TIP-045: Bootstrap Node Proposal v2

TIP-045, this proposal, supersedes and replaces TIP-035.

TL; DR: Bootstrap Node Requirements

tBTCv2 will launch with three bootstrap node providers: Boar, P2P, and Staked. Each provider will receive a grant of $10,000/month in T. The updated Bootstrap Node Proposal shortens the term commitment to one (1) year and adds the requirement of running an Electrum Server.


After carefully considering the concerns, suggestions and comments from the community in response to the first version of this proposal, this update has been drafted to reduce the expense to the DAO while still ensuring a robust and timely launch of tBTCv2.

Bootstrap nodes are critical building blocks of infrastructure for the Threshold Network’s tBTC application and are very different from regular nodes. Their operator addresses are hard-coded in off-chain client code. Bootstrap nodes do not participate in activities that expose them to slashing risk, thus they do not earn inflation rewards. Their stake sizes are of no importance and can be the minimum stake.

Main Revision Points:

  • The runtime of this proposal has been reduced from three years to one year
  • The number of operators contracted under this proposal has been reduced from 4 to 3
  • Running an Electrum server as a requirement has been added
  • The monthly grant in liquid T has been reduced to $10,000
  • Guaranteed availability has been changed from 99.9% to 96 to 98%

Detailed Requirements Per Operator

Two (2) instances of the tBTCv2 client in independent regions for redundancy, to be deployed on high-availability equipment, whether this is a VPS or bare metal is left up to the provider.

Bootstrap node operators agree and guarantee availability of at least 96% to 98%. The rationale in reducing the uptime guarantee from 99.99% is that it is extremely unlikely that all bootstrap node providers will experience downtime at the same time. This reduction in guaranteed availability achieved a significant cost minimization for the DAO.

Electrum Server Requirement:

This requirement was added to further support the tBTCv2 launch. Operators agree to run one instance of an Electrum server, software version and other requirements shall be furnished prior to launch, however, as a reference, tBTCv2 has been tested against three of the most popular types of servers:

A Bitcoin node is required for electrum to function properly. Thus, bootstrap providers will need to maintain a Bitcoin node as well.


P2P - https://p2p.org/ - P2P Validator provides high uptime, secure staking with advanced monitoring & support. P2P was established in early 2018 and proved the best quality of staking services as one of the top operators in Threshold, Solana, Polkadot/Kusama, Tezos, Graph, Moonbeam, Regen, Chainlink, and Connext Networks. Currently, P2P secures more than 1.5 billion USD value across 30+ networks, provides highly-available RPC services, and contributes to web3 as a core developer for Lido on Solana and Neutron - Cosmos Hub secured smart-contract chain.

Staked - https://staked.us/ - Staked operates the most secure, performant, and cost-effective block production nodes for decentralized PoS protocols on behalf of institutional investors. Their multi-tier signing and listening node architecture delivers stakeholders the ideal combination of security, scalability and decentralization.

Boar - https://boar.network/ for transparency, please review the following post: TIP-035 T grants for tBTC v2 bootstrap node providers


If approved, each provider will receive a grant of $10,000/month in liquid T for running a tBTC v2 bootstrap node in accordance with the requirements discussed herein.


Thank you Victor for setting up this proposal. It is essential for tBTC launch and seems very reasonable to me.
Only concern is that an uptime of 96% allows for full 15 days downtime in a year, sounds extremely indulgent to me.


Thanks, @Vict0r. I agree this looks reasonable and takes into account providers’ feedback on their economics, while reducing our commitment on these terms to a year, at which point we can re-evaluate.

I would imagine actual uptime will be closer to the 98% (and that they will target this).

Excited to launch!


Thanks Vict0r.

This proposal will pass.

If I understand, this proposal intends the DAO to fund
3 independent parties ( Boar, P2P, and Staked) 10k USD per month for 1 year
requiring each to run 2 geographically distributed nodes,
each node employing rules ensuring these clients only connect to other bootstrap nodes and/or
nodes with registered stakes.

Each party will, at minimum, provide two complete instantiations of the following interconnected arrangements:
1 static IP
1 Random Beacon client
1 tBTC (ECDSA) client
1 Ethereum node (execution+consensus clients = 2 nodes)
1 BTC node
1 Electrum node

Redundancy between each party’s 2 instances ( e.g. one site’s Eth node dies) will be arranged.

Do I have this correct? Could be I do not, and the Electrum/BTC combo is only required once per party,
not once per instantiation.

Q: should we additionally require each party to use 2 different ISPs, one for each arrangement?



Snapshot has passed unanimously - all 428M tokens voting in favor: Snapshot

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The Boar Network address is 0x8ebB590a5D4dD21907247887a14B72bC8cDc5BF1.

We were running tBTC v2 bootstrap nodes since the inception of the v2 network (Add Boar Network's bootstrap nodes to mainnet peers list · keep-network/keep-core@cbe4833 · GitHub)

We are also running Fulcrum instance for tBTC v2 network as specified in this proposal. Our Fulcrum instance is used by minters and guardians since March 2023.

P2P.ORG as a staking provider is contributing to the overall Threshold network progress the way we can and we maintain 2 bootstrap nodes in different geographical locations:

Our goal is to provide service level as good as 99% of uptime and better for both network bootstrap nodes and staking nodes.

We would also support Threshold Network via running ElectrumX/Fulcrum node.

Staked, the leading staking provider and node operator, is excited to continue supporting Threshold by continuing to operate 3 bootstrap nodes as we have been. Our bootstrap addresses are:

  • 0x7975c519317c2FF439C9cbC0e5F7dED328190F04
  • 0x9A0642B4Fb4478AACC9002575E5b14948776874a
  • 0x0651b991dede07db72410450159866ac1d7790f8

Apologies for not specifying payment address. Please send payments to 0xa46413749254cbd9681037f3698af7309a7885c0

When running a Bitcoin node please ensure the rpcserialversion is set to 1 to include the segwit data in raw transactions.

P2P.ORG payment address is 0xC80cb6eb3137f471627EbFE2B2f3b97A2B7074f9
Please send supposing rewards to this address. Thanks!

Hey, Threshold Treasury Guild sent 70T tokens to test the address. Can you confirm reception ?
And could you please inform your discord handle ?

(Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan)


Hey, TTG sent 70T tokens to test the address. Can you confirm reception ?
And could you please inform your discord handle ?
(Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan)


Hey, @Eastban we confirm that payment was received.
([Transaction] (Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan) and Node address)
My discord: dinadp2p.org
Our team’s Threshold discord channel: p2p
Thanks a lot!


Hi - Confirming receipt of 70T. My Discord handle is blaise.staked