T Party Notes from Weekly Call

Ice breaker:
How should people remember us??

· T-bags hand outs (for Xmas, Valentine’s Day etc)
· “I watch your portfolio” kinda token gifts, if they don’t really get it yet
· Get a ledger with a bit on it → like 100 bucks turning into much more over the years (wow
effect), even a paper wallet
· Maybe a “Template explaining the gift” could be prepared

Speaker (Juri) - >Super DAO

· Mission: make more DAOs in the world → Vision: a million DAOs
· Requirements are given in our DAO (we are an adult DAO, they want also to work with
baby DAOs though)
· we got: Community / Stability / Spirit / Size etc
· 2 things are “practiced” by Super DAO → smart contracts & interfaces
· They are building a workspace for DAOs / structured activites, we can use it instead of
· You need a smart contract / tokens or NFTs to create an account
· Function given like an News Feed
· Announcement channel is available also to make info updats, you can see your wallet
· A NFT section,
· Social Feeds – what other DAOs focus on
· and a treasury dashboard or governance dashboard: voting power, logs, all kind of info on members
· Task board – publish tasks
· You can have a form of rewards going on, like contribution compensation, check who got
paid and not paid yet, air drops, design and invent new roles, check on task details etc
· Squid Game DAO
· You can check in what DAOs you are, “DAO management”
· Global fee for DAOs, you can check you your contributions and earnings from different
DAOs or so

General discussion after Demo started

· How it could all start….Like 5 tasks have to be completed to join a DAO – blog post, or likes
etc then reward rules can be customized / created
· Parent multi sig treasury could be linked to a small wallet to make fundings, everything
should be done with a “4-eye check” to release money (DAO wide speadings vs funding of
single areas / units / teams)
· Flat amount for regular fundings/spendings, fees would drop
· Possible next steps: Juri needs docs for A) payments, highest volume etc and 2) what
onboarding requirements – role selection, completion task, self identifying skills, introducing
to the community. Like: Who do you want to nominate to what role? I nominate that person
to get this project funded, or get this funding for marketing
· The whole platform is still in testing, but once they know what we need they can speed up
internal development for our requirements

Next steps (internal):

· Notion Team is being put in place (Ash)
· Treasury task force management
· Information Guilt with budget / Writing Guilt with budget etc more smaller efficient working
groups need to be created
· What would help to be more productive together? → e.g. break down discord channels;
Video content etc each group needs a leader but more granular, twitter needs to be
managed and all questions needs to be answered etc.
· Suggestion: “ClickUp” a tool for task management (manage your projects in one place)
· Olympus program for T Token going on and Marketing help will be needed (East)
· Let’s keep planning on improving together


Thank you so much Sascha :star_struck: these notes are awesome!

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                              **T – Party 10.02.2022**

Marketing goals for Feb:

What’s new

Job board (more later in the call)

Questionnaire (does it capture all we need: skill set check, contribution potential etc.)

Survey was posted in Discord –> 5 min, please all participate who hasn’t yet

Survey link click here->Threshold DAO Discord User Survey

Discussion: What are we gonna do for max exposure / visibility

Live stream?

Feb 18th Event: Talk about Threshold and cryptography; support would be appreciated (john_packel)

A photo day / team shots, selfi-museum visit (day trip 17th FEB)

Team interviews incl. professional equipment

Info on the merge / products

Stickers & T-bags being handed out → nico186

Ash is distributing NFTs if needed

Threshold T-shirts are available for all Team members (NU team etc ), around 220, more can be delivered if needed


Blog with bounties will be prepared

Panels on several different dates

Twitter threads, with auto-tweets from official accounts, setup required with a bot (Nasun)

Discord – “claim a role” needs to be added in few other channels;

JMyles: Discord needs to be organize which is a tuff thing → number of channels: more vs less, hang out vs funny stuff vs how to identify the real important info/links/instructions; a good morning channel

Oxcellence → mentions interconnection from different platforms/channels to spread info; not pump follower accounts, but e.g. a tweet that’s good (found by a member) could be rated internally and pumped; We need be aware people join our channels to shill their “crap” occasionally

Staking guide needs to be created:

point of contact → Derek

Doc is focused on the T-Dashboard

Video #1 how to use the Treshold Dashboard should be possible in short time eg take keep & wrap into T & start staking with your node → nous

Video #2 with a delegator instead of an own node → nous

How to expand “in practice”:

Job board: smaller jobs could be posted to contribute like threads for bounty

“Bounty board management” or processes need to be considered in more detail and established, how to find the bounty, how to claim it etc

