GP-037 thUSD Founding Steering Committee Nominations

Hello Threshold community!

Since TIP-081 has passed Snapshot, following the process stated in it regulating the creation and elections of the thUSD Steering Committee, we open the nominations period for the elections of the thUSD Steering Committee Members.

The nomination period for this founding thUSD Steering Committee will last two weeks. As stated in the proposal, we vote 5 seats for this Committee, governed by the DAO Rules for Guild Committee Elections and Management (TIP-031).

Nominations for committee members will be open to all active Threshold Network DAO community members. In the process of nominations, all candidates must express their willingness to serve on the committee either via self-nomination or via explicit acceptance of someone’s nomination (see TIP-031). Since this is a group that will oversee and manage the thUSD product, it is required a sufficiently good knowledge of the protocol to fill a seat within the Committee.

Focus of the thUSD Steering Committee

This oversight committee would be a group of five active cross-guild DAO members that would be responsible for:

  • Steering the protocol
  • Overseeing Growth & Development roles in their intersection with thUSD
  • Discussing and deciding on overall protocol strategy, roadmap, focus and resource allocation
  • Appointing, monitoring and reviewing the activities of a new thUSD Product Marketing role (separate proposal) and/or any other needed role.

Timeline for the Elections

  1. July 3rd - July 17th - Nomination period, where you can nominate yourself or nominate another member of the community by replying to this forum post.
  2. July 18th, 3pm ET - thUSD roundtable. We have traditionally held a call to meet our nominees and allow them to introduce themselves to the community and explain why they are running for our committees. This time, we can make use of this time to meet our candidates and discuss their thUSD visions.
  3. July 18th - July 25th - Snapshot vote.
  4. July 25th - August 1st - Onboarding period.
  5. August 1st, 2024 - The first term starts for the elected members.
  • To establish a staggered election cycle, the seats will be divided as follows:
    • The top half of the elected members (those 3 candidates receiving the most votes) will serve until September 2025.
    • The remaining members will serve until March 2025, at which point elections will be held again to align with the standard election schedule.
    • Subsequent elections for the thUSD Steering Committee will coincide with the DAO Guilds’ elections, ensuring a consistent and organized process.

What do I need to become a thUSD Steering Committee Member?

All selected committee members must meet the required commitments described in TIP-081 under Committee Operations and Monitoring and Accountability. This committee will meet once a week, providing regular updates to the DAO on the thUSD product progression, and documenting their activities and decisions to ensure transparency. To participate, you need a solid understanding of the thUSD protocol and a strong desire to improve it for the Threshold Community.

If you have any questions join us on Discord and ask away!


very excited to watch this committee take shape. I believe this committee should be comprised of technical experts of varying backgrounds. I’d like to encourage the following community members to self nominate (in no particular order) @blitmore1 @shoegazer69 @mcitizen42 @Eastban @sap @eh_ethan @crypbits


Hi all,

First of all, thank you @Vict0r for nominating me for this role. I am pleased to accept and formally submit my nomination to the Threshold DAO for a seat on the thUSD Founding Steering Committee.

I bring over a decade of experience as a telecoms engineer for an ISP in London, where I manage critical telecoms infrastructure and handle complex escalations to ensure seamless service delivery. This technical background, coupled with my extensive involvement in the DeFi space, positions me uniquely to contribute to the Threshold Network.

Since 2023, I have been an active node provider for both tBTC and tACO, driven by a strong alignment with Threshold’s mission of decentralization and unrestricted access to BTC on-chain. My engagement with Threshold has deepened my understanding of its technical landscape and reinforced my commitment to promoting its core principles of security and accessibility.

While my community presence has been quieter than I’d prefer, I am dedicated to making concerted efforts to become more involved. Over the past week, I have actively contributed to the DAO and participated in IG committee meetings. I am eager to network with more DAO members to identify where my skills can be of the greatest benefit.

My DeFi experience is extensive, having interacted with over 400 dApps, including both well-established and emerging platforms. Working remotely allows me to stay continuously connected to the dynamic web3 ecosystem, engaging with various teams and projects. I pride myself on being a dedicated DAO voter and participant accross many other dApps committed to understanding the fundamentals and risks inherent in the web3 space.

I am confident that I can bring a comprehensive perspective to the thUSD Steering Committee. My technical expertise in networks and nodes, combined with a long-term view of the crypto landscape, positions me well to help steer the protocol towards its goals. I am passionate about maintaining the openness and decentralization of thUSD and tBTC, ensuring they remain accessible to all.

Although I am still relatively new to professional DAO contributions, my dedication and passion for Threshold’s mission are unwavering. I believe that with the increasing integration of tBTC and thUSD across DeFi, the protocol is poised to become one of the most significant dApps in the web3 space and I am really excited about the opportunity to contribute to this journey.
Therefore, I am nominating myself for this role, with a commitment to doing my utmost to ensure the success and growth of the Threshold Network.

If anyone has questions or would like to know more about me, I am available for further discussion and would be happy to get to know you better.

Thank you for considering my nomination,


I would further encourage @EvandroSaturnino @Leonardo_Saturnino @JohnPackel @Vict0r @MrsNuBooty and @ramaruro1 to put up their nominations for this committee.


I am writing to encourage the nomination of @Eastban @JohnPackel @MrsNuBooty and @Leonardo_Saturnino

Additionally, I would like to thank the encouragement of @Eastban, and nominate myself to be considered for the thUSD founding steering committee role.


