TIP-031: Rules for Guild Committee Elections and Management

TIP 31: Rules for Guild Committee Elections and Management

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Token Holder DAO, Snapshot

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Nous, Jake Lynch, VictOr


The Rules Committee proposes to establish the following standing rules for guild committee elections and management. These rules act as the default standing rules for guild committees and will be applied to the existing Marketing, Integrations, and Treasury guilds. If a guild wants to modify these rules they shall include the modifications in a proposal and have it approved by a DAO vote. Any newly formed guilds will use these rules as a default unless they specify different rules in the proposal that forms the guild. These rules to not cover potential compensation of committee members, which are handled through budgetary proposals.

Guild Committee Standing Rules

Guild Committees Seats:
Guild committee seats are filled by a Snapshot vote of the DAO.

Any DAO member can be nominated for an upcoming guild committee seat, including self-nominations. A person who is nominated by another member must confirm their intent to be a candidate. A nomination forum post will be created for each guild ten days prior to the start of elections; nominations are made by replying to the forum post announcing the upcoming election for that particular guild.

Elections for all committees shall begin 30 days prior to the start of the next committee term. All nominations will be put up for a seven day token-weighted vote on Snapshot. Open seats are filled in the order of votes received. In the event that not all seats are filled by the voting process, there will be an additional election to fill the remaining seats. In the case of a tie, there shall be a run-off vote.

Committee Chairperson and Secretary:
Each committee should assign a chairperson and secretary. Chairs do not have additional power; it is recommended that they only vote on issues in cases where their vote is decisive; their principal role is to expedite business and serve as a point of contact for other guilds. The secretary is responsible for maintaining minutes of any formal proceedings and a preferred contact method for each committee member and to give notice to committee members whenever formal notification is required. Chairperson and secretary are to be decided by a committee vote in the first two weeks of a new term. A redundancy for each position is recommended

Committee terms shall be for 12 months staggered in two groups starting March 1st and September 1st. For the first election, half of seats (rounded up if even) will sit for the full 12-month term; half of the seats (rounded down if even) will receive a 6 month term in order to set up for staggered elections. The full-term seats will be filled first based on the greatest number of votes received. Committees should prioritize creating a budget for the upcoming quarter as their order of business. Existing committee members will work with any new committee members during the two weeks prior to the new term for an effective transition.

Vote of No Confidence:
As committee terms are staggered, with elections every six months, the DAO may, by majority vote, pass a vote of no confidence in a guild committee. In the event of a successful vote of no confidence (concluded at most 60 days and at least 30 days prior to an election) all the committee seats of the specified guild would be up for election during the upcoming election

The default quorum for committee decision making is defined as greater than 50% of the number of committee seats, i.e. for a committee of six, a quorum would be four.

Termination of a Committee Member
Termination of a committee member would require either a DAO Snapshot vote with a minimum of 2/3 of votes in the affirmative to remove the member; or a 2/3 vote from the committee itself with one week’s notice to committee members and the governance channel prior to the vote.

Committee Vacancy:
In the case of a resignation or termination, the committee will nominate and vote on a replacement for the remainder of the vacant term.

Term Limits and Restrictions:
There are no term limits or restrictions on the number of committees that a person may serve on.

Number of Committee Seats:
The number of seats on a given committee is set at the time the committee is formed by a DAO proposal. Any change to the number of committee seats requires a DAO Snapshot vote.

The committee secretary will maintain public minutes of guild committee decisions. The chairperson (or their assignee) will attend each inter-guild call.

Creation of New Guilds:
New guilds may be formed by the adoption of a proposal to the DAO. Guilds will abide by the above rules unless specified at the time of guild creation or modification by a DAO snapshot proposal.


This proposal moved to Snapshot: Snapshot

And passed August 2nd.