Threshold DAO v2 Proposal Edit - Removing the Emergency Security Developer Multisig

The Emergency Security Developer Multisig has been removed entirely from the v2 Threshold DAO proposal. This was done as a result of community discussion around the relationship between tBTC v2 and the Threshold DAO.

The explicit goal of the DAO proposal is to establish and agree on a governance framework that can successfully govern Threshold going forward while allowing for each application to decide if it needs majority control on a granular level. We don’t need to dive into the mechanics of each service on the network to move forward together with a strong governance framework for the network overall.

This post is intended to explain why the edits to the proposal were made, isolate the discussion on how each individual service handles fall back security and hopefully realign our community on the v2 DAO proposal so we can get back on track to snapshots.


Split out the ESDM discussion into a new thread here: Network-level and application-level emergency security mechanims

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