CP-004 Threshold Support Moderator Proposal

This proposal follows months of conversations around the DAO about how to provide reliable and consistent technical support. This proposal will be considered by the Integrations Guild Committee at their next weekly meeting, and they would like to request feedback from the community on the following tech support solution.

Threshold Support Moderator Proposal

By: Vict0r

Tech support requests should be resolved expediently by trusted, competent individuals.
While providing 24/7 on-demand tech support is a worthy goal, that is hardly feasible.
This proposal outlines one possible foundation for building a tech support group, but makes
no claims of perfection - any and all feedback is welcome.

Overhead Burden of Tracking Hours

Manual tracking and linking of support efforts to rewards will incur considerable overhead, burdening support staff. Achieving wide coverage availability via slot-sign ups could lead to “milking” of hours. Coordinape has been proposed several times, but is no perfect solution. What follows is a Hybrid approach.

Time Commitment

The Threshold Support Moderator (TSM) will spend 80 hours per month on the responsibilities outlined below. Due to the nature of this position, hours will be averaged on weekly basis to accommodate busier weeks.

Integrations Guild Oversight

The TSM will operate under the oversight of the Threshold Integrations Guild (TIG). The funding for the TSM will be included in the TIG budget.


In addition to providing support and the responsibilities discussed below, the TSM will be in charge of a Coordinape pool. As Threshold grows and more support is required, additional providers can be added to the team by the TSM. These providers will be compensated through Coordinape. The TSM will be responsible for evaluating community members and adding them to the support team and Coordinape pool.


  • Create and maintain a FAQ Database of high-quality documentation accessible to anyone including the bot
  • Teach the bot to respond to FAQ questions
  • Respond to questions and support requests in various channels
  • Oversee Coordinape pool and contributors (if/when any)
  • Prepare documentation and associated FAQs for tBTC v2
  • Assist stakers with getting their v2 nodes setup
  • Provide support for any future Threshold products

Additional tasks

  • Community moderation tasks as applicable

Coordinape Pool

Monthly funding of a Coordinape pool, subject to review by the Integrations Guild Committee, will be submitted by the Threshold Support Moderator.
Monthly outlays of all funds used shall be openly published for all to review.

Anti-Scam Component

“Providing tech support” is a favored tactic by scammers, thieves, grifters, etc.

Therefore, this proposal creates a new Discord role ("T-TechSupport”) assigned to the TSM and Support Team members. The TSM will request a new Support Team member to be assigned this role when necessary.
A message, pinned at the top of the #Troubleshooting channel, could list sanctioned users’ Discord IDs and remind assistance seekers verify they
are interacting with official staff.

Filling the Role

I’d like to take on this Threshold Support Moderator (TSM) role.

Deeply involved in the community from before the original NuCypher Worklock launch, I documented and hosted the steps necessary to run a NuCypher node on a cloud VPS provider. Due to the positive response from that community, I upgraded my initial bullet-point, three/four page PDF to a step-by-step guide. In the months that followed, I spent countless hours assisting community members. My guide was accessed from countries all around the world. Due to the popularity of the original and requests from the community, I re-wrote the guide during April 2022 to help community members spin up PRE nodes on their own.

I also wrote in-depth instructions on the use of the automated utility Nucypher-Ops.

The Threshold PRE-node step by step guide can be reviewed here, click here to review the nucypher-ops version.


Proposed rate for this role is $6,500 USD per month paid in T (preferred), USDC, and/or ETH.

Valuation of tokens shall follow the same TWAP method as Committee members’ compensation, tokens transferred monthly, within 14 days of end of the month.

Minimization of DAO overhead

In an effort to minimize overhead for the DAO, TSM compensation should be released at the same time as Committee member’s compensation.

Terms of commitment

Utilization review to occur at three (3) months to assess efficacy and feasibility of the TSM role.


I support this proposal, I think having an experienced community member as a first point of contact to help new node operators trouble shoot getting online will be a valuable resource.


As mentioned by MrsNu this was discussed to large extent on our IG calls and we think this proposal fits best to current DAO tech support needs.
We request for DAO-wide comments through this forum post to further enrich and enhance this much needed service to all Threshold DAO users.
We plan to implement this as soon as possible.

Thanks Victor for proposing this and filling this role. I personally think you’re the man for the job !


I support this proposal. The need is evident, and the solution is well thought-out. Thanks Victor!


I support this proposal. I feel that having a dedicated and recognized technical support moderator is an excellent solution response to the 24/7 demands of the blockchain industry. The best support, imo, has come from getting in touch with community members, moderators, and project team members that are both qualified and knowledgeable in specific areas.

Web3 technologies, products, and the communications that support them are definitely a global paradigm shift, revolutionizing the fabric in which business is performed. Previous “norms” are really tied to brick and mortar “office” or “business” hours. Expecting customers and clients would wait several days for feedback really doesn’t cut it in this new environment.

I feel this proposal answers this dilemma. Thank you Victor for putting this together!


We’re planning to leave this forum post open for comments until Friday July 22nd. TSM would then start formally Monday July 25th.

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I agree this fills a significant and growing need, and thanks @Vict0r for proposing and offering to provide the service.

Similar to @Agoristen writing the Sunsettening proposal for migration to v2 and also offering to provide the service, @Weedzy making the content creation proposal the Marketing Guild is considering, it’s awesome that community members are identifying needs and stepping up to fill them or garner resources to do so. :rocket:

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This proposal should be moved to the Forum Thread: ‘proposals’.
Results of this TSM proposal: accepted and approved in the forum.