Introducing Bitfwd Capital - Boutique Node Operator

GM esteemed Threshold community.

I’m Daniel, founder of Bitfwd Capital, I’ve been contributing to open source blockchain projects (infrastructure, DeFi applications, DAO data and tooling) and have been running Blockathon community events during the past 8.

In the past 3 years we’ve been operating nodes for decentralized cloud network as well as developing use cases for the satellite based cryptographic platform

I’ve met @sap in ETHNew York recently and elsewhere in meatspace and we’ve discussed the Threshold ecosystem. As a long time Bitcoin believer and DeFi+DAO practitioner with interest in infrastructure provisioning there were two initiatives that caught my attention:

Bootstrap nodes program:

Beta Staker program

I’m aware that both of these call for proposals period have expired already. So I’d like to take the first step to introduce me and Bitfwd for the sake of future opportunities since we have the devops capabilities to operate nodes professionally I’d be interested to put forward a proposal for us to contribute nodes to Threshold network.




Hi @dtbx, thank you for introducing yourself and Bitfwd Capital. It’s great to see that you’re interested in participating in Threshold Network and our node programs. Someone with your experience and enthusiasm for Bitcoin would be a most welcome contributor to the DAO.

While applications for the first phase have closed, please post an application in any case, since there may be opportunities to participate in the further expansion of the program.

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