Threshold Marketing Guild committee for feedback is being setup (also for internally queries) options: Ryan or JMyles, but basically from each team sb

                          T – Party 17.02.2022

Little agenda, few pending topics (lots of brainstorming today)
• Budgeting Feedback would appreciated

  • Many points from the agenda are being tackled
  • Proposal “under marketing guild” / “Feedback Thread” to claim budgets is available

• Survey from last week (last reminder), please fill it out, the more we have the better and not all participated yet
o 5 min, please all participate who hasn’t yet
Survey link click here: Threshold DAO Discord User Survey

• Ash → Marketing Guild appreciates suggestions where to add specific focus on

• Oxcellence → shall we setup a NFT Guilt? It adds to exposure, trending field

Job Board
• 3-4 admins for the job board is the idea
• Bounties and a committee will be in place – to select who is going to x-# of dolllers/tokens for a post, content etc

Survey to come → “Directory of Contributors” → consisting e.g. who wants to write memes, design marketing content, who wants to write blog posts etc like an Excel-file: possibility to filter data – who is interested in design and you can find the contact address (e.g. discord, e-mail)

  • We’re hiring: sb is needed to build Sequal data base, anyone with that skill looking for a job speak up, refer, look out for him/her, let us know
  • In case of collaboration → What would you do with your compensation/tokens? Is the question too personal, or what would people do sell/dump, what brought you here, will you stick around or regular/one-timer

• Ash → Template for a Proposal what people are dreaming off will be launched, feedback welcome
• Ideas for the job board can be raised

• Newsletter section could be on the job board as well, some art like a comic, people with ideas for content where you can find people to collaborate

• Ash → Working groups could have a budget pool, after the task the “pot” is split by all members of the group by voting of the task-group members, the group can even be dynamic. Voting would be fair and flexible. Over time, if a task continues it would be transparent and helpful to grow.

• If the proposal gets approved, the marketing guild could steer value and add support the overall vision

Please support as this is laying the foundation, and your voice can make an influence

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                           Notes T – Party 24.02.2022


ETHDenver 2022 recap – top 30 at the hacketlon for “customer support experience bot” in Discord → AI powered chatbot, trained on all passed conversations and learns questions & answers (i.e verified admins only) → extensive live demo by Amy

  • Bot would save a lot of time to answer repetitive questions in our active channels → the Maclane bot :wink:

  • Rewards could be given to members configuring the bot and help in improving the bot.

  • Discussion on functionalities and ways to use and improve the bot

  • E.g. bot could be used to archive old (NU, KEEP) channels, leave a bot in a channel and e.g. get ppl to move over to other channels that are still in use

  • We will add personality to boost the brand – videos, interviews, visuals
                           Notes T – Party 03.03.2022

Intro topic - The customer support experience bot
• ‘Bot-testing-temporary’ is live → ask questions in the channel and answer to them in a separate message. Dedicated user (Ash and probably some more) will be able to “like your answer” (e.g. tag a smiley) and the bot learns the answer. Join to get the bot smart !! Ask & answer questions to participate
Train the bot here:


• All questions & answers are collected in an Excel-file and can be maintained
• Needs a bit of optimizing, has issues e.g. when there are two correct answers, hence bit of manual tweaking required
• Ash can be contacted for error handling, meaning if answers are not accurate or need to could be corrected

Main topic - Binance Learn & Earn 2.0 campaign proposal

  • Proposal has been published

• All options should be evaluated and discussed. But appears like only very new Binance users (& verified accounts) can participate in the “learning module”
• Still not clear how the investment of 150k would make sense. How can we analyze any data coming out from it, we don’t have them from Coinbase yet. The target group seems not ideal or even overwhelmed with the technicals.
• Some members missing on the call to decide today on this

Prolonged discussion to better understand what actually helps us
o Hierarchy of desired reach –> “vital users” on top:

• Looking at the categories within our hierarchy, another approach could be to pay a few bucks for people we chose, but at the same time we want them to learn about the Threshold
• Timeline/deadline to decide → Should be ok time-wise to take a bit longer, we should be in the “first batch” for the program
• Do we need some kind of gatekeeping for voting → votes require a min. amount of investment
• What votes can be vetoed from the council? And how? Transparancy? Discussion …
o Very small scope, undefinable, small amount of occurrences treated on an individual base
• Further discussion the Binance campaign on the forum
Conclusion: We want to educate people, and appreciate the chance to join the campaign but 150k need to be properly considered
• Several different topics /inputs, call appointments
• Guys, work on your time management, the call ended 25min after deadline :wink:

