Optimistic Redemptions: Call For Guardians

Optimistic Redemptions: Call For Guardians


TIP-072: Optimistic Redemptions is approved by the Threshold DAO. This program calls for the recruitment and implementation of near 24/7 Threshold DAO guardian coverage as outlined in the Next Steps section of the TIP-072 proposal.

Guardians will play a big role in the implementation of Optimistic Redemptions. They will be responsible for vetoing illicit redemption requests, such as those sourced from hacked funds. The full process for vetoing is described in the TIP-072 proposal in the Optimistic Redemption Mechanism Details section.

Initially, Guardians will be required to manually veto illicit redemption requests. However, this is a temporary solution that will be replaced by an automatic veto implementation.


In discussions leading up this post, a shared understanding was established that It is hard to anticipate how often vetoes will be required. The DAO is intentionally starting with a looser coverage system and monitoring the program to tighten it as needed in the future.

As described in TIP-072 the initial veto window is only 2 hours which means the Threshold DAO likely needs at least one Guardian per 8 hour timezone on call and quickly ready to act. Ideally - and at the discretion of the Threshold Treasury Guild, multiple applicants will be approved per timezone.

Guardians will be added to a Threshold Telegram group where alerts will be made in the case a veto is required.

Vetoes will be manually conducted via etherscan.

Important note: as outlined in TIP-072 Guardians are required to veto the currently stalled redemptions. Further preparations for this will be conducted in the Guardian Telegram group.


Each Guardian will be paid $1k per month by the Threshold DAO while the manual veto period lasts.

However, if a Guardian misses a veto request during their identified timezone payment for they will forfeit payment for the month.

In addition, to keep Guardians focused - the Threshold DAO can decide to implement random calls for veto (via testnet) that Guardians will be required to respond to in order to receive monthly payments.

Selection Process

The process for selecting Optimistic Redemption Guardians is similar to previous call for action programs initiated by the Threshold DAO in the past. There will be an open application period on the governance forums followed by the Threshold Treasury Guild committee selecting candidates to add to the program.

To apply respond to this forum post with the following information:

  • Telegram
  • Threshold DAO Background
  • Timezone
  • Guardian Address

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance on the Forum via comments on this thread on a rolling basis.


Hello Threshold DAO team,

I am excited about the opportunity to apply for the role of Guardian for Optimistic Redemptions as outlined in TIP-072.

Although I’m relatively new to the Threshold community, my interest and commitment to security and decentralization have led me to closely follow its developments. @Eastban has introduced me to the principles and operations of the DAO, inspiring me to actively contribute, and told me about this Guardian Job.

About me, I’m a junior full stack developer with a special interest for Web3 and the ability to quickly adapt to new tools and protocols.
I also hold a role as a moderator on various projects, including Taho, ensuring that standards and integrity are maintained at all times. These experiences, I believe, prepare me well for the responsibilities of a Guardian, especially in terms of quick and effective response with dubious redemptions.

I am motivated by the chance to contribute to the security and efficacy of Threshold’s redemption system. I understand the importance of being available and reactive during my assigned shift and am committed to fulfilling all responsibilities, including participating in test veto calls to ensure my readiness.

Telegram: @NotJustLaw
Eth Address: tbd
I’m based in UTC timezone.


I’d like to put myself forward as a Manual Guardian. I’ve been employed with Nucypher for 2 years now, so I’m very familiar with tBTC, including PR #788 that actually implements this Veto mechanism.

Timezone - Amsterdam, CET (GMT +1)
Telegram - @theref_eth


I’d like to participate as a Guardian. As a signer on the Threshold Council and a Community Beta Staker, I am already monitoring nodes and DAO activities. Adding the Guardian role would fit with this already established workflow.

Timezone: Pacific Time UTC-8
Telegram: shoegazer69
Address: 0xf791EfdF778a3Ca9cc193fFbe57Da33d1596E854


@NotJustLaw @shoegazer69 @james please share your new hardware-secured Optimistic Redemptions Guardian address, and your payment address.

I am writing to express my keen interest in joining the Optimistic Redemptions program as a Guardian. The initiative outlined in TIP-072 resonates strongly with me, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the safety and efficiency of our network.

Telegram: @Saturnino_9

Threshold DAO Background: I currently work as a full-time developer in ThresholdDAO and I am currently part of the integration’s guild committee members.

Timezone: GMT-3

Guardian Address: 0x8122158AaabA26eA9e6fB3eD2dfe3fb6B4D9Bd32


Hello! My new ledger is in route, I’ll send it ASAP


Hey Threshold Community :wave:t3:

I’d like to apply for a role as an Optimistic Redemptions Guardian as outlined in TIP-072.
I have been working as a contractor to the DAO since last year and have recently joined both the Threshold Treasury Guild Committee and the Threshold Council.

I am actively involved in the Threshold community and am excited by the opportunity to contribute to the security of the tBTC bridge. Given my position in the APAC region, I was particularly motivated to apply to ensure the DAO has veto coverage for this timezone.

Telegram: wuji_1
Timezone: UTC+8
Guardian Address: 0x7A2CB11a68Bd9676866fbA92F8A8792f03681865


Guardian Address - 0x5769122cC2f2F331734995b6F491A21b68798fA9

Payment Address - 0x2215a197a32834ef93C4D1029551bB8D3B924DCc

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I’m happy to serve in this capacity if additional coverage is needed. I have been involved in the Threshold DAO since the beginning and serve in various roles. I am also running a guardian on the minting side.

guardian address: 0xcE5Faa344c3eA49e350971C8C6d04E5c656AF3eD

I’m kumosoukai.
I’d like to participate as a Guardian. I have been part of the community for a long time since my community involvement in the KEEP Protocol back then. So I’m familiar with almost everything around tBTC. I am also contributing to the DAO as a voter (my Threshold holdings address wallet: 0x1361c9dfe023329fad48B5230F68f1BCB817F2ff)

Timezone: Brussels, GMT+1
Telegram: YoussD
Guardian Address: 0xEBf987Ff149169dd6f027713E85e1eD4C17bEb2A

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Guardian Address - 0xc6776e23F25cd56791D9D136648862D994770680

Payment Address - 0x01192f3dcc34fbc4a6d2d223bd1e6416BdD9C024


My payment address: saturnino.eth

Payment address: somaweb3.eth

Payment address: 0x0f9E13E4c257f15a0dA8895ba727DEE599a4522D