TIP-1 Threshold Network DAO Proposal v1

I like @Naxsun’s ideas of something to at least commemorate those who make successful proposals (a simple NFT could be fun), as well as the cadence of a vote every 2 weeks (better than monthly, I think) - as this could help set the expectation for engagement and give people a reason to check in regularly.


Hello everyone,I want to know about what kind of merger? Now that the new website has not come out, is it until December 2021

Hello @mack. I do not mean to avoid your question but we usually stay away from hard dates. However, the merge is already underway and we build in public. That means you can follow our progress. For example :point_down:

I followed the Twitter of two tokens。
These two accounts are not very active. Although there are tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, there are very few active accounts. Does this mean that very few people pay attention to the development of the project?
Is there a weekly or daily report on the progress of our merger project? If so, where do they post it。
Finally, I think the person who proposed the merger of the two projects is a very clever person

Hi Mack,
在 Discord (Keep) 和 Github (KEEP/NU <> T token transition mechanics · Issue #1 · threshold-network/solidity-contracts · GitHub) 上发布的更新

Hi! You could also check out the dev updates made by Evandro, refer to the latest edition below.

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