tBTC cost analysis

There’s been some recent proposals that introduce tBTC related costs for the DAO. While I understand the technical motives for everything, I think it is convenient that we see a more comprehensive cost analysis for tBTC (v1 and v2), including something on what’s the expectation for making it self-sustainable.

For the moment, we have a bunch of tBTC v1 and v2 related costs that the DAO is either already or planning to take care of:

  • Bootstrap nodes
  • Relay Maintainer
  • Incentives for migrating tBTC v1 to v2
  • Gas reimbursements for v2 nodes

What’s the overall monthly or annual cost for the DAO, taking all the above costs into consideration? Is there any other expected cost that’s not being currently discussed? I think an analysis that provides some answers to these questions is something needed to properly analyze further proposals, as well as future rewards allocation.


:point_up_2: Would be smart to add in anything we’re already aware of, as well as brainstorm other potential costs that may arise.

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These are all great questions @davidnunez, thank you for getting this important conversation started.

@Will @dougvk @pdyraga I understand from conversations with Will that this analysis is ongoing but do we have a timeframe that a tBTC cost analysis and comprehensive overview can be provided to the DAO?

:wave: @MrsNuBooty

Correct we are working through this now. It is a big analysis and we want to make sure the list of potential future proposals is comprehensive before sharing.

I don’t have an exact date but I’m thinking it should take around 1 more week to finish up.