GP-027 Integrations Guild Funding Request 2023 Q3 & Q4

Threshold Integrations Guild 2023 Q3 + Q4 Budget Request

Vote Type: Single choice voting (Yes/No)
Forum discussion: July 28 - August 1
Snapshot vote: August 2 - August 6

The Threshold Integrations Guild is requesting discretionary funding of USD $61,500 per quarter, for a total of $123,000 for the remaining two quarters from the Threshold Treasury.

This budget would primarily be utilized for, but not limited to:

  • Developer grants for integrations
  • Funds for development of tBTC/thUSD portal site
  • Support other products getting ready to launch
  • Threshold Support Moderator
  • DAO tooling & applications

Integrations Guild Goals
The Integrations Guild’s original main objective has been to support Threshold’s flagship products and integrate them into different L1 and L2 protocols within the DeFi space. This portfolio is rapidly expanding with the planned additions of thUSD and Threshold Access Control.

Besides this the Integrations Guild has gradually taken on an increased scope with coordination of setting up the Immunefi bug bounty program and organizing developer grants for developments that led to tools such as Additionally, the IG also owns the DAO Technical Support role and managed the development of the subgraph.

Use of Proceeds
Funds will be managed under the IG multi-sig. The following are the main areas of how the IG will be spending these funds:

  • Developer grants for integrations
  • Continued tBTC integrations efforts
  • Funding the development of a tBTC/thUSD portal
  • Develop Threshold product expansions
  • Threshold Support Moderator (existing contractor role, see CP-004)
  • Tools used by the DAO such as Notion and other software

Developer Grants/tBTC Integration Efforts
Grants used to encourage integrating Threshold products, such as tBTC, thUSD (after it launches).

tBTC/thUSD Portal
This project is in its early stages and aims to create a comprehensive resource. The resource will be hosted on a subdomain of the Threshold main site, and its primary goal is to list various opportunities for using the relevant service offering. These opportunities may include aggregated yield-earning options for tBTC, incentivized pools, and more.

Threshold Product Expansions
The IG budget will provide funding for web development as needed. An example of these efforts is development of the delegate dashboard, which the IG oversaw.

Threshold Support Moderator
Ongoing contractor role established through CP-004 to provide support function in Discord.

DAO Tools
Funds to be spent on tools for DAO usage such as Notion and other subscription based services.

Expiry / Timing of Initial Funding Spend
The allocated funds will not have an expiry date, and there won’t be an estimate provided for when they will be fully spent. The IG assures that these funds will be allocated prudently and responsibly, focusing on activities that align with its mission.

We respectfully request that the Treasury Guild initiates the transfer of $123,000 USD equivalent in T to the IG Multisig no later than 5 days after this budget is approved. Additionally, we ask that if the amount received by the IG is more than 4% below the initially requested budget, the Treasury Guild performs a singular “top-off” transaction to reconcile the deficit.


The IG budget should be requested from the GovernorBravo TimeLockController. Otherwise this looks good!


Absolutely, as @MrsNuBooty indicates, this is the first time we implement the budget request to the DAO, the IG would be inaugurating this new process, that should include a temp check in Snapshot, and afterwards the proposal moves to governor for on-chain approval and execution.


If there is no opposition on the Forum or any need for modification, is a Snapshot vote required - rather than moving to Gov Bravo token vote?


That’s a very good question I have myself.

However, proposals that are executed on chain do need a snapshot temp check according to rules. Please see TIP-026 for this.

This also was discussed at a TG call and if I recall it correctly, the general thought was to adhere to the rules as a safeguard for our DAO.
But I’d like to get more inputs on this for sure.

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This proposal was moved to Snapshot for a temp check on August 7th, with the following results:


  • Approve: 342 M T - 100%
  • Disapprove: 0 T - 0%

And it was moved to Governor on August 16th for on-chain approval and execution.

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