TIP-066: tBTC Minting in Taho

Project Summary

Currently, tBTC minting is limited to the Threshold Dashboard, restricting its accessibility to a broader audience. Additionally, users tend to engage more with processes on platforms they are already familiar with. By integrating the tBTC minting process into Taho, a well-known community-owned web3 wallet, we can not only capitalize on existing user familiarity but also significantly broaden the accessibility of tBTC minting, promoting its wider adoption in the crypto community.

Our specific plan involves prioritizing design work and incorporating the tBTC SDK, which will be the first of its kind in an external product, thereby battle-testing the SDK. By capitalizing on Taho’s established trust with its users, we aim to transition a notable segment to the Threshold platform, simplifying the minting process and bridging the technical divide. Taho currently has over 100,000 monthly active users, with a recent survey indicating that 80% of these users are actively engaged in DeFi activities.

We are requesting $189,000 over the duration of 5-6 months to achieve the following key milestones:

Milestone 1 - Complete UX/UI Design of tBTC minting in Taho

Milestone 2 - Prototype SDK integration, Test SDK & Doc Improvement

Milestone 3 - Integrate tBTC Minting in Taho

All work produced during this project will be open source, allowing other wallets and developers to access and build upon our contributions.


About Thesis: Thesis is a crypto venture studio behind Taho, Fold, tBTC, and Keep, a key contributor to Threshold. In the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems, we built tBTC — tokenizing BTC for use across DeFi with threshold cryptography. The Keep team has already built a tBTC SDK (v2 released Oct 18) to streamline and propel the process of tBTC minting.

About Taho: Taho is the first and only community-owned wallet, an alternative to MetaMask. Taho’s current traction:

100K+ MAU for November (86K MAU in October)
180K+ Discord
55K stakers
286K+ Downloads

The teams at Taho and Keep will collaborate to ensure the first-ever integration of the tBTC SDK is successful and paves the way for future integrations. The Taho team will be engaging with the Keep team in the same manner as we would with any external team. For this project, this entails submitting PRs and raising queries around the SDK when necessary. However, it’s important to note that our work on this project operates independently of the Keep team’s direct involvement.

Taho Project Links

Keep Project Links:

Project Scope

The focus of this project is to design and embed a bridge within the Taho wallet, facilitating the direct minting of tBTC. In its initial phase, this integration will prioritize design work and the integration of the tBTC SDK (the Keep team has already released a new and improved version of the SDK). This will mark the first integration of the tBTC SDK into an external product, serving to battle-prove the SDK. tBTC holders will be provided with information on where they can utilize their assets, such as access to stablecoin infrastructure like crvUSD or thUSD.

As more individuals understand and trust tBTC through Taho’s seamless integration, the long-term vision is to foster a more inclusive, educated, and decentralized financial ecosystem by reducing barriers and enhancing adoption.

Threshold DAO’s mission in fostering blockchain interoperability and their vested interest in the success and adoption of tBTC make them a natural partner to support this proposed project.

Note: While we are currently focused on other key developments, including the tBTC minting integration, we are actively exploring the best approaches for Bitcoin wallet integration. It’s not just on our roadmap, but it’s a significant part of our vision for the future.


Our proposed project will have the following expected outcomes:

  • Increased adoption of and trust in tBTC and growth in overall tBTC mints
  • Increased user awareness and engagement for tBTC minting activities on the Threshold Network
    *Boost in defi participation
  • Increased tBTC liquidity in DeFi
  • Strengthened cross-chain interoperability
  • & Growing trend of platforms choosing to support or integrate tBTC because of its functionality and ease of use

Milestones, Deliverables, and KPIs

Milestone 1 - Complete UX/UI Design of tBTC minting in Taho


  • Deliverable 1: Perform user research to inform design & early functionality
  • Deliverable 2: Develop figma mockup for the tBTC minting process in Taho
  • Deliverable 3: Gather user feedback on the designs
  • Deliverable 4: Iterate on designs based on user feedback


  • User Testing Participants: # of feedback participants on the Figma mockups.
  • Task Completion Rate: In usability testing, % of users able to complete a mock tBTC minting task (e.g., navigating through the mockup process) without significant difficulties or barriers.

Timeline: 1-2 months

Milestone 2 - Prototype SDK integration, Test SDK & Doc Improvement

As this is the first external integration, we will work collaboratively with the Keep team toward addressing critical issues and enhancing the SDK documentation .


