CP-002 Hire a Director of Research


Staying up to date with developments in DeFi and the broader crypto ecosystem is difficult, but essential for us to manage our treasury effectively. Rather than rely upon a best-guesses approach, we should leverage our treasury resources to approach our research systematically and deliberately.


I propose that we hire unicorndroppingz (aka Unicorn) to design and direct a research program for the Treasury Guild.

Why Unicorn?

Unicorn has demonstrated his expertise in this area and currently works for FreeRossDAO in a similar capacity. We have had Unicorn present to the Treasury Guild before and it is my opinion that Unicorn is extremely qualified for this position.

The general sentiment of the treasury guild seems to support this conclusion:


What is involved in the Director of Research role?

Rather than pay several people full time to provide research for the DAO, it makes more sense to have a part-time director help us leverage the personnel resources we already have (many active treasury guild members) by directing them to research certain areas.

The Director of Research will be responsible for organizing a research program that will address our immediate and long term goals, specifically and in order of importance:

  1. Treasury diversification according to the plan put forth by CouchPusher’s and maintained by the Treasury Guild.
  2. Ensuring liquidity needs are met for the T token and all other tokens that support the Threshold ecosystem (tBTC, thUSD, etc.).
  3. Investing treasury assets, fostering growth in the Threshold ecosystem, and achieving a (positive) cash flow generating portfolio in excess of inflation.

The director’s position will involve:

  • Creating and maintaining a list of topics to actively research that the treasury guild members will be assigned to provide reports on.
    • This list should include directed questions wherever possible to help maximize results.
    • Wherever not possible, a general “exploration” tag should be applied.
  • Aggregating results and presenting reports on a monthly basis to a community-wide call.
  • Maintaining a list of their own hours for compensation.
  • Creating plans for execution and treasury management, specifically relating to diversification of the treasury as well as payback of the treasury’s loan.

How much should we pay?

Rate: A rate of $300 per hour paid in T, which is comparable to what FreeRoss DAO is paying Unicorn. Source.

Time: 5 hr per week

Calculated: Price is marked to the price of T every Friday according to CoinGecko and paid out every 4 weeks.

Hours should not exceed an average of 5 hrs per week in any given 4 week period but may be lumped together in a given 4 week period.


Week Hours
0 0
1 10
2 5
3 5

This equates $1500 per week for 5 hours a week.

When do we reevaluate this contract?

We will re-evaluate this contract 3 months from when it is provided

ex: If it is agreed on April 20th, it will be reevaluated on July 20th)

Who is responsible?

The treasury guild will be responsible for:

  • Evaluating progress and performance
  • Pursuing research initiatives
  • Issuing payments

For efficiency and accountability, we should have two volunteers from the Treasury Guild to serve as the primary owners for this task.

The Director of Research will be responsible for:

  • Communicating plan to diversify DAO via DCA or other methodologies in first month
  • Direct research efforts via a systematic method
  • Keeping track of and reporting hours
  • Attending weekly treasury guild calls and providing inputs / any updates
  • Sharing findings and research with community once a month

If there are no objections, I propose we move this vote to snapshot by the end of week - Friday April 15th, 2022.


I believe this is a critical need of the Treasury Guild and I am in full support of this proposal. If there are no objections then I second the motion to have this moved to snapshot on the 15th.


Unicorn’s Information

unicorndroppingz (3,3)#7016

Address for Payments

Threshold Forum Username:


This seems like an excellent idea, at a very reasonable price / hours. I like that we’d be paying for expertise, planning and direction of our existing guild. I also applaud the Treasury Guild for seeking outside expertise we can learn from.
If it were hiring for a full-time role I’d like to hear from a candidate about their plans, but a) it’s a part-time director and b) if the guild members think Unicorn is a good choice, I trust their judgment.
Looking forward to the snapshot vote and hope it passes so we can start soon.


Fine with me, I’m in support