TIP-074 Bootstrap Operator Agreement Extension

Sponsors: @Vict0r , @JohnPackel


This proposal would extend TIP-045 (TIP-045: Bootstrap Node Proposal v2) for 6 months, introducing no changes for this extension.


As outlined in the proposal (TIP-054), bootstrap nodes are of critical importance to the tBTC network. Currently, three professional providers are hosting 2 bootstrap nodes each. Over the past year, all up-time requirements were met by the chosen providers. TIP-045 passed in January 2023 and is due to be renewed or revised.

The Integrations Guild believes that the best course of action is to temporarily extend the terms of TIP-045 to maintain the current status quo to give dev teams time to complete significant upgrades to the tBTC client. These upgrades are expected to be completed in 6 to 9 months.

Looking Ahead:

These major upgrades to the client will retire the beta-staker program, which is an opportunity to reevaluate the bootstrap node agreements and potentially introduce community operated bootstrap nodes, as well as other professional operators.


Extend the terms of TIP-045 for 6 months, starting February 2024. Each provider, Boar, P2P, and Staked, will continue to receive $10,000 per month in T. If upgrades to the tBTC client are not completed in 6 months, this proposal may be extended up to two times by an additional 3 months each.


What would the extension process beyond the 6-months entail? Would it go through standard DAO governance or something else?

Thanks for pointing out that this may not be clear @MrsNuBooty .

This proposal, if approved, will immediately extend TIP-45 by 6 months. The additional extensions are approved at the same time (by this proposal), as a contingency measure in case of unforeseen issues with the upgrades referenced above, with the understanding that the short extensions only be used in this case.



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