TIP-036 24/7 tech support & mod guild (v. 1)

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About 3-4 month ago me and @kudo94 proposed to create a mod guild that would provide 24-hour support but despite long negotiations - we did not receive an answer. Also I saw that part of our ideas already realeased by @Vict0r as TSM. Why do I think that we need more than one mod? In our previous calls we talked about 24/7 support and I think that one member and one bot can’t provide it.

My ideas about mod guild and future missions:

  1. Create full Mod Guild, not with only one user (currently only Vict0r).
  • Also I think that we can act as a sub-guild of IG.
  1. Create a ticket system: two types of bots (tg/discord) where people can ask questions and one member of mod guild will answer through the bot. (I will work on it.)
  2. Create a telegram bot with FAQ like currently working discord bot. (This will be the same telegram bot from 2. but with one more function.)
  3. Choose two leaders. Currently I suggest @Vict0r and me for these roles.
  4. Provide 24/7 tech (and not only) support.
  • How:
    We will recruit the best candidates and divide the day into prime-time intervals, one moderator will be assigned for each period.
  1. Create FAQ (I think we can use some of Vict0r’s developments) and a linker with all official links.
  2. Create a “fast answers book”. (Create a library of already answered questions for future use)

Also I want to ask to add some focus on community, not only on tech support and I present some community related responsibilities:

  1. Welcome newcomers who have just entered our channel with some templated messages (links + first steps on the channel).
  2. Fast spam removal from ds/tg during office hours.

Milestones and Deadlines:

  1. First week:
  • Create a ticket bot prototype.
  • Divide the day into prime times.
  • Open applications for 2-4 more mod roles.
  1. Second week:
  • Choose new (or old ;d) mods and start the main work.
  1. First month:
  • a ticket bot beta
  • A linker

Who are Involved:
I offer myself to be the leader of this sub-guild and I propose to share the leadership role with Victor as well.
Also we need to add from 2 to 4 mods who will provide tech and other support during the day.

I have a lot expereince in web3 and discord moderations of web3 projects. Also I can develope tools for future use (ticket system/faq bot/etc.)
I think Vict0r is a perfect candidate too and he is doing a huge amount of work from that proposal already.

Detailed Summary:
I propose to create moderators’ sub-guild under IG with two “Captains”: me and Vict0r.
Then open applications for 1-3 more mod roles (jr. mods/mods).
Start the work after this and provide 24/7 help for our community.
Responsibilities of Captains:

  • Find good moderators on a permanent basis and be able to quickly replace them in case of force majeure.
  • Work on guides/FAQ/etc.
  • Moderating discord/tg/etc.
  • Build something that will really work. 24/7 support & community moderating in our case.

I propose to add about 2k$ to current Victor’s salary for performing new duties as a sub-guild captain, if he agrees on this role. (if not we will choose another captain and I will update proposal.)

Also I want the same salary as Vict0r but I intend to spend more than 80 hours at work per month, about 120h-140h(bot dev + some more devs + answers as a tech support + discord moderating)
Salary for jr.mods/mods: 20 usd/hour and max number of hours per week: 56h (8h per day)

8500$ (Vict0r’s salary) + 8500$ (my salary) + 9600$ (payment that will be splited around other mods) = 26600$ (total)

A part of my salary I will spend on the hosting for things being developed.

Quality control:

  • Every two weeks I personally will provide a report on the work I have done.
  • Jr. mods also will provide a report about their work on 2 weeks basis.
  • After 3 month - long read about our work.
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@MrsNuBooty @ZeroInFo56 @Luna5 @Will
waitin for u reviews :wink:

Hi @_0xRskl - I am not sure that there is a need for this at the moment.

Can you explain more about why you think this is needed at this time, as well as tell us more about your qualifications? I haven’t seen you actively participating in the DAO (aside from a few comments regarding this same topic 4+ months ago in Discord), so I would like to know more about you, your history with the DAO, and why you believe you would be the correct person to fulfill this role.

Personally, I feel that @Vict0r has been doing a fantastic job at monitoring the spam, and taking care of the support needs that the DAO currently has, and the rest of the volunteer community mods have also been doing a good job and combatting spam and raids.

Curious to hear @MrsNuBooty thoughts on this as the sponsor.


I think we’ve had a slight miscommunication @_0xRskl, I agreed to review your proposal but had not agreed to sponsor since I had not yet seen it.

I have a few questions after reviewing.

  1. What needs do you feel the DAO has that are not currently being met? I do not think the community has the current need for 24/7 technical support.
  2. Why is this proposal not being made to the Integrations Guild? The IG oversees our current tech support needs and I would recommend this proposal be made directly to that working group, in IG Main on Discord. Tagging the rest of the IGC- @Eastban @Naxsun @the_egg

I think the DAO/MG needs to consider rewarding all of our existing volunteer moderators and work on turning our eager mods/community members into our growth and engagement team. This has been a frequent topic lately in the MG and we are actively looking for the perfect way to turn everyone’s passion into a more active and engaged community.


Vict0rs proposal allows him to appoint other moderators/technicians, so I think we have that covered ATM. I haven’t personally seen anything that would make me think Vict0r is having issues delivering on his promises. Perhaps you could reach out and see if he would like assistance?

I like the ideas for bots and documentation. Would you be interested in a separate proposal to deliver just those?