[Proposal] Enhancing Threshold's Operations with Syncvote

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I’d recommend discussing Syncvote’s service with the Integrations Guild Committee on discord.gg/Threshold to see if there’s interest.


Hello Maclane, thank for your instruction. I’ve been going to the channel to say hello, and am waiting for feedback.

I would love to redesign Threshold’s governance process using Syncvote, but I could not find any guildline after scrolling all the post.

To illustrate how Syncvote could be adapted, I will take anexisting governance processes from Uniswap and collaboratively redesign it using Syncvote’s platform. This hands-on example will vividly showcase how Syncvote solution can enhance clarity, inclusivity, and autonomy within your community.

Uniswap’s overnance process redesigned using Syncvote:

SyncVote App 10

You can find an overview of the Threshold DAO’s governance process here.