Threshold Council Election Nominations - Third Epoch

Hello Threshold Community!

Another year has elapsed and the time has come once more for the Threshold Council elections! We are thrilled to commence this new term’s elections with the launch of this thread.

Before we dive into the governance details, I would like to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to the dedicated members of the Council who have served during the second epoch term. Your commitment and contributions have played a vital role in protection of our systems and the good operations of our DAO, and we are deeply grateful for your service.

Now, let’s dive into the governance steps for this Council’s third epoch:

What is the Threshold Council?

The Threshold DAO is primarily composed of two bodies: the Token Holder DAO, and the Threshold Council. Each body plays a unique and important role in governing Threshold.

The Threshold Council is composed of 9 members. We have no restrictions or determined skillsets needed to become a member of the Threshold Council other than availability and good disposition to learn how we work, we are working hard on our onboarding experience to smooth the learning curve. We would love to have a Council with varied backgrounds and competencies that has a wide representation of all the members of our community.

We can highlight the main functions of the Threshold Council as:

  1. The Threshold Council is responsible for determining per application staking reward allocations across the protocol.
  2. The Threshold Council holds the ability to veto malicious proposals in the Token Holder DAO. Council vetos serve as a last defense against dangerous proposals (such as one impacting the DAO Treasury) passing in our DAO and executing on-chain.
  3. The Threshold Council has the ownership and authority over different smart contracts belonging to the Threshold Network, and will need to perform admin functions over them.

The Threshold Council members are compensated by the DAO for their time and commitment to the needed activities. Compensation will be revised for this third epoch, in accordance with the anticipated responsibilities and workload.

How Do Council Elections Work?

Current rules for the Council Elections are gathered in TIP-02, with addendums and small modifications provided in the second Epoch post, an adjustment of the schedules, and our lessons learned for the third Epoch.

To better understand this third Epoch elections process and its timeline, we outline it here:

  1. January 18th - February 11th - Nomination period, where you can nominate yourself or nominate another member of the community by replying to this forum post. The nomination post can include a quick introduction, your involvement in our community so far, other relevant web3 background info and reasons why you want to participate in the Threshold Council. Self-nominations are preferred for this, however, if you intend to nominate another member of the DAO, please consult them privately first to verify their intent to run. A person who is nominated by another member must confirm their intent to be a candidate.
  2. February 12th, 3pm ET - Community Call to meet our nominees. We have traditionally held a call to meet our nominees and allow them to introduce themselves to the community and explain why they are running for council. This time, we will make use of this allotted time in the case we have new candidates participating.
  3. February 12th - February 18th - Snapshot vote. This will allow our community members to elect the new Threshold Council members.
  4. February 19th - February 29th - Transition period. The current Threshold Council will use this time for the handover to the new Threshold Council members and to perform onboarding activities.
  5. March 1st, 2024 - The new term starts for the Threshold Council, which will serve 1-year term: March 1st 2024 - February 28th 2025.


What happens if there are not enough nominees?

Due to the need for solid security in the Threshold Council, the 9 seats should be filled. In the event that not all seats are filled by the voting process, the current Threshold Council will take a decision to address this problem in the transition period.

What happens if there is a tie?

In the case of a tie, there shall be a run-off vote in the transition period.

What happens in the case of a resignation or a termination?

In the case of a resignation or termination, the Threshold Council will nominate and vote on a replacement for the remainder of the vacant term. There are no term limits for council members.

What do I need to become a Threshold Network Council Member?

Becoming a Council member at the Threshold Network might seem daunting, but it is a rewarding experience. We have worked extensively to make the onboarding experience as simplified as possible. To be part of the Council multisig, we request members to own a hardware wallet. While prior knowledge and experience with multisigs on mainnet, L2’s, and Solana/Base networks are beneficial, they are not mandatory.

What truly matters to us is your commitment, we expect our Council members to be available to sign transactions throughout the year and be eager to learn. To make this easy, we provide ample support to understand the creation and review of transactions for the Council.

Members of the Threshold Council will play an important role in governing the protocol. Please make sure you fully understand the responsibilities of the Threshold Council as stated above before nominating yourself or someone else. If you have any questions join us on Discord and ask away!


I will go ahead and kick off nominations by nominating @Mr_T , @Vict0r , @MrsNuBooty , @JohnPackel , @sap and certainly, @LakeLaogai


Thank you @ZeroInFo56 for the nomination. I would be honored to serve the Threshold Community in this capacity - I accept your nomination.


I would like to Nominate @nico186 for re-election to the council.


Hello Threshold Community,

I’m thrilled to share my intention to run for another term on the Threshold Council. Serving during the current term was an incredibly rewarding experience, where I learned a great deal and deeply appreciated the opportunity to contribute to our DAO’s governance and operations. The journey has been enriching, and I’m eager to continue contributing in this capacity.

In addition to my candidacy, I’d like to nominate @JohnPackel and @michwill to run for another term on the Council. Their continued and valuable contributions have significantly benefited our community, and I believe their involvement in the Council is paramount to maintaining accurate and quick operations.

