Threshold Council Election Nominations

The time has come to kick off the process for inaugural Threshold Council elections.

This forum post is the spot to nominate yourself or another community member ahead of official token holder snapshot votes.

For a full overview of the Threshold Council election process check out this blog post.

What is the Threshold Council?

The Threshold DAO is primarily composed of three bodies: the Token Holder DAO, the Staker DAO and the Threshold Council. Each body will play a unique and important role in governing Threshold.

The inaugural Threshold Council is composed of 9 members. 4 members elected from the original Keep community, 4 members elected from the original NuCypher community and 1 member mutually appointed by both teams to ensure neutrality. There will be more information shared about the final appointed member at a later time.

The Threshold Council is responsible for determining per application staking reward allocations across the protocol and holds the ability to veto proposals in either the Token Holder DAO or the Staker DAO. Council vetos serve as a last defense against dangerous proposals (such as one impacting the DAO Treasury) passing in our DAO and executing onchain.

How Do Council Elections Work?

The process for inaugural Threshold Council elections is simple. Terms last one year:

  • Nominate yourself or someone else by replying to this forum post. The nomination post can include a quick introduction, which original community you wish to represent (Keep or NuCypher), involvement in our community so far, other relevant web3 background info and reasons why you want to participate in the Threshold Council.

  • All nominated individuals from the original Keep community will be listed on a KEEP token holder snapshot. All nominated individuals from the original NuCypher community will be listed on a NU token holder snapshot. Token holders will vote on the snapshots. Individuals with the 4 most votes on each side will be elected to the inaugural Threshold Council. I will double check that those who are nominated by someone else wish to continue with their candidacy before they are listed on either token holder snapshot.

  • Ties on the token holder snapshots will be determined by separate Discord-based votes.

Team members from either Keep or NuCypher can run but must be nominated by the community and not themselves.

This is important! There will be token grants for all individuals elected to the Threshold Council to compensate these community members for their time, analysis and important contributors to the DAO. Grant size will be determined and approved by the Token Holder DAO as an early proposal. It makes most sense for the community to determine council member grant size plus this way funding comes from the DAO treasury and does not impact inflation calculation on the Keep side.

Finally, the Token Holder DAO holds the ability to remove elected members from the Threshold Council if necessary before the 1 year term is up and is responsible for electing future Threshold Council members.

Members of the Threshold Council will play an important role in governing the protocol. Make sure you fully understand the responsbilities of the Threshold Council before nominating yourself or someone else. If you have any questions join us on Discord and ask away!


I would like to nominate Tux Pacific for the Threshold Council. Tux’s dedication to Threshold is apparent and their experience a valuable asset to our network. **edited with my apologies Tux for using your dead name


I nominate @maclane for a nucypher team seat. @Will for a keep team seat and Viktor Bunin for the neutral seat.


Greetings all,

I would like to Nominate @MrsNuBooty for the Threshold council with a Nu seat.
The “NuCypher Bull” has been heavily involved in the community for the past 6 months+ and has contributed greatly to infographics, discussions, etc. I have been moderating the Nucypher subreddit since February or March and have experienced firsthand the countless informative posts (and the memes) created and presented by MrsNuBooty, and I believe they will work hard to ensure the safety and integrity of the threshold network.


@Will will you accept nomination to represent Keep?


@derek would you accept nomination to represent Nu?


I nominate myself for the position of Threshold Council for the KEEP seat.

I’m currently an Advisor for the ElasticSwap (, a unique AMM that serves swaps for rebasing tokens. I also helped with the early development of the ElasticSwap.

I was a Core Developer for the ElasticDAO, a platform for launching DAOs projects - We successfully deployed app v2 for the community.

I’m around the KEEP community since Feb 2018. Been a KEEP Operator from the beginning of the TBTC v1 and one of its earliest investors, holding KEEPs to this day.

I’m several times PFK winner, creating tools that helped the KEEP community at the launching of its TBTC v1.

I helped create the early Stakedrop Reward Model Calculator, which provided the first APY notion for the official launch post. (

Also, did several translations of the KEEP docs to Portuguese.

Thanks for this awesome project and long-live Threshold!


I would like to nominate David Núñez for the council. David’s role developing NuCypher, and on Threshold, make him an excellent candidate for the council.


I will vote for @maclane for NuCypher team seat, @Will from Keep’s part and also Sasha from Keep!


I’m happy to be nominated for a NuCypher council seat!

Given my previous position at NuCypher, it makes sense for me to elaborate on my past experience at NuCypher and my now current role, as well as some relevant positions I hold.

