GP-008 Founding of the Threshold Marketing Guild Committee


This proposal is for the Threshold Network DAO to establish a Marketing Guild committee with a pro-tem leadership team for a six month period, starting March 1, 2022.


A well-structured Marketing Guild is integral to the success of the Threshold network and requires a thriving community of people marketing, educating, and providing support for other guilds. The Threshold Marketing Guild (TMG) has hit a roadblock in laying the proper framework for a community-run marketing effort.

With over 400 members in the Marketing Guild and over 30 contributing monthly, the funds from the legacy Keep budget are now stretched too thin. Without proper funding it has been hard to find members capable of contributing more than they already are, without an increase of their stake in the Threshold Network.

In order to secure continuity, the TMG needs a committee of fairly compensated CORE contributors in order to oversee the development and deployment of proper onboarding tools and processes, develop well-defined and coordinated marketing and educational campaigns, manage the marketing guild operations and TMG pods, and review proposals to ensure they are aligned with the current vision and roadmap of the TMG.

However, we want to encourage all community members to contribute to the Marketing Guild, and in turn be rewarded for it. We propose that a structured bounty system be put in place. The list of tasks and projects on the bounty board will be curated by the Marketing Guild Committee (henceforth referred to as MGC), and will be available for all approved community members to claim, complete, and collect payment for. Alongside this bounty system, we want to develop a proposal workflow that will foster the creativity and vision of contributors by allowing them to prepare and submit their own proposals for review by the MGC.

The expectation for committee members will be 8 hours of work weekly. During these 8 hours the committee will review proposals, manage the to-be-created job board, and oversee the guild pods. Another critical responsibility of the marketing guild committee will be to work with the NuCypher and Keep representatives to ensure that the efforts and direction of the TMG are aligned with those of the Nucypher and Keep teams.

The initial committee would consist of five leading TMG contributors (also stakeholders in the Threshold Network), an advisor (already in place) and two Threshold team members.

1. MrsNUBooty - TMG Lead
2. @Nous - Education Lead
3. @Jessi - Design Lead
4. @ZeroInFo56 - Administration Lead
5. @Naxsun - Backup Lead
6. @JohnPackel - Advisor to the TMG
7. Keep Team - tbd
*8. NuCypher Team - @Carusosa

Guild pod lead roles will be appointed by the MGC. As we work out the structure and the marketing guild continues to grow, these positions will be held by members of the MGC. It is possible that these roles could change, be repurposed, or be replaced by new roles - The current number of roles does not necessarily reflect the number of roles that will be required in the future.

Committee Member Compensation

The contributing members will each receive $20,000 over six months, which equates to approximately $3,333 per month in compensation for each committee member. The compensation will be paid out in T tokens on a monthly basis by the Treasury, calculated against the current value of the token at the time of each payment.

How long will this committee serve?

The initial committee will serve for the 6-month period from March 1st to September 1st. In the event of resignation or termination (as defined by any DAO-wide rules), they will be replaced by an additional member from either the Nucypher or keep team who will serve until a replacement has been determined by nomination from the MGC and passed with a majority vote. The six-month time frame allows for the committee to lay the proper foundation needed for the marketing guild to grow quickly and efficiently, while still being agile enough to pave a successful path for gaining contributors.

How will a new committee be selected?

At the end of the present term, elections will be held allowing new community members to run for a seat on the committee.

How will a committee member be terminated?

This committee will be founded on the understanding that a future Threshold rules committee will be created. The rules set forth by that committee will be used to govern termination. In the event a rules committee is not founded, the MGC will be tasked with defining these rules.

How are decisions made?

A quorum is defined as 75% of committee members and a majority vote is required for decisions. All committee standing rules are superseded by any defined Threshold DAO rules.

Operational Budgets

The committee requests an immediate operational budget of $50,000 until a more detailed budget request can be prepared and submitted for Q2. During Q2 a one year proposed budget will be developed and submitted for the period Q3 2022- Q2 2023.

  • Initial funding of $50,000 to be used for discretionary funding (not a mandate to spend any or all)
  • The initial funds will be handled by the committee in a multisig wallet
  • Budget request for Q2, to be delivered on or before March 21st 2022
  • Budget request for full year beginning Q3 2022, to be delivered on or before June 14th 2022

What are our deliverables?

The committee will develop and manage a series of marketing and education campaigns in coordination with the NU and KEEP teams and will be responsible for requesting budget, considering proposals, deploying funds, and providing oversight. Below are a few examples of campaigns that the TMG might launch once the MGC has been established.

Example Campaigns

  • Threshold Branding Campaign
  • tBTC Launch Campaign
  • PRE Education and Dev Outreach Campaign
  • Community Growth and Onboarding Campaign
  • Staking Education and Growth Campaign
  • Nu/Keep to T Conversion Campaign
  • thUSD Awareness Campaign


  • Monthly spending report.
  • Quarterly report presented in a community wide call outlining spending and growth for the last quarter.

Project Risks

Risk: Conflict of Interest

Mitigation: If a committee member is listed as a contributor on a proposal, they will be required to recuse themselves from the approval process for said proposal.

