Threshold Council Election Nominations

Would be really happy to help the Threshold council!


Hello fine folks, and thanks a lot @maclane for the nomination!

I’d be happy to be of support to the community. I invested in NuCypher before the company was focused on crypto, and distinctly remember when MacLane called me to get some thoughts around the idea of building a proxy reencryption service - I was blown away by the potential, and instantly committed to invest.

NuCypher’s remains the #1 most exciting product I can think of (which others in our portfolio like Superfluid for example) given the massive potential for completely new use cases, I’ve been following closely development and have helped how I can with business development and other tasks.

My experience on the Aragon Association Committee, where we oversee hundreds of millions of capital, and steer the governance while we complete the full decentralization process could also come in handy here.

So, all in all, can’t be more excited for the future of Threshold, super happy to join forces with the Keep clan, and very happy to help if you feel like I’d be of some use.



Thanks @OhmaGa420 @Weedzy @maximo3453 (and anyone I missed) for the kind nomination to the Threshold Council. However, I will respectfully decline.

Given my position on the Emergency Security Developer Multisig, I believe engaging other qualified community members for the Council is better for decentralization and the long-term health of the network.

I have high confidence in the current slate of nominees (on both sides) and look forward to the vote beginning!


I would like to nominate @MrsNuBooty - consistent, concise and collaborative.


Thank you @Naxsun, I’d like to accept the nomination. I’d also like to add a little more color here:

If selected, I would like to be the neutral appointee. I initially joined the Threshold community and began participating in governance when I heard about the proposal for the merger around a year ago. I’ve been a cryptoasset researcher for about 5 years now and, without exception, the merger is still the most exciting and interesting event that I’ve gotten the pleasure of studying.

Inside Threshold
For those that don’t know anything about me, in the community I help with a few things.
In order of involvement, I help with:

  • Treasury Task Force
  • Integrations (my focus has been on lending platforms here)
  • Inflation
  • (begrudgingly) Marketing (s/o to @MrsNuBooty)

Outside of Threshold
Beyond my work in Threshold DAO, I’m also fairly active in the broader crypto ecosystem.
I currently am involved with the following:

  • Researcher @ L1 Digital, a Swiss crypto fund
  • Core Contributor / Cofounder @ Spearbit DAO, a (recently launched) security auditing DAO
  • Delegate @ Paladin, a protocol enabling liquid governance

Previously, I worked for DeFi Pulse, a crypto hedge fund, and ConcourseQ (open source ICO research).

My Goals and Intentions

I’ve gotten to know members from both the Keep and Nucypher communities very well online and IRL. To me, Threshold is important because it is one of the last bastions of true crypto principles. While we have an incredibly diverse community, we’ve found core principles that align all of us (e.g. privacy, security, and decentralization). I’m very excited about what we can achieve as a community, but I’m also hyper-aware that what we’re doing is difficult and we are far from a successful product-market fit.

In no particular order, I’ve written down a few topics that I think are worth sharing my thoughts on:

A few months ago when we first began to discuss the emergency multisig proposal, I, among others, argued in favor of instituting a broad sweeping emergency switch. Thankfully, @Agoristen raised his concerns vocally and clearly. In hindsight, I believe myself and other members of the community were prioritizing speed (for completing the merger) over quality. I think the approach that is “good enough” is rarely ever good enough when it comes to our ideals. Our ideals are Threshold’s value proposition and for that reason, a major focus of mine will be on the security and integrity of our network.

Adoption Roadmap (super high level)
From my perspective, Threshold has 3 major (and synergistic) product lines to focus on:

  1. Bridging: tBTC (and eventually other tVariants)
  2. DeFi: Threshold USD
  3. Apps & Incubation: Application-specific use cases like Creaton, Masterfile, etc.

