee participation, collaborative writing skills, and familiarity with parliamentary procedure are invaluable.

@Jessi has been a warm, welcoming, and positive face for the community. She is actively contributing to the Threshold Time, design tasks, amplification of community messages on social media and is great at picking up the odds and ends. I would like her to be elected again and hope that we can find a way to put her undeniable artistic talent to better use.

@nico186 has been an active participant in the community since before I arrived and was one of the first people to make me feel welcome and valued within the community. I believe his kind and friendly demeanor really illuminates to the community and world who we are as an organization. Nico was a candidate for an inaugural seat on the initial committee but opted out in favor of others since he had limited time available to contribute. With Nico now having the time available to contribute, I am a strong proponent and hope to see him leading live interactive and educational lessons for the DAO. I’ve heard he is friendly, calm, passionate and has teaching experience.

I would also like to encourage anyone who might be lurking in the MG to come forward and self-nominate. We are always eager to see new faces!

Lastly, I would like to accept John and Liz’s very flattering nominations and run for a seat on the Marketing Guild Committee. I want to take this opportunity to brag about everything I have achieved with yall’s help, but to save you the rest of your day, I’ll end with my commitment to the DAO instead. I will continue to serve as a voice for the community, advocate for Threshold in every way possible, and do my best to always be available to anyone who ever needs a private chat. I will raise questions, advocate, organize, rally, explore, engage, and communicate with the Threshold community and beyond! :purple_heart:


Great post, Ash, and I echo this sentiment: “encourage anyone who might be lurking in the MG to come forward and self-nominate”.

I also hope that people who run but aren’t elected for this session will continue to participate in MG activities, as that’s how all of us committee members started. And we have budget for compensating work that needs to be done, so there’s no better time than now to increase your involvement!


Hello everyone,

I’m writing to nominate myself as a potential Marketing Guild Committee Member. While I am a relative newcomer to Threshold, and while I have not as of yet become deeply involved in the DAO, I am looking for opportunities to do so. I have over 15 years of experience as a content marketing professional, customer education manager, and technical copywriter. I am confident I would be an asset and hopefully have some unique skills to bring to the committee. For one thing, I would be happy to help manage any short or long-form writing projects currently in the works.

I am currently working with Beau and Nous on a 3-part blog project for Threshold, and have worked with Nous on Several projects outside of Threshold; I’m sure he would be willing to speak to his experience working with me, as well as my eagerness to contribute to Threshold. I am confident I can commit to the role and would be grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the guild.


I would like to support all our nominates @Nous @Weedzy @nico186 @ZeroInFo56 @Jessi @Carusosa @Hagan @JohnPackel @MrsNuBooty @LastThings and congratulate the founding marketing guild members for completing the very first term as DAO committee members.

You are the face and voice of the DAO, your role here is much much needed. You work hard, and (T-)party for hours! Good luck to all nominates in the elections!!


First, I would like to support the nominations for @ZeroInFo56
I was very Impressed with how Ben conducted himself at ETHNYC. I was serving as an independent production hand for ETH Global and my interaction with all Threshold reps was extremely positive. When working hard on set up and tear down its always encouraging when Sponsors show gratitude and good vibes my way, it really brightens my own vibe to work hard so everyone at the Hackathon can have a productive and pleasant time.

Ben was the key factor in making it possible for me to sing “Todo es Possible” and back up the legendary Justin Holmes on the low end at ETH BCN. On a personal level I can’t express enough gratitude as its such a blast to play with Justin and being around him makes me a better musician and human. I’m constantly curious and inspired by his perspective and knowledge of the Blockchain. I want to learn more about Threshold as its been a great journey since meeting Justin and this community.

Secondly, I would like to support the nominations for @MrsNuBooty
Friendly, attentive, motivating and acceptive of new members to the community I’ve been very impressed with how Ashley has treated me as a very new member of this community. She has given great insight and direction to further my education on the T FAM through her engaging conversations on Discord. Her stage presence is phenomenal as she is a bold MC for Threshold digital spaces and stages. She would easily evolve into a panelist moderator at big conferences and already gives the MG T Party a fantastic podcast feel.

Lastly, I would like to nominate myself
Aloha:) My docs name is Jordan, but you can call me Shaka. I love making new friends, sharing about the cool new things I’m learning {ie everything about $T, $ETH, etc} and taking action to build and encourage communities.
Those actions include but aren’t limited to

  • Volunteering at events
  • Willing to learn new things and skills
  • Open Sourced Art from the Heart
  • Jamming w/ friends
  • Teaching
  • Creating in many forms
  • Performing
  • Public Speaking
  • Looping in the background of all night hackathons.
  • Idea sharing
  • Relating NFTs to Impactful giving
  • IRL marketing
  • IRL content recording
  • With more discipline and education I want to be a stronger force in the digital world. I like twitter spaces, discord, and the prefer the idea of putting content first in decentralized storage and on the blockchain.
  • Greeting everybody in the community and making everyone feel important.
  • I like to give as a layer 1 to receiving.
  • Serving and uplifting is how I approach contributing and leading.
  • Putting others first is my form of personally decentralizing myself.
  • Being apart of the T community would be exTremely exciTing:)))

MAHALO BRUDDAS AND SISTAS, with NOM or no NOM ALL T members are welcome in my OHANA!!!