At NuCypher, I was a founding engineer along with early folks like David Nuñez, Justin Myles Holmes, and Kieran Prasch.
My role entailed cryptography engineering. David and I created, as far as I’m aware of, the very first production ready and safe Proxy Re-Encryption libraries - ever! My work largely revolved around integrating these libraries, maintaining them, and doing a lot of forward looking research. These efforts turned into some projects, such as Sunscreen, and other efforts created some innovative libraries like NuBLS. I also serve as a member of the NuCypher Emergency Response Team, a multisig which is responsible for handling security emergencies should they develop. I recently left NuCypher to begin my own project, which I’ll detail below.

I am the founder/CEO of Entropy - a decentralized network which leverages threshold cryptography to construct the first ever trustless decentralized asset custodian. Entropy is still a work-in-progress!

In addition to this primary role, I recently agreed to be a signer for the Celo Ecosystem Fund, which acts as a treasury for promoting the healthy development and funding of the Celo ecosystem.

I also hold a board seat on the Oxen Privacy Tech Foundation - the nonprofit behind the Loki cryptocurrency and ChainFlip, an up-and-coming trustless cross-chain swap protocol that also leverages threshold cryptography. For both of these teams, I serve as a cryptography advisor to assist in any cryptography development questions that arise.

With this in mind, I’m excited to accept a nomination for a council seat and will happily serve on it if elected. I do ask one favor - please refer to me as Tux Pacific, and avoid any usage of my dead name.

Super excited to work with both of our communities and develop the future of threshold cryptography and the threshold network!


I second this nomination


I second this nomination. @MrsNuBooty has actively big role building a bigger and better community.


I third this nomination.


I would like to Nominate @MrsNuBooty for the Threshold council with a Nu seat


I want to nominate following people for the Keep Seats in the Council:

  • Naxsun
  • Agoristen
  • Ben Longstaff
  • Evandro Saturnino

They’re all longtime, active, committed and invested contributors with whom I have the pleasure of sharing the active work at Threshold.


I’d like to nominate Viktor Bunin. Top tier fella


I would also like to nominate @Eastban for the Threshold Council. East is one of the original members of the Keep community and an award winning PFK participant. He organized the Keep evangelist program and has been a dedicated community moderator and educator. East has continued to be a leading contributor to Threshold, organizing the Integrations Guild and leading it while also contributing to the Marketing Guild. I believe he has shown unwavering dedication and would continue to do so as a Threshold Council Member.


You might not know them but @ZeroInFo56 is always here. Whether they are answering questions and moderating the NuCypher Reddit community or lurking on community calls and helping behind the scenes; they are always here. We need people who are diligent and speak up at the right time after gathering the right information and doing the right research. I believe @ZeroInFo56 brings the right qualities to the table to hold a NuCypher seat on the Threshold Council. I would like to nominate you to run for the T Council and hope that you will accept. Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to your help in the Marketing Guild.


Firstly, I would like to thank @MrsNuBooty for the nomination, it is very humbling.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past year of participating in the NuCypher community. Since I began moderating the NuCypher subreddit, I have been afforded an incredible opportunity to converse one on one with some of the people directly behind NuCypher, and it has been a truly humbling and enlightening experience.

Sadly, I have only had the pleasure of a few brief conversations with select members of the Keep team, and I would very much welcome the opportunity to converse with and coordinate with them on a more intimate level.

I do not know that I have anywhere near the experience of most of our community members when it comes to the technology behind this project, and so I am sure there are others who could offer much more in terms of technological prowess. However, I do believe that I can provide fair and earnest governance to the project, and should I be elected, I will absolutely put the safety and security of the project and the stakeholders as a whole, at the forefront of my decisions and contributions.

I have spent the last ~8 months working to serve the community as a moderator on r/nucypher (and more recently, r/thresholdnewtork) and in this time my aim has always been to protect the integrity of the project by eliminating posts and banning users that aim to take advantage of our users and community members.

With that said, I will graciously accept the nomination from @MrsNuBooty.

Regardless of whether I should be elected to a seat or not, I will happily continue to fulfill the duties of moderation that I have been charged with by the creators of the T project, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Thank you all,



Hi friends, thank you for the nomination, but I must humbly decline. As an employee of Coinbase Cloud (fka Bison Trails), one of the largest node operators / stakers on the network, there is a clear conflict of interest for me to determine staker compensation policies. We’ve been big fans and supporters of Keep and NuCypher, and are excited to support Threshold. Thank you again for putting your trust in me.