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                          **Notes T – Party 17.03.2022**


  • Music bot in discord :blush:

  • Nitish showing demo about bip.so

          - discord integration
          - work flow tool to edit documents
          - includes permission settings for teams/groups
          - translation tool flow -> each document can be auto-translated and edited

  • bip-marking (bip.so) bip.so

  • Data is stored in Ireland (AWS Cloud)

  • Fees

  • Onboarding → help in navigate the tool, migrate onto bip, support in setup of discord, available 24/7 across the team

  • Discussion of functionalities like copy-pasting incl. format, pc vs mobile usability

  • Setup and integration into Discord would take a few days

  • Notion or hub of some kind is needed to work on content

  • Testuser: Oexcellence (?) to setup a few pages and gather first impressions

Other topics

  • Focus groups should be used to discuss topics, try not to discuss broadly in main channels
  • Committee calls are open, you don’t have to be a committee member to join the calls
  • (John) update on the Treshold Time newsletter: first issue of the newsletter was send out (50k on the DL), working on second issue. People can contribute here:
  • Link in the marketing guilt Threshold Time #2 Newsletter status: Threshold Time #2 - Google Docs
  • Tomorrow 4pm (est) is a discussion everyone can join on discord
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Notes T – Party 24.03.2022


  • Benjamin mentions the “admin”: working on the bip-website –> filling with content, incorporate features and tools. Staking section will be added and a guide on how to join a guilt. And few other projects going on. Soon, discord integration will take place.

  • Nous’s asking “Who else to involve in the education pod? → integrations guilt and treasury guilt, and some marketing members from the guilt → open for conversation but each smaller thread (or like the design pod) should probably be open for anyone

-----> First contribution could take place in a pod → like a twitter tread

-----> People need to feel empowered, by better guidance and give tasks and “a red thread” guiding newbies

  • Liz → Presenting what she’s on → Swag options for ETH CC:

  • $T - Bomber jackets :blush:

  • Bundle gift with premium items/bounties (branded) could be a good idea for people who participate or contribute in a special way

Other updates from the design pod:

  • Monday will be a post in the marketing guilt channel with updates
  • Beemeeupnow → here to support :blush:


Difficult to onboard people who want to participate more →

  • Own tasks have to be created, like a “twitter group” that advertises or educates on T
  • → With an own call to prep a “battle plan” for a mini campaign …something like that
  • → Voting could take place, for pulling out the compensation from a “money-pot” for a week’s work. No contribution → no vote.
  • Who will organize a meeting for the twitter pod? → beemeupnow? Select 5 times for a slot (with emoijs to vote), then we meet, and then we discuss first steps, admin or marketing pod but might need some support from another pod, nico (merci) volunteers to moderate as well. This can be a new working group for a month → results will be presented to the committee? Let’s see how it goes.

Update from the education pod:

  • Nous → Where we at with Binance earn & learn: will write draft script but some team members support needed; also a basic info section was added in discord

  • Benjamin → More people need to be added to the T-Party call. Many essentials are being discussed Ash: Too many new joiners were consciously not added because clear path on how to be compensated is not there quiet yet. Once the goals mission and vision is clearer we can add more people again. Basically we want to avoid first joiners do not get disencouraged from scratch and not come back and join a second call.

  • Benjamin to add more content on Reddit

  • Blitmore → looking around for now, and kept an eye on the work, participating with a node and pool, and trying to participate even more. We’re happy you’re with us :blush:

  • Discussion / small talk → @all: ask any questions, we speak about anything! :blush:

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T Party Marketing Guild Notes


Notes taken in collaboration

by Sascha and blitmore

Attendees (not necessarily complete ):


























Threshold MG Pod Updates

Administration Pod Update -

The pod is working on bip.so during regular work sessions, times vary (speak to Benjamin(ZeroInFo56) if you want to contribute-> Build in Public

Experience with bip.so to date - A Powerful collaboration tool. Concerns have been raised that our content would live in a different spot than the other guilds but in the MGs opinion the time saved using it to collaborate can later be spent to get the MG fully on notion.so. We will duplicate the content and migrate to ‘Notion’ at a later point.

The Marketing Guild is working to establish a node on testnet for educational purposes.

Benjamin is working on researching a list of DAOs/projects for partnerships via twitterspaces. Currently setting up events with Layer3 and bip.so. “Threshold Embassy” is the codename. Please share if you have ideas about what DAOs to focus on.

MrsNuBooty commented about Layer3 that we want some events with them and to get on their bounty board.