I would like to nominate myself, @the_egg. I have a background split between business management/Linux systems administration. I believe I would be able to apply those skills to help organize and streamline the marketing guilds acquisition of new members into roles such as staking, development, and outreach.

I make a point to attend nearly every Threshold related meeting already and would like to believe I have had a positive impact on procedure and organization. I believe a potential seat on the Marketing Guild would enable me to have an even greater positive impact.

If elected, I would like to take time and review all metrics from our SEO, Twitter, YouTube, Landing pages, etc and see if we can find patterns that will help us increase the effectiveness of our outreach efforts. I believe we have a solid community and would love to help introduce more people to the Threshold family.


Just had encore hang with @the_egg after the Tparty!!! Super humble and cool dude, he has been vocal and present in every Discord stage Ive been in. Has my respect and positive opinion he should be chosen before me if a seat is open!!



I have worked with @LastThings on a number of projects and can highly recommend him. I also think it would be great to have some writing talent on the marketing guild committee.


Sorry, I didn’t realize I needed formally accept my nomination here (by @Liz_S and seconded by @MrsNuBooty above). I certainly do accept (and thank you) and look forward to sharing my thoughts on the candidates “meet and greet” meeting!


Hello everyone!

If it’s nit too late, I’d like to nominate myself for a seat in the Marketing Guild.

My name is Juan Carlos. I am a newcomer and I have been following the Threshold forum in the shadows for some months now. I believe in the project and I do think that I can be of help for its development.

The reason why I do think I can help the team is because I am a communication-worker. I work as a translator. I have been in the translation industry since year 2001. During this time I have been involved in many projects and translated millions of words for big IT & localization customers (Microsoft, Oracle or Google, for instance) among many other clients. Back in 2001 I started working in a Spanish translation company. During my career, I have successfully worked as translator, junior project manager, senior project manager and office manager. Therefore, besides translation, I also have skills in team and project management. In 2011 I decided to continue my career as freelancer and now I am the owner of my time and I have the freedom to work in whichever project I believe in. Threshold is one of them.

My work is all about building bridges between people and helping them communicate.

This is what I can offer to the team:

  • Translation & L10N from English, French, Italian and Portuguese into Spanish.
  • Translation management services for other language combinations: I do not speak Chinese, Japanese or Korean, but I do have the experience and
    the knowledge to search and find resources able to provide those services, as well as coordinate their work (should the need arise).
  • Knowledge of Computer Assisted Translation tools (not to be confused with machine translation) that can streamline the translation process.
  • Marketing tasks like reviewing of content, face to face contact with potential clients or collaborators.

These are only some of my strengths. Apart from this, I consider myself a quick learner (as a translator, I am constantly investigating and documenting about tons of subjects in order to produce quality translations) and a very open-minded person (I consider this a direct consequence of investigating and acquiring knowledges in so many different fields).

Last but not least, I would like to emphasize on the fact that in spite of working alone as a freelancer, I consider myself a good team player. That is because as freelancer I usually have to coordinate my work with other translators and project managers.

Thanks in advance,

Juan Carlos


The election process has been initiated on snapshot


Thanks to @Jessi for creating this helpful video from the August 12th nominee “meet and greet” session, including screen shots from this page!


Elections closed August 23td, 2022.
Results available in the Threshold Proposal Database, code GP-014.

Committee members elected and their terms length available in Notion.

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Congratulations to our newly elected MGC members! :tada: @Hagan @LastThings @nico186

Everyone will need to provide a fresh ETH address, secured by a hardware wallet, for the MG multisig to be transitioned to our new set of signers.
Please post your address here ASAP >

DAO calendar (that includes all MG events) >

Marketing Guild’s Notion >

Marketing Guild’s Q3 OKRs >

Our weekly committee meeting is held each Thursday at 2pm Eastern on Discord voice > Threshold Network

I am looking forward to working with everyone! :clinking_glasses:


@Nous resigned from the Marketing Guild Committee (MGC) on October 31, 2022 and we now have a vacancy to fill. (Link to resignation on Discord)

As established by GP-011, the MGC will elect a replacement during our weekly MGC call, on November 10, 2022.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another community member to fill the vacancy then please post a message here or in the ongoing nomination thread on Discord.

Threshold Network > # :gem:| mg-main > # Vacancy on Marketing Guild Committee


@Hagan resigned from the Marketing Guild Committee (MGC) on November, 2022.

Both vacancies were filled by holding a replacement election November 10, 2022. As a result, @Will and @beemeeupnow were elected as members of the MGC for the remainder of the assigned terms:

The MGC is currently conformed by:
@MrsNuBooty - 0x739730cCb2a34cc83D3e30645002C52bA4B06167
@Carusosa - 0xa18c47B41Be1e96BcF9ea8fac9Daba01dF4056d7
@Will - 0xC635f3BF4073933f037d48cAe48e630546cA2f11
@JohnPackel - 0x8FBCa7800D1B820176b0696A22bce5E50C5c9A71
@beemeeupnow -
Signer: 0xecd9eac7ff3be2cfe6f52e58b8ef1e712680c61a
Payment: 0xa05b26f366035f4a797c12cbc23b87633f353337
@ZeroInFo56 - 0xee52709e23D28F8A7d40EfeC4F4F1F7E744125E9
@LastThings - 0x4f5ECe1EcE292954A1eBaDd6Dd1f93cA9F548Cb6
@nico186 - 0x640cC25c296b1Cc636b1f711F1c9652eC11C4630

All this information is available on Notion.

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