I want to express my gratitude to @Eastban and @EvandroSaturnino for their support. I am putting myself forward as a candidate for the thUSD founding steering committee role.


Thank you, @Eastban & @EvandroSaturnino. While I appreciate the vote of confidence and I’m bullish on thUSD’s prospects, I am excited by the newer community members stepping up to get more involved and I think it’s better that I support the product and committee in other ways.

Looking forward to seeing the full list of nominees and hearing from them in the July 18th roundtable session!

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Thank you @Eastban for the nomination, I am honored. However, I must respectfully decline. My existing commitments to the DAO are substantial, and I echo @JohnPackel’s sentiment of encouraging DAO members to get involved.


Hello Threshold community. Good day.

I am Self nominating myself.

I am shell

I’m writing to express my strong interest in joining the thUSD committee. As a dedicated DeFi user and believer in the potential of Threshold Network, I’m eager to contribute to the project’s growth.

While my expertise may not lie in the technical aspects, I possess valuable experience in fostering community engagement and developing growth strategies.

I will be able to contribute to:

  • Community Development: I propose establishing an ambassador program incentivizing community participation and promoting thUSD adoption.
  • Web3 Network: I have extensive connections within the Web3 space, which can be leveraged to expand thUSD’s reach and visibility.

Previously, I’ve successfully operated nodes for various Web3 gaming projects, demonstrating my commitment and understanding of the decentralized ecosystem.

I’m confident that my passion for DeFi, combined with my skills in community building and strategic planning, would make me a valuable asset to the thUSD committee.

I want to see Threshold network thrive more. Go go go!

In line with this, If I am elected, I will also dedicate more time in promoting thUSD in all of my social medias as I have created content for threshold too.

Socials | Medium

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Thank you for the nomination Vict0r, I’d like to accept the nomination. Having been a consistent contributor to the thUSD calls thus far, I’d like to continue my engagement as part of the steering committee. I have primarily focussed on listings and teeing up thUSD integrations on BOB and would like to continue this effort.

Given my current role as Growth Coordinator, I’d love to take an active role in helping build thUSD strategy and onboarding a thUSD product lead that knows how to grow a fee generating product for Threshold.

I’d like to echo other’s recommendations about involving newer Threshold Network contributors, namely @badc_23 who has undertaken a significant amount of work for thUSD so far, with their research reports and other miscellaneous work. Also @mcitizen42 who has contributed extensively in the recent weeks with miscellaneous tasks for the DAO.


Hi Threshold community,

I am very interested in being a part of the thUSD Steering Committee and would like to nominate myself for a position. I am an active member of the Treasury Guild Committee and deeply understand the motivation for forming this new committee from the discussions of that group.

I have a strong understanding of DeFi and am familiar with the technical functionality of decentralised lending protocols. I believe that thUSD has the potential to not only empower tBTC, but also provide and significant revenue stream for the DAO, and I would love the opportunity to be involved in ensuring the product reaches it’s full potential.

I am intimately aware of the key challenges thUSD is facing, such as borrowers being liquidated unexpectedly, due to a lack of understanding of the functionality of the Recovery Mode. If elected, I believe I could provide immediate value through review and refinement of the thUSD documentation, to enhance clarity and provide a more seamless user experience.


Dear Threshold Community,

I am honored to accept the nomination for the thUSD Steering Committee and thank you to @eh_ethan . My journey with thUSD started through voluntary research work, where I conducted detailed analyses to support our project’s development. This experience has significantly deepened my understanding of the protocol and its potential.

Professionally, I work as an engineer on one of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK. This role has honed my skills in project management, strategic planning, and problem-solving, equipping me with a methodical and efficient approach to tackling challenges, skills that I believe are crucial for the success of the thUSD Steering Committee. Despite this great experience, I’m ready to try something new and expand myself further.

Although I am relatively new to the Threshold community, I have been learning rapidly and growing more confident in my contributions. I have been impressed by the collaborative spirit and innovative ideas within the community, and I am eager to bring the same level of dedication and value that I do in my professional role. I am confident that my fresh perspective, combined with my professional expertise, can bring valuable insights and drive thUSD forward.

I am passionate about the development of strategic direction, and this opportunity to contribute to thUSD is something that excites me.


Hey Threshold frens,

I am excited to submit my nomination for the thUSD Steering Committee. The development and growth of thUSD are crucial to the success of the Threshold Network, and I believe I can contribute effectively to this initiative. Recently, I have started discussions with team members on how I can help on a project basis and contribute to the Threshold Network’s marketing efforts, and have already started working on initial projects.

I’ve been working in web2 and web3 marketing for the last 9 years. Currently, I’m a Growth Marketing Manager at SSV Network. Before that, for close to two years, I was part of Liquity Protocol, working on marketing and business development initiatives. Given that Threshold USD is a modified fork of Liquity Protocol, I can bring a lot of relevant experience and insights to the table.

My time at Liquity has given me a deep understanding of the protocol, its challenges, and the strategies that work best for its growth and adoption. I am familiar with the potential struggles that Threshold USD may face and have firsthand experience in overcoming some of the similar obstacles. This includes effective marketing strategies, community engagement, and business development tactics that can be directly applied to enhance thUSD’s success.

I am committed to leveraging my experience to help steer the protocol, oversee growth and development, and contribute to the overall strategy and roadmap for thUSD. My goal is to ensure that the thUSD product reaches its full potential and delivers maximum value to the Threshold community.

Thank you for considering my nomination!