Monthly Community Call Discussion

I would like for us to choose a regular date and time for Threshold wide community calls and would like to start by collecting everyone’s thoughts and feedback.

I am proposing the last Friday of each month, at 3pm Eastern, as our regular call time.

As many of you know we have a monthly call but the day and time are not consistent, as our calls usually are timed with major network updates. In the event we have a need for a special interest call, I propose that be in addition to our ongoing monthly call. Having a good call cadence will allow for a more active and engaged community.

If you are in support, against this or would like to propose a different day/time slot please leave a comment.


I agree we need this, and this time works for me. Great way to end the month!

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In support of this. I think Friday 3pm ET is a good day and time as well! Minor, but maybe the first Friday would be better?


Sounds great! This would be beneficial to the whole DAO!


Sure - works for me. We should record them as well.

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