TIP-034 Rules for New Proposals

The Rules Committee proposes to establish the following standing rules for the creation of new proposals. These rules establish procedure for Snapshot and Governor proposals; they extend upon TIP-026 which defined process flow.

Proposal Standing Rules

Proposal Types:
There are two types of DAO-wide proposals: Governor proposals and Snapshot proposals. Governor proposals directly impact the protocol and require immediate on-chain actions (such as adjustments to governable parameters). Snapshot proposals do not require immediate on-chain action.

Proposal Process:
The process for both Governor and Snapshot proposals are outlined in TIP-026 Flows and Template. Any future changes to these processes would be modifications of this previously adopted proposal. Anyone may make a proposal to the Threshold forum. To escalate a proposal to a vote, the author of the proposal must obtain a proposal sponsor.

Proposal Sponsors:
The escalation of a forum post outlining a potential Governor or Snapshot proposal to either a temperature check (in the case of an on-chain proposal), or a final Snapshot vote (in the case of a non-chain execution Snapshot proposal) requires a proposal sponsor. Proposal sponsors must be either a current elected guild committee member or a current Threshold Council member. Sponsors should ensure that proposals conform to best practices.

Proposal Best Practices:
Proposals should include clear timelines and explicitly state any variables that could be changed at a defined body’s discretion. Proposals shall be numbered sequentially and a registry will be maintained by the guild secretaries. If a proposal modifies a previously adopted proposal, it should reference the proposal that it seeks to modify. Proposals should follow best practices and non-conforming proposals may be rejected or subject to veto by the Threshold Council.

Creation of a Snapshot Vote:
Threshold Council members and each Guild Committee chair shall be assigned as Snapshot admins. The council can add additional admins as needed. The council has the right to remove any admin. Guild Committee chairs shall assign current guild committee members to have author rights and remove previous members. Authors are responsible for posting proposals for a Snapshot vote or temperature check. Authors should make sure that each proposal has an appropriate sponsor and conforms to best practices before posting.

Competing Proposals:
In the event that competing proposals are put to a vote simultaneously, the Threshold Council may direct a Snapshot admin to merge the proposals into a single multi-choice vote which offers the competing proposals as voting options including an option for ‘none of the above.’

Removing an In-process Snapshot Vote:
Once a proposal has been submitted for a Snapshot vote, but before the conclusion of the vote, it can only be withdrawn by a Snapshot admin at the behest of the Threshold Council.


Looks good to me. I just have two comments:

Any DAO member may make a proposal to the Threshold forum.

Rather than “any DAO member”, which is an ambiguous term (when is someone qualified as a DAO member? when holding/staking T tokens? when participating in Discord or the forum?), I’d just say that anyone can make a proposal. In addition, it’s not uncommon in other DAOs to find proposals from outsiders, particularly when the projects start to have impact in the broader ecosystem.

In the event that competing proposals are put to a vote simultaneously, the Threshold Council may direct a Snapshot admin to merge the proposals

I don’t think this should be responsibility of the Threshold Council. If there’s competing proposals, it means there’s two sponsors involved, and IMO it’s up to them to agree on how to proceed.