GP-016 Threshold Integrations Guild Q3 Budget Request

Executive Summary

The Threshold Integrations Guild is requesting discretionary funding of USD$39,500 from the Threshold Treasury for the Q3.

The IG multisig currently holds 238kT = ~$7150 from Initial Budget.

Should this proposal pass, the new budget for the IG would be $46,650k, including the currently remaining budget.

This budget would primarily be utilized for, but not limited to, the following causes:

  • Threshold Support Moderator
  • DAO2DAO/protocol integration efforts
  • Compensation for IG non committee contributors
  • Daily operational and DAO tooling efforts (i.e. Notion website)
  • Tech support and mod group activities
  • Reimbursement to council members for gas fees related to executing multi-sigs and other operational activities
  • Other USD denominated expense reimbursement

Integrations Guild Goals / Missions

The goal of the Integrations Guild is to support launch of Thresholds’ flagship products and the integration of these products on various L1 and L2 protocols within DeFi:

  • tBTC v2
  • Proxy Re-Encryption (“PRE”)
  • Community-led thUSD stablecoin

As a newly formed protocol, Threshold will benefit from collaboration and partnerships with various DAOs and protocols.

  • Threshold Support Moderator
    On 7/26/22 @vict0r was appointed by the Integrations Guild as the Threshold Support Moderator - This position incurs a monthly cost of $6500 to the IG.

  • Soliciting Integrations and use-cases for all Threshold Products.

  • Notion - This is an ongoing expenditure for the DAO, we expect that as the DAO grows, this cost will also grow.

Use of Proceeds

Funds will be managed under the IG multi-sig, and will be allocated towards IG goals listed above as well as any discretionary incentives from partnerships/relationships focused activities that may fall outside of initial IG scope. The funds will primarily be used for, but not limited to, the causes listed below:

  • Threshold Support Moderator
    • This position incurs a monthly cost of $6500 to the IG.
  • Soliciting Integrations and use-cases for all Threshold Products.
    • We request a total of $6000 for Q3 to be dedicated to this end.
  • Notion
    • We request a total of $800 for the quarter to be expended in the case of an increased need for Notion “licenses”

This list is non-exhaustive, we feel that it is quite likely that over the duration of this quarter, we will incur additional expenses, and/or be subject to opportunities that may require additional funding. For this reason, we request a total budget of $46,650 for the quarter.

Expiry / Timing of Initial Funding Spend

There will be neither an expiry on the allocation spend nor an estimate of when the funds will be spent, but the IG ensures that these funds will be prudently and responsibly allocated towards activities that are consistent with its focus on strategy, partnerships, and protocol stewardship.


We request that no less than 5 days from approval of this budget, the Treasury Guild execute on the transfer of $39,500 USD paid in T to the IG Multisig.
Further, we request that in the event that the amount upon receipt by the IG is >4% below the initially requested budget, a singular “top-off” transaction be created and executed by the TG to reconcile the deficit.


Code name: GP-016.

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