The goal will be to gain exposure and provide an intro to the Threshold DAO to those who have not heard of us.

We are looking for high impact/minimal costs ways of getting Threshold out there.

MrsNuBooty- The process to initiate a marketing proposal to TMGC will be detailed soon.

Benjamin is our point of contact if you want to contribute to the admin pod or help with his Threshold Embassy project.

Design Pod Update -

Jessi and Weedzy are working on design bounties for POAP for future community calls. (Possibly a Layer3 Bounty)

The design pod thread is open, anyone can come to Jessi or Weedzy with questions etc.

Sasha and Liz_S regularly are asking for feedback in the Marketing Guild channel in an effort to make the threshold.network website copywriting and navigation crisp/well defined.

Sasha and Liz_S will be starting a new feedback channel on discord in the coming week(s). The channel will be somewhere highly visible to all DAO members in order to receive the best possible feedback and participation in the research/test group.

Design pod board of inspiration here: https://www.figma.com/file/Wxb3fsFS9bP1KQdYNlyvuU/Threshold-Design-Pod

Education Pod Update-

Binance Earn & Learn Campaign – composition of the three 400 word scripts is underway in small working groups, led by Nous. Extension of the binance.com timeline was agreed on by the Threshold Marketing Guild Committee and the Binance Learn and Earn representatives. The TMGC requested the full three video campaign be done which will require the script handed in to Binance next week for them to begin the animation and the content creation process. A blog outline and quiz (questions with answers) is additionally due next week. The Binance Threshold Learn and Earn 2.0 campaign is anticipated to launch in early May.

Video on staking and how to start a PRE node will be produced, if you want to join drop a line in the education pod sub thread or the main Marketing Guild discord channel.

Other Marketing Guild Updates-

Newsletter update: issue # 2 will be published tonight. Ping John_Packel if you’d like a preview copy. We’re always looking for more participation, and that could include just giving feedback or suggesting topics - we have writers and editors (though you’re more than welcome to write also). Amongst other sections for Staking added, update on proposals, list of regular guild meetings, resources, sign up for the e-mails Threshold newsletter e.g. keep.network.

Update from MacLane and MrsNuBooty on Background Network Bot: it still needs a bit of fine tuning to get the sensitivity right and get it programmed with the right questions and answers. It would be great if more community members wanted to teach the bot answers so we can take full advantage of the automated replies.

Nico186 conferences/hackathons are sold out quickly this year so we need to plan in advance. (Nico speaking of tickets to an upcoming Ethereum hackathon sold out 4 months in advance) Threshold should get a road map together of what conferences people want to attend or are already in the works by the team. Tickets and other arrangements need to be made early.

Beemeeupnow spoke about leading a Coordinape Twitter Test Circle– The working group is currently being established and to get involved you will need to join the conversation in the thread titled “Twitter Test Circle” and participate in weekly activities. Currently we need ideas/themes in the thread. We are looking for 4 topics, one per week, for tweets from personal twitter accounts. Examples: what is your favorite thing about the Threshold, what brought you to Threshold, etc. The group will also be proposing a weekly thread for the official Threshold Twitter account to the TMGC. The Plan is to author a proposal to the TMGC for approval of the pilot run of this project that will last for four weeks. The goal is to bring out more high quality and impactful content.

MrsNuBooty: A website revamp is in progress by the team and is expected to be released soon

0xcellence: any initiative to improve SEO for Threshold?

Amy Sundae spoke on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and offered to work with Threshold to provide members of the Marketing Guild with an education on SEO. The Background Network will soon release the UX which includes a catalog of over 500 Q&As that will be indexed for SEO. Additionally Amy and her team will be providing a review/work session(s) with Liz for the threshold.network website to establish SEO best practices. Higher search engine rankings are reached by having different pages that link to each other, so the number of link backs and the right keywords will help tremendously with SEO but it is also a process that requires time and strategy to completely optimize. Benjamin also mentioned that Binance Learn and Earn campaign should help some with SEO as well.

The Threshold Marketing Guild T Party was wrapped up with a call to action by MrsNuBooty for everyone to get involved in other guilds.

MrsNuBooty summarized the Threshold Integrations Guild meeting - The Integrations Guild is currently working on OKRs. A part of that discussion was strategizing how to support the growth of PRE with the NuCypher team. The IG is also discussing DAO tooling and how guilds will work with the IG to have new tools vetted and integrated, by a possible task force. The IG is also spearheading all tBTC integrations and is currently working on a list of all permissionless protocols, as those have the simplest processes for getting tBTC v2 supported. The IG is also working on a Chainlink price feed.

