GP-005 Threshold Marketing Guild Q3 Budget Request

Threshold Marketing Guild: Q3 Budget Request

Vote Type: Single choice voting (Yes/No)

DAO Elected Representative Sponsor: John Packel


Request for Threshold Marketing Guild Committee budget of $124,450 for Q3 from the Threshold DAO. This request includes $89,450 in budget line-item funds and $35,000 in discretionary funds. The budget is a spend approval - not a spend mandate.

Milestones and Deadlines:

Budgeted funds are for Q3 2022. A budget proposal for Q4 for will be submitted by September 1, 2022.

Proposed schedule:

  • Forum Discussion Started: June 9, 2022
  • Forum Discussion Concluded: June 12, 2022
  • Snapshot Vote Started: June 13, 2022
  • Snapshot Vote Concluded: June 15, 2022
  • On-chain Voting Begins: June 17, 2022
  • On-chain Voting Concluded: June 27, 2022

Who is Involved:

The Threshold Marketing Guild Committee (MGC) multisig consists of @MrsNuBooty , @nous , @ZeroInFo56 , @Weedzy , @Jessi , @Liz_S, @Carusosa and @JohnPackel.


This quarterly budget is to support the mission of the Marketing Guild Committee to support Threshold development teams’ marketing efforts, grow our network of contributors to Threshold DAO, onboard new members, educate on Threshold’s value, services and use cases and more.

Supporting Details:

A line-item summary of the budget is linked below and further supported by the budget presentation slides (which were presented and discussed on a weekly Marketing Guild open “T Party” meeting on June 2, 2022).

Also included is a summary of Q2 transactions from the initial founding discretionary budget. Approximately 2/3 of that initial T has been spent so far in Q2, but unfortunately the majority of the dollar value was lost due to market value decline.

A link is also provided to the Marketing Guild’s Q3 Objectives and Key Results, which includes these goals: support an increase in Threshold stakers, build education around the platform, amplify community growth, and create the Marketing Guild’s infrastructure.

Transaction Details:

Transfer $124,450 USD value of T at the time of the transaction to the Marketing Guild Committee multi-signature wallet.


Proposed Budget Spreadsheet

Marketing Guild Q3 Budget Request Presentation

Q2 Marketing Guild Spend Transactions

Q3 Marketing Guild Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)


Looks good - nice job on this MG. One thing to add - the TG has also budgeted an additional ~$10k / month to be used at conferences and hackathons. I recommend you look into how this ~$30k or so in aggregate can best be used for Q3.
See line labeled K2 here: Proposal: Treasury Guild Budget - Google Sheets


The Marketing Guild PRE budget is set aside for a little different use than hackathons. The PRE use case competition would be to crowd source PRE development ideas, potentially on Layer 3.

The MG would not utilize these funds without cooperation and alignment with the Integrations and Treasury Guilds.

I have added PRE growth as a topic for our DAO Alignment Call this Friday at 3PM Eastern on Discord voice Threshold Network


Thanks, Jake. Will do! Looking forward to collaborating. And buidling our way out of grizzly market.

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This proposal has been moved to snapshot


What procedures do i undergo to establish and launch Threshold in my community/region in uganda and EastAfrica by holding an event confrence with over 200 members ,kindly have me guided