GP-003 Bounty for Discord Ninja

Inspired by @JohnPackel’s comments today in discord:

What and Why
Our community and, consequently, our discord has gotten extremely large. To preempt ‘content overload’ and avoid governance apathy, I believe we should post a bounty for someone who is willing to summarize the conversations in the discord on a weekly basis and post these summaries in a special channel on the Threshold discord as well as a thread on this forum.

The scope of the summary should be limited to the channels under the DAO and Partner Integrations category in discord.

Review Process
I volunteer to review the reports before they are sent out and would look for someone else to volunteer as well to (1) ensure quality and (2) filter out confidential information.

Bounty Size
As for pay: I suggest we pay a rate of $250 / week paid in T every other Friday priced at time of execution via Coingecko. Assuming no volatility in the price of T, this would equate to $13k in T annually.

If there is support for this, I recommend that we move it to a snapshot vote in 1 weeks time and look to finalize a hire for this position by March 31. If candidates are interested in applying, I’d like to see sample summaries for any 1 week period as an application.

Open Questions
I am unclear whether the management of this position / bounty, including payment and review, would fall under the treasury guild, council, or marketing guild. Please comment with thoughts.

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@JohnPackel @Nous @Jessi @ZeroInFo56 @Weedzy @Liz_S @Carusosa @davidnunez @maclane @Will - I am still chewing on this but would like y’all’s eyes on this proposal. This seems like a crucial piece of the puzzle to keep the right information accessible but I am also curious if the Background Network could custom build a solution that fits this need. I have dropped a message to the Background Network team and am waiting to hear their thoughts.

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Good news from our POC with Background Network -

“A summary bot for weekly discussions is super interesting. I’ll see what we can do! The FAQ Bot right now wouldn’t have this capability out of the box, but I think we could use a similar flow to the one built to add new Q+A to the training data to bookmark threads and convos that would go into a weekly wrap up. So community members throughout the week can bookmark important threads and at EoW, someone just has to go and clean up all of the bookmarked convos (which will be in a CSV/database) into a coherent summary. Will do some research and follow up!”

This conversation is ongoing, in the Marketing Guild channel, on the Threshold Discord