If one third or more committee members are listed as contributors on a proposal, then the proposal will be sent to the Threshold Council to undergo the approval process.

Risk: Failure of the committee to execute

Mitigation: Individual committee members will be able to be removed by the Threshold Council. An election will be held 6 months after inception of the committee to elect the second Marketing Guild Committee. The initial members will be eligible to run and maintain their existing seat on the committee.

Risk: Rules of order are loosely defined and there might be disagreements and loopholes.

Mitigation: We will accept any rules put forward by the to-be-established Threshold rules committee and these will replace our temporary rules for committee operation.

Risk: Collusion

Mitigation: Bi-annual elections (2x per year) and a doctrine of openness will mitigate the risk of long-term collusion.


Definitely agree with the marketing needs and need of it for long term.
All the members proposed have been contributors for a long time even before this proposal and I support this proposal for them to get rewards/payment !


This is an impressive and well thought Proposal. I think the timing for the formation of TMG Committee is perfect, there is a lot of residual attention from ETH Denver, ETH Amsterdam is right around the corner, and there is still a lot of interest (coupled with a need-for-information) from the recent on-chain merger. An official Marketing Committee will specifically address these needs.

In general I feel the formation of an official, paid, and individually accountable Committee is essential to the advancement of the The Network, and in placing The Network at the forefront of emerging web 3 technologies. By solidifying a select group of individuals, to identify and achieve the tasks necessary for this marketing exposure, this proposal promises immediate action. By including time specific deliverables and mitigation strategies this proposal promises long term success, establishing a tradition of performance among the Committee Members.

Thank you for submitting this proposal, you have my support.


Well written. The terms proposed here seem suitable and necessary to foster future growth and development of the marketing guild and provide ample motivation for all contributors involved. I look forward to continuing to spread the good word about our projects for the foreseeable future.


This looks awesome! I can be the representative for the Keep team for the two Threshold team members.


I think @Liz_S will make a great representative given her design expertise.


Let me start with great proposal. There are two thoughts here, first in terms of deliverables, believe that in both Binance and Coinbase, there should be additional work to get the Threshold message out about both tBTC and PRE, these two ideas will continue to drive both development and participation in the Threshold community.

Second in terms of the campaigns, should we consider adding incentives of performance to further incentivize these talented marketing committee members to think of how to achieve certain benchmarks. Understand we would be compensating them for their time and talent BUT if they ‘knock it out of the park’ performance, shouldn’t we look to recognize/compensate that as well? If we measure the success of these Campaigns in some meaningful way, then we should also add additional incentives.

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Think you make an interesting observation on the concept of Marketing mergers. Having watching many of the ethDenver presentations as well, the concept of on-chain mergers maybe top of mind for other networks. I think Threshold should continue to look as MacLean spoke of finding other DAC/DAO’s which could also become part of Threshold’s larger value proposition. Not suggesting merger mania but again a thoughtful campaign to look out for and be willing to merge again with others to expand the vision of tBTC, PRE, etc… with guids of well intentioned groups much like how Keep and NUcypher came together.

I think this is a good way to kick start things and is safe to try given the fairly short time period of 6 months. (enough time to see how things go and, if needed, adjust with more proposals)



I already have pre-discussed this with @MrsNuBooty and @Will, and making it official here as well. I’ve decided to not apply for a position in the Threshold Marketing Guild.

I expect to not be able to commit to the hours and efforts needed. I’ll still contribute wherever possible, but don’t want to commit to something and don’t live up to it.

Regardless of this I think this is a great proposal with great candidates, and looking forward to continue, building and learning on this together.


Thank you for volunteering Liz! I believe you would be a valuable contributor to the TMGC and I look forward to working together.


@Naxsun thank you for formalizing our private conversation and understanding your own time constraints. I look forward to your continued contributions to the Threshold Marketing Guild in other ways and hope you will consider any future opening on the committee if your circumstances change.

I would like to nominate @Weedzy for the Threshold Marketing Guild Committee. I believe that Weedzy will continue to be a dedicated member of the DAO and be a valuable addition to the TMGC. I have had conversations with key contributors who all expressed their support of this nomination.


We are excited to work alongside you!


Thank you, @MrsNuBooty for the nomination. I am humbled to be nominated for a seat on the Threshold Marketing Committee and I will gladly accept!

I’m a content creator & designer with a few years of background in the marketing field and been into the crypto space since 2017.
I’ve been proactively involved in contributing to the Threshold Network since September, it is the first DAO that made me interact with more than just being a long term staker or bag holder. Along my journey as a contributor, I’ve helped to strengthen our overall social media presence and reach alongside other fellow marketing guild and committee members, created content and trend events for the network.

My goal is to work alongside the Threshold Marketing Guild Committee and the members to continue to grow this amazing community and securing the project’s success at heart!

Thanks again! :smiling_face:


I think @Weedzy will be a great addition. Fully support this


Weedzy will be a great addition! Full support from me too. I’ve updated the other proposal to reflect the new nomination.