Our short-term success in this regard certainly hinges on (1), with (2) being a synergistic product, and (3) being a longer-term high return strategy. In the first council epoch, my focus will be on solidifying adoption for tBTC. We’ve talked about the plan for that many times, but here it is again:

  • Create an affordable and functional bridge (done - thank you devs <3)
  • Create yield opportunities (lending platforms)
  • With liquidity - build adoption through defi integrations (Threshold USD, derivatives, etc.)
  • Our printer goes brrrrr (b/c we start printing money)
  • Reinvest this in Threshold ecosystem and build a better internet one dapp at a time

The Neutral Role
The neutral council member will have an extremely important job. While I don’t expect there to be major conflicts, as the two community’s ethos merged [imo] far before the actual token merge, in such an event, the swing vote certainly will have a significant responsibility to do what is ‘right’. I recognize this responsibility. In such an event, I will first work to find a consensus before voting. To me, success in the first council epoch will be determined, not by how many votes we have, but by the composition of the votes. While unanimous votes would be great, that will almost certainly not always be the case. In those split votes, I would consider it a success if we as a community do not vote across ‘party’ (NuCypher & Keep) lines.

My Company
My company, L1 Digital has indirect long-only exposure to both Keep and Nucypher. While we do not currently have direct exposure, there may be a point in the future where that changes. In such an event, I will disclose any existing conflicts to both the DAO and L1 Digital and I will take extra precautions to ensure that there are no issues.

Lastly, I’d like to point out that, like many of us, I’m a human. I can make mistakes and if appointed or not I am always open for a discussion and diving deeper into a topic. If I’m missing something, I’d appreciate the input.

I hate long forum posts as much as everyone else, so apologies on that front and thank you for your consideration as a community.


The NuCypher team is pleased to support @jakelynch as the neutral appointee and believes he will provide a valuable perspective based on his already proven contributions in the Threshold DAO.


Hey y’all, thank you MrsNu & Naxsun for you nominating me

A little bit about me :

  • Deeply involved both with Keep and Threshold
  • Running a node in Keep Network since June 2020 (testnet and mainnet)
  • Several PfK winner
  • Moderator since Nov2020 and cofounder of the Evangelists group in January21 for further market, communicate and educate about tBTC.
  • Contributing to the Marketing Guild with the same goals.
  • Currently helping to organize the Integrations Guild and Treasury Task Force.

+1 for @jakelynch as the neutral nominee!


The Keep team is also excited to support @jakelynch as the neutral appointee. Jake has been an amazing addition to the Threshold community and we also believe he will bring a valuable perspective to the inaugural Threshold Council.


Thank you for nominating me. I’m sorry, I did not have an account here (doesn’t bode well for my candidature, does it?). As it happens, I am leaving NuCypher next month to work on another project (not blockchain-related, so no conflict of interest there), but I think I can still be considered a pro-Nu candidate. Just like other members of our team, I have a stake in the network and run a node, so naturally I will be interested in the T’s success.

I have been mostly involved in the engineering side of things, but I wish to participate in the community more, so I would like to accept the nomination. For those who do not know me, in NuCypher I have been working on our research into FHE and then switched to developing the network codebase. If elected, I promise to do my own research on the issues and be as nitpicky as politeness allows.


I would like to thank @Eastban and @maximo3453 for nominating me as candidate and would like accept.

I think we have a strong list of candidates so regardless of who’s being elected I think we’ll have a solid council.

What I intend to bring to the table if elected is thoughtful & data driven decision making, listening to the community and trying to balance the projects short & long term goals & needs.

Looking forward to the elections!


Thank you for the nomination, and I accept; assuming it is not too late (I missed the email notification with this message :sweat_smile:).

A brief bit about me: I am the Head of Business Development at NuCypher, but also work on the engineering/software development side of things (I was a full-time software developer in my past life). As a member of the NuCypher team, I currently stake and run a node for the network.

Whether elected or not, I’m excited to continue to work with the community and provide meaningful contributions to Threshold Network.