Furthermore, I propose the nomination of @Eastban, an inaugural member of the Council, to return. East has provided consistent guidance over the last year and, with his expanded role within the DAO, offers invaluable insights that can greatly aid in the day to day operations of the Council.

I am looking forward to potentially serving another term and working alongside such dedicated individuals to further our mission and impact.

Warm regards,



Thank you for the nomination @ZeroInFo56, and I accept the nomination. It would be my honor to serve another term on the Council.


Thanks Ash for the nomination and happy to accept.

I hold the strong belief that the council, as an integral and fundamental part of the governance structure of Threshold DAO, should be composed of signatories that are geographically well dispersed. This would encourage decentralization and ensure that a wide range of perspectives and experiences are brought to the table. Furthermore, I believe it’s beneficial to encourage some rotation among signatories.

Besides endorsing every nomination that was mentioned earlier, I would love to nominate @Figue for a seat in the Threshold Council. For those who don’t know him, Europe-based Figue is the founder of the Paladin protocol, a great partner of ours with their Warden Quests platform. He is a tireless contributor on all protocols with which he is involved and we are lucky to have him among the members of the Treasury Guild committee, where he actively participates and collaborates.


Hey, I’ll accept this nomination. Happy to help Threshold as much as I can!


I’d like to nominate @ZeroInFo56 for reelection, if he’s up for it :slight_smile:


Thank you, Victor, I would be glad to serve another term on the council!


Thanks Ben, I have greatly enjoyed serving on the Threshold Council this year, and am very happy to accept your nomination.

Contributing to the DAO has been a great experience for me. In addition to my past position on the Council I have served on the Marketing Guild, and contributed to several TBTC campaigns. I have learned so much from the unique perspectives of the elected members.

I have had the pleasure or representing the DAO as a delegate at 4 global conferences last year. I served as Eth Denver event planning coordinator this spring, and look forward to continuing in this role, and attending the major global events of 2024.

I also look forward to continuing my contributions to the marketing guild, and as a call moderator and host. I feel this contribution helps the DAO to advance our suite of products and integrate new partners into the Threshold Ecosystem.

If elected I hope to continue in these efforts, and add additional contributions as the opportunities arise.


Hi everyone :wave:t3:

Alongside being nominated for the Treasury Guild this election, I’d also like to nominate myself for the Threshold Council.

I have been working in the blockchain industry since 2017 and was a participant in the NuCypher Worklock in 2020. I am a crypto financial reporting specialist with experience reconciling data for many different entities. I am currently engaged as a contractor to the DAO, providing reconciliation services and working closely with @Vict0r on preparation and optimisation of financial reporting.

Through working on the financial reporting for the DAO, I have become familiar with Threshold’s projects, activities and management systems. I believe this experience will allow me to quickly become a valuable Council member. I have greatly enjoyed speaking with the various contributors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and look forward to continuing to get to know the Threshold community.

I am deeply involved in the blockchain space and have familiarity with DeFi, L2s, multisigs and signing complex transactions. I have high availability and am located in the Oceania region, which I expect may assist with the global distribution of signatories.

It has been a pleasure working as a contractor to the DAO and I would relish the opportunity to become more involved as a Council member!


I would like to nominate @LowPolyDuck to the Threshold Council. He currently holds the position of Community Lead at Thesis Co, and is a highly active member of several vibrant web 3 projects.

Low Poly has worked in the past as Chief of Staff for Saddle Finance and has relevant personal experience operating and managing DAO’s, as well as advanced experience with decentralized finance.

I think his unique perspective, experience in the space, and active participation in web 3 communities would add a lot of value to the Threshold Council.


I certainly accept ! Would be happy to bring some ducc to a product I lean on :saluting_face:


Thanks for the nomination, @MrsNuBooty. I have enjoyed my year on the Council, but seeing all the worthy candidates nominated I think it would be best for me to decline and leave a spot for a new person to bring their perspective.

I’m very active in the guilds, so always available to weigh in if needed.

I also echo @Eastban’s point about the benefits of diversity, including geographic. It would be great to get more women involved, as well.


Based on JohnPackel’s statement highlighting the importance of involving more women, as well as the need for geographical diversity and my observations over the past few years of the women at Threshold, I would like to nominate @viktoriia from the NuCypher contributor team and @sashatanase from the Keep contributor team. Both are dedicated and extremely knowledgeable Threshold contributors, and I would be thrilled to see them elected to serve on the Threshold Council. My apologies for the late nomination, but I believe having a robust set of candidates is critical for governance participants to choose from during the election.

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I’d like to nominate @shoegazer69 for a position on the council.


Thanks @Vict0r - I accept the nomination provided it doesn’t preclude geographic and gender diversity in the council (see @MrsNuBooty 's reply)


Thanks for joining the Integrations Guild meeting today @shoegazer69 to share more context on your background and interests.

I second this nomination and also for Vicky and @sashatanase!


Thank you @MrsNuBooty for the nomination!
I understand that I have to decline, it would be fair to have spot for someone who can pay enough attention to Threshold Council and it won’t be easy for me to do that with current projects.