MacLane summarized the Threshold Treasury Guild’s objectives - The Treasury Guild’s current focus is on protocol owned liquidity (POL). Specifically building up POL in the T/ETH Curve Finance pool, helping to bring additional market depth for the T/ETH pair on CRV.

additional notes on TG/POL - with Curve token can direct CRV emissions to different pools, so the T/ETH pool can attract CRV/CVX tokens.

focus will be on tBTCv2 pool on Curve proposed, v1 tokens incentivized to v2

re: owning vs. renting Protocol owned liquidity

uni/crv/sushi so people can make large trades without moving price due to low liquidity.

liquidity mining - pay LP’s in native token for providing liquidity, works ok, but renting means they move on when bribes/rent dry up

protocol owned liquidity - how bout instead we purchase the liquidity ourselves, own it, then we can have that permanent capital.

various approaches to POL, but the DAO will own the liquidity. we own about 40% of the T/ETH CRV pool

John Packel stated the Threshold DAO is doing things differently and that he wasn’t too familiar with POL until hearing it within our Discord. He acknowledged that the Threshold DAO was loaded with great connections. John added that we have the right contributors leading the DAO to position us as one of the most innovative and an example of what others should strive towards.

The next T Party will be on Thursday April 7, 2022 at 3pm Eastern on the Threshold Discord Threshold Network


T Party Marketing Guild Notes - 07.04.2022

Thanks for a great & super informative call!

- Education Pod Update:
Improve discord onboarding content (onboarding Taskforce)
Topics like: What is staking? What is bonding? Nodes on threshold network. Why stake T & bond to a node?
Benjamin: Leading spinning up the node.

- Design Pod Update:
Designing new POAPS. Using between two fern emoji. New merch items in the works. Template for events (i.e. twitter spaces.)
Looking for a vendor for cool 80s tracksuits for marketing guild for events

- Threshold Embassy Update:

What is Threshold Embassy?
It ties into integration guild’s work, but while the integration guild is focused on partners who will potentially use PRE/Threshold services, embassy is about community-cross pollination and finding partners to do events with, i.e. Twitter Spaces.

- Layer-3 update:
Layer-3 has an amazing bounty board with three different types of earning opportunity categories:

  1. Standard bounties. Set how many people complete a task, i.e. reacting to a tweet, holding a specific NFT in one’s wallet. After complete, can claim reward instantly.
  2. Competitions. For example, having someone write a twitter thread and a limited number of winners are picked.
  3. Projects. More in-depth: i.e. create an educational video series, write a series of blogposts, develop this section of our front end. Collect applications and CSVs, then internally select. Reviewed upon submission of work and paid or revised.

Layer-3 has growing contributor base, engaged community. Discord has 4k people. But they are trying
to onboard web-2 professionals and help them find the right DAO to help them start contributing to.
Check Layer3 website: browse by specific DAO or by contest offering. A prime source to find new contributors and talent to Threshold DAO

We’re launching a competition with Layer 3 next Friday and brainstormed ideas about our content needs for this specific bounty. Ideas discussed:

  1. Meme competition
  2. T-shirt design competition? Something visual.
  3. Submit a list of potential DAO partners/crypto projects/services to do events with via the Threshold Embassy.
  4. Target a network: use relationship and intro us to them.
    5. POAP design template

The direction was leaning towards a POAP design template competition.

- Background network update
Background network collab is going live next Monday with a panel + twitter space. UI going live + dashboard of questions and answers they’ve been training the bot on. Need to train bot and move to market channel.

Next Steps & Action Items

  • In general: we are ready to GROW!
  • A future Layer-3 competition: 5-10k bounty for crowdsourcing an idea about something that can be built using PRE.
  • Send rep to integrations guild to coordinate and discuss next Wednesday
  • Fixing silos: Where is guild info & updates stored (i.e. quarterly goals, agendas)?
  • We want to amplify what the integrations guild is doing but we need to know what they’re doing
  • Need highlights from each guild
  • Each guild making list of everything that falls out of their scope, things that are not being handled, will define & refine these lists as OKRs are filled out by each respective guild.
  • Start to organise regular meeting of guild committee members and can align, get client teams there too.
  • Governance channel: Inter-guild board threshold on Notion.
  • Getting conversation started with integrations guild on the following:
  • XOR group: bounty for simple app that demonstrates Threshold cryptography
  • Threshold seed round (using threshold tech): offer competition for seed funding or grant.
  • Crowdsourcing ideas for what could be built on Threshold.