Threshold Integrations Guild Nominations Election 2022

Integrations Guild nominations are now open. In accordance with the newly adopted rules, any DAO member can be nominated for an upcoming guild committee seat, including self-nominations. A person who is nominated by another member must confirm their intent to be a candidate.

Integrations Guild
The core mission of the Threshold Integrations Guild is to build successful, synergistic and long-lasting relationships with other protocols, DAOs and external organizations.


Hey I’m East,

I want to nominate myself for a new term with the IG committee.
Threshold DAO has an incredible mix of unique talents, high tech and huge potential which makes us one of the most interesting projects in the whole space. I would love to continue with my contributions here.

Activities on integrations started back in Jan21 when we formed an Evangelists group in Keep Network. Later with Threshold DAO launch our current IG was built. I think that our IG team has learned a lot about organizing ourselves and also executing. We still have a lot to accomplish though.

About myself
I helped out shaping the current IG and TG, setting up goals and priorities and working hard as committee member. I’m deeply involved with both Keep and Threshold since Jun20 and run nodes in Keep Network since then and now on Threshold.

Personally I love to do research, discuss ideas, build consensus, plan and then execute.
In real life I’m a boardmember and partner in a couple of businesses. I enjoy to travel, play guitar and spend time with family and friends.



I would like to nominate myself for another term serving on the Integrations Guild Committee. After joining the IG several months ago, I have enjoyed contributing to the IG and the Threshold DAO. I am a financial information professional and hold respective certifications, including a fraud credential. I am seeking reelection to continue to contribute to the Guild and help shape the IG’s path.

I have been involved with NuCypher from the beginning of Worklock in late 2020. I wrote and published the first guide to installing and running NuCypher on a VPS. What started as a brief pdf document turned into a web-based guide providing step by step instructions on how to setup a node. After the merge with KEEP, I rewrote the document to work for Threshold PRE. I enjoy problem solving and helping fellow Threshold community members. In addition, I recently began serving the DAO in an official Threshold Tech Support capacity.


First of all I’d like to endorse the nominations of @Eastban and @Vict0r. They’re great and valuable assets to the IG and DAO, and hope they’re elected for a next term.

I’d also like to nominate myself for a next IG committee term.

We’re entering an important time with the upcoming tBTC v2 launch, and all the Guilds can be an important factor in its success. I’d love to be a part of that through the IG committee.

About me
I’ve been a community member of Keep Network / Threshold Network since June 2020. Have been active in the Keep Evangelist program as well as the Threshold DAO early days and founding of the IG.

Outside of Threshold I’m active in the Tally Ho community, with among others, focus on Integrations. I think the skills and network that I’ve build up here will be of value to the IGs goals

What I hope to bring on the table for the IG in the 2nd half of the year

  • Network
  • Sprint & Task based management
  • Creativity
  • Stimulating contributions through bounty / grants based work and/or retroactive rewards

I would like to nominate myself for a seat on the IG committee in the upcoming term.

I have been a member of the community since late 2020, beginning with NuCypher.

In the time that has passed since then, I have worked as a Moderator on the Threshold, NuCypher, and Keep Reddits, as well as for the official forum, and the discord server.

I am a current member of the Marketing Guild Committee and have focused on driving growth and education around Threshold by:

  • Evangelizing while attending events.
  • Sourcing leads via products such as Layer3.
  • Contributing to the planning and development of educational content.
  • Contributing to the production of the Newsletter.
  • Coordinating and executing social media events such as Twitter Spaces and Discord calls with other web3 companies and projects.
  • Management of guild accounting/guild treasurer.
  • Upkeep and management of guild Notion.

In particular, I have devoted a substantial portion of my time to researching, contacting, and scheduling meetings between potential product adopters (primarily for PRE) and NuCypher.

I am also a top-5 delegate for the DAO, entrusted with using my voting power and experience to serve the best interests of the DAO and its current and future products.

I operate a personal Node, as well as one on behalf of the MGC, and am very familiar with the setup, management, and operation of Threshold Nodes.

I believe that I would be an ideal member of the IG Committee because:

  • I work professionally as an IT Engineer.
  • I have been a frequent attendee of the IG calls and will be able to get up to speed and hit the ground running in a very short time.
  • I have a passion, and talent, for networking and relationship-building, and know how and when to utilize these relationships for the benefit of the DAO.
  • I am a hard-working, driven, persistent individual, and I will bring snax.