I accept the nomination to run for a NuCypher seat on the Threshold Council. For those of you who I have not had the opportunity to meet, my name is Ashley. I would like to start off by saying that I am humbled by the support of both the NuCypher and Keep communities and I have spent this week giving much thought to this decision. I have come to the conclusion that I bring the unique ability to truly be a voice for all members of the community as I have formed deep ties within both. The Threshold Council plays a crucial role in our governance process so my first reaction was to turn down the nomination from @ZeroInFo56 but then the nominations continued to pour in and I continued to contemplate. The nominees are all of exceptional quality and seeing all of the extremely qualified candidates who have been brought to the table makes me extremely confident that no matter who is elected, Threshold Network is in competent hands. After conversations with community members I was reminded that while I might not know all of the answers or be as technically capable as the other candidates, I take the time to be involved in absolutely everything and learn everything I can each day. I am the biggest community advocate of the Threshold Network and am leading the Marketing Guild, organizing our community events, participating in the Treasury Task Force and working with the Integrations Guild. I participate, I advocate, I educate, I promote, I moderate and give my time to the Threshold Network because I want what is best for all of us. Being on the Threshold Council will be no different than my other roles, I will be dedicated and committed to the community and ensure that everyone has a voice through me. @ZeroInFo56 and everyone else who has nominated me, thank you for the vote of confidence in being a fair representative of our community.


I nominate @devops199fan, one of the first tBTC v1 stakers, and @statelayer, an early community member and OG Playing for Keeps participant, to seats on the Threshold Council.

I know it’s late, but these guys are too good to miss out on :slight_smile:


Thanks for thinking of me @mhluongo, I’m happy to accept the nomination! :raised_hands:

Here’s a little bit of background about myself:

  • Early tBTC node operator/staker and PfK winner
  • Summoner of Urza DAO, a for-profit DAO focused on staking and liquidity mining opportunities that was an official KEEP staking partner
  • YFI community member and multisig signer
  • Founder/CEO of Saddle
  • Member of eGirl Capital and MetaCartel Ventures

Really excited about what the future holds for Threshold DAO!


Thanks for the nomination @maximo3453! Following @maclane’s example, I will also respectfully decline.

We have many strong minds and strong voices already nominated, and I don’t want to take away this opportunity for our community to shine.


Thank you, @maximo3453 and @weedzy, for the nomination. I am humbled and honored. I will accept this nomination, and hopefully, I am not late for the party. It took me some time to think.

Some things about me: I am leading Design Research at Keep Network, and I am a constant advocate of the users. In the past, I was Head of Design at Selfkey (SSI wallet), Head of Design at Alethio/Consensys (Ethereum Data Analytics Platform). My experience with Ethereum started in 2018, and since then, I haven’t ceased learning.

I am trying to improve the user experience and give the users’ voices a seat at the table. I believe it’s essential to have different types of voices in the council. My presence will increase diversity by having a non-developer voice on the board.


Thanks to everyone who nominated me for the Threshold Council. I am respectfully declining after thinking about it more.

I originally suggested Threshold Council members earn token grants and will likely help write a proposal to determine the token grant size which introduces a conflict of interest. I also don’t want to leverage my visibility within the community to potentially take a seat away from a qualified Threshold DAO member.

@sashatanase and @beaushinkle will be fantastic representatives from the Keep team if elected.


+1 to the nominations of @beaushinkle and @sashatanase from the Keep community side, and +1 to the nomination of @MrsNuBooty from the Nu side [ hopefully these nominations are not coming in too late :slight_smile: ]. looking forward to all these fine folks nominated to the threshold council!


The Inaugural Threshold Council election votes are underway!

This is a 7 day token holder weighted vote that allows you to vote for multiple candidates. Each voter may spread their voting power across any number of choices. Stakers can also vote on these snapshots.

KEEP token holders vote for Keep community candidates here: :point_down:

NU token holders vote for NuCypher community candidates here:

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