TIP-012 Deposit additional POL in the T - ETH Curve pool


Currently the Threshold Network has an ETH loan that it is using to LP in the T - ETH Curve pool. This pool is currently being incentivised through Votium, the DAO is capturing approximately 60% of the incentives from the pool.


Building out Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) means that the DAO does not need to continue “renting” liquidity through liquidity incentive programs. The DAO is able to take a longer time horizon and wear the impermanent loss (IL) risk which ensures that liquidity does not get pulled in times of volatility when community members need access to liquidity. Providing liquidity also generates assets for the DAO through the fees collected as an LP.


Allow the Threshold Council to deposit up to 150M T as single-sided liquidity to the T - ETH Curve pool until March 31, 2022, with no more than 10% slippage in aggregate.


The proposal passed