Threshold Treasury Guild Nominations Election 2022

Treasury Guild nominations are now open. In accordance with the newly adopted rules, any DAO member can be nominated for an upcoming guild committee seat, including self-nominations. A person who is nominated by another member must confirm their intent to be a candidate.

Treasury Guild
The Threshold Treasury Guild is responsible for effectively managing the Threshold DAO treasury. This includes growing Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), researching / implementing best practice treasury management strategies, executing ecosystem liquidity incentives, diversifying the treasury, etc.

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Hey I’m East,

I want to nominate myself for a new term with the TG committee.

As I said in my other nomination I would love to continue with my contributions in this incredible DAO which has an amazing mix of unique talents, high tech and huge potential.

Treasury Guild has targeted goals around the treasury management, Protocol Owned Liquidity and diversification. Building new forms of liquidity incentives, coming up with alternative diversification paths and ensuring a healthy treasury are all objectives we’ve been working on with the TG team and still have a lot to improve and learn.

About myself

I helped out shaping the current IG and TG, setting up goals and priorities and working hard.
I’m deeply involved with Keep / Threshold since Jun20. It’s been a really exciting journey so far where I’ve learned a lot and made a whole world of new friends. Let’s keep on !

Personally I love to do research, discuss ideas, build consensus, plan and then execute.
In real life I enjoy to travel, play guitar and spend time with family and friends, while keeping busy being a partner and board-member in a couple of businesses.


Hi Lake here :wave:

I’d like to nominate myself for the Treasury Guild Committee. While I am often a quite contributor, I’ve been heavily involved these past few months in the TG activities and am very aware of what needs to get done to achieve our goals of (1) diversification, (2) liquidity, and (3) reporting.

I would be honored to be re-elected and continue to help in a formal capacity. I strongly believe that I can continue to provide value to the DAO through my efforts with the treasury.

About myself:
I have worked at and with multiple crypto funds in several capacities with focuses including:

  • Market making
  • Market analysis
  • Reporting and accounting
  • Yield farming
  • Risk analysis

Hey Threshold friends,

I’m David, I’m part of the NuCypher team and I’ve been also a member of the first Treasury Guild Committee. During these months I’ve helped mainly with the smart contract perspective of our Treasury Management activities, by helping the TG committee and the Council to create and debug transactions that were more complex. Beyond that, I recognize that I haven’t had many contributions to the committee, although I’ve learned a lot and I think I can be more valuable going forward.

The two main areas that I’d like to contribute in the Treasury Guild during the next months are:

  • Simplification of treasury management activities with smart contract automation
  • Reporting and accounting of staking rewards

I’d love to continue helping the Treasury Guild as a member of the committee. Having said that, I encourage other community members that may have more treasury management experience or that feel capable to lead initiatives to participate in the guild and in these elections (we need you!)

In any case, regardless of the results of this election, I will continue to be involved in the Treasury Guild and help with the areas above. Finally, I’d like to note that I waive any potential compensation if I’m elected.

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