Call for Additional Optimistic Minters

Call for Additional Optimistic Minters


Minters play a critical role in the tBTC system. Minters observe revealed deposits and request minting tBTC. Any single Minter can perform this action. There is a 2-3 hours delay between the time of the request from a Minter to the time tBTC is minted. During the time of the delay, any Guardians can cancel the minting.

To keep up with recent minting demand and address depreciation issues on the current set, the Threshold Treasury Guild is implementing a minter revamp program. The program has three pillars:

  • Ensure minters are always topped up with eth for gas
  • Expand the minter set to a maximum of 10
  • Provide T incentives to minters to encourage more active maintenance and monitoring


  • A Minter agrees to…​
  • Run the minting script with access to…
  • A funded ETH wallet to pay gas for mints
  • An Ethereum node to monitor deposit reveals
  • An Electrum node to confirm deposits against the Bitcoin network
  • Keep the script up-to-date
  • Monitor for any errors
  • Be available via Telegram in case of updates or network disruption


Minters will receive $1k a month in T from the Threshold DAO. Minter bots automatically send heartbeats to a telemetry system (Sentry) on a regular basis. Minters must hit 75% of the expected heartbeats to be eligible for rewards for each month. The Threshold Treasury Guild will monitor these metrics.

Furthermore, the gas required to operate a minter bot will be topped up by the Threshold Treasury Guild.

Selection Process:

The process for selecting new Minters is similar to previous call for action programs initiated by the Threshold DAO in the past. There will be an open application period on the governance forums followed by the Threshold Treasury Guild committee selecting candidates to add to the program.

To Apply:

Respond to this forum post with the following information:

  • Telegram Handle
  • Threshold DAO Background / Involvement
  • Minter Address
  • Payment Address

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance on the Forum via comments on this thread on a rolling basis.


I’d like to be an optimistic minter, I have all of the requirements met through being a tbtc veto guardian as well as a beta staker, along with the monitoring capabilities and availability required for those.

TG: shoegazer69
Threshold Background: solo staker, beta staker, veto guardian, IG member, Threshold Council member
Minter Address: TBD based on requirements
Payment Address: somaweb3.eth


I would like to be considered for a minter slot. I meet all of the requirements and am an established member of the community and DAO.

Telegram: @vict0x
Background: member of the IG and TG, staker, veto guardian
Minter address: TBD
preferred payment address: 0x5E00CCF2c9eD05f6999C83B5d03fbF0e9e439627


I would like to be considered for a minter slot. I meet all of the requirements and am an established member of the community and DAO.

Telegram: @madame_picotop
Background: longtime participatoor of the MG, IG and TG, and staker
Minter address: TBD
preferred payment address: 0x373aFFD84a10A1Cc549F84E204e2b575f97fA285


I would also like to contribute as a minter.

Telegram: @TheEgg4631
Minter Address: TBD
Payment Address: 0x7CB5ee216032C527732bce22b409aC764207eF28

Qualifications: IG committee member, Beta Staker, Manage Community staker monitoring.


I am writing to express my keen interest in joining the Optimistic Minter program as a minter.

Telegram: @Saturnino_9

Threshold DAO Background: I currently work as a full-time developer in Threshold DAO, and I am currently part of the integration’s guild committee members and Beta Stakers Program.

Minter Address:

Payment Address: 0x8122158AaabA26eA9e6fB3eD2dfe3fb6B4D9Bd32


I would like to be considered for the Optimistic Minter role.
Telegram: @blitmore
Threshold DAO background: veto guardian, Beta staker, long-time time DAO member, nucypher worklock participant.
Minter address (to be funded by the DAO ) :
Payment address: 0xCdA5Bf663221005D0e8d973C0680925532a575D0


Sub7 would love to continue supporting the Threshold Ecosystem!

  • Telegram Handle: tonysec7
  • Threshold DAO Background / Involvement: Current Node Operator for tBTC & Taco
  • Minter Address: 0x5d9fE4da00526fF00eDc4f89C81caE8bbD10E2a8
  • Payment Address: 0x885fA88126955D5CFE0170A134e0300B8d3EfF47
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I would like to join the Optimistic Minter program and help with all my skills and knowledge. I’m a professional DevOps and I can support/maintain any type of scripts/bots including updates, monitoring, debugging, high availability setup and so on. I have a dedicated Bitcoin/Fulcrum node and plenty of Ethereum nodes to operate smoothly, correctly, with high uptime.

  • Telegram Handle: Asman_x
  • Threshold DAO Background / Involvement: I participate in Beta Stakers program, I’m node operator for both tBTC & TACo and I’m a Threshold Community member for 1.5+ years already.
  • Minter Address: TBD
  • Payment Address: TBD

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest. The DAO is no longer accepting applicants at this time.

@Vict0r @blitmore1 @EvandroSaturnino @the_egg1 @shoegazer69 your applications were approved by the treasury guild!

Other applicants are still pending review. There will be an update here.


Optimistic Minter Address: 0xd37bB59478e092DA4e83fEFE04723d62548498F8

Please ignore my previous minter address I posted – I deleted the post.

My optimistic minter address is: 0xfa1fc34621402F7bd9B1af0485B14b266fD7D9a9

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Sorry, I totally forgot to put myself forward for this. I know the deadline has passed, but if someone drops out or you need a backup etc. then please add me to the list.

  • Telegram @theref_eth
  • Nucypher Dev and Beta Staker

Addresses later if/when I’m needed :slight_smile:

Hey @Will, wanted to check status of the other applications? Anything we can do to help?


Anthony from Sub7

I am eager to express my interest in participating in the Optimistic Minter program as a minter.

Telegram: @leosatur9
Minter Address: TBD
Payment Address: satur9.eth

My optimistic minter address is: 0x315f99140F7786aCd4d6cD3fAD06927624F6bF1e

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My optimistic minter address is: 0xB02f7fbC2b250619c88Aa29c4A80EE420B28E00E

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