  • Deliverable 1: Develop an early prototype to identify any gaps in the SDK’s functionalities
  • Deliverable 2: Development of functionality identified in the gap analysis required for the integration of the SDK (may not be required as we don’t expect the SDK to have any blockers impacting the integration)
  • Deliverable 3: Conduct tests based on project-specific requirements* and provide suggestions for documentation and guide improvements based on our findings. (*Note: that the SDK will already have gone through vigorous QA & Testing by the Keep team)


  • Do updated docs reflect changes for external implementation? yes/no
  • Working prototype integration demonstrating functionality and compatibility

Timeline: 1 month

Milestone 3- Integrate tBTC Minting in Taho

Implement QR Code Bitcoin transfer in Taho and enable tBTC minting within the Taho wallet


  • Deliverable 1: Integrate the QR code functionality
  • Deliverable 2: Implement UI design within Taho to display the QR code for Bitcoin transfers
  • Deliverable 3: Implement SDK integration as demonstrated in the prototype for Milestone 2 which will include the following core functionalities: Integration of tBTC Smart Contracts, Bitcoin Deposit Mechanism, Reveal Deposits to the Ethereum chain
  • Deliverable 4: Implement designs for tBTC minting from Milestone 1
  • Deliverable 5: QA & test results document detailing the outcomes of the minting process tests (bugs and their fixes)
  • Deliverable 6: Develop and publish instructions and guides for tBTC minting in Taho


  • tBTC Minting Success Rate:

    • % of successful tBTC mints in the first month post-release
  • UI Usability and Satisfaction:

    • User feedback scores on the tBTC minting interface’s ease of use.
    • Number of user support tickets or queries related to the minting process.

Timeline: 2-3 Months


Our budget is structured around specific milestones, denominated in USD because our costs and liabilities are in USD. We ask to either A) be paid an amount of T that corresponds to the USD value of the milestone at the time of each payment, or B) that the Integrations Guild allocate the amount of T necessary to cover the entirety of the USD denominated budget and immediately swap it into USD or USDC and hold in escrow, to be released upon completion of each milestone.

Cost Breakdown per Milestone


I think this is an interesting proposal but the cost is pretty substantial and I have a concern with the Keep team’s ability to help in any capacity with this integration. I personally believe the Keep team’s entire focus should be on continued development of tBTC and retiring the beta staker program.

In order for this to be a profitable integration we would need to see $189,000,000 of new tBTC minted. To put this in better perspective for other DAO members — the current TVL of tBTC is $69,510,313.

Would there be a Taho marketing campaign to help drive new mints or are we solely counting on the visibility from Taho’s 100k MAU to drive this level of volume?

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I wonder if Taho could make this composable so it’s easy to integrate in other wallets should Threshold DAO wish to incentivise its adoption to the likes of Frame / Coinbase / metamask and so on ? Could Taho work on something that will plug and play with others at ease ? That would then worth the proposed amounts and would help us big time imo :heart_hands:


Great point @mcitizen42 - Coinbase, Taho, Frame, Rainbow, MetaMask, etc. wallets all have different architectures, so unfortunately a 100% composable integration isn’t feasible.

Nevertheless, this integration will massively streamline all future wallet integrations.

This TIP will create a hardened, ‘dog fooded’ tBTC SDK plus an open source, reference integration into a web3 wallet. Both of these outputs will make future tBTC wallet integrations dramatically faster and simpler.

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Great feedback. All the dev work will be performed by the Taho team. The proposal has been designed so that demands on the Keep team’s time are kept to a bare minimum. All the Keep team would be responsible for is implementing any missing functionality in the existing tBTC SDK.

On acquisition: we do extensive user acquisition + awareness campaigns for all major feature launches, and this would be no exception. tBTC will get both the visibility of our existing 100K MAU as well as a sustained, all-out marketing and community blitz.

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Taho: 100K+ MAU
Metamask: 10M+ MAU

The logic that a 100K MAU wallet that integrated tBTC minting would increase mints when there is a minting dashboard is dubious, IMHO. Why not go big and create a MetaMask snap to do tBTC mints?

That said, I’m supportive of Taho and Threshold and Thesis. I think this proposal’s benefit is more in the “hardened, dog fooded” tBTC SDK usage and having an open source example for other wallets and protocols to use as a reference.

As for cost, I don’t have a great deal to compare this to, BUT

  1. I view the cost for this as “how much for a reference tBTC SDK usage implementation”
  2. It seems expensive and I can’t help but wonder if all of this is under the Thesis umbrella, why is the left hand charging the right hand so much when both hands benefit?

Humbly submitted and happy to be wrong.

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