GP-019 Threshold Integrations Guild Nominations Election 2023

Hello Threshold community!

Following the procedure stated in TIP-011 regulating the Guild Committee Elections and Nominations, we open the nominations for the elections of the Integrations Guild Committee Members.

This is a staggered procedure, where we vote 2 seats that correspond to the members that in August 2022 elections process received the minor amount of votes:

In addition to the previous 2 seats, a DAO vote has increased the number of seats for Threshold Integrations Guild to 7 seats. This proposal passed after the guilds’ elections started. Therefore, after the elections, a further vote will be taken to elect the extra 2 committee members.

We encourage everyone to participate and provide their nominations, any DAO member can be nominated for an upcoming guild committee seat, including self-nominations. Bear in mind that a person who is nominated by another member must confirm their intent to be a candidate.

Focus of our Integrations Guild
The core mission of the Threshold Integrations Guild is to build successful, synergistic and long-lasting relationships with other protocols, DAOs and external organizations.

Timeline for the Elections

  • February 7th - February 24th - Nominations Period
  • February 24th 1pm ET - IG Candidates Meet & Greet
  • February 28th - March 4th - Snapshot vote
  • March 4th - New term starts for the elected members, which will serve 1-year term: March 4th 2023 - February 29th 2024

If you have any questions join us on Discord and ask away!

Please note that the timeline for has changed to provide flexibility for DAO members going to the ETH Denver conference. Additionally, this terms’ Snapshot vote has been displaced 4 days due to technical reasons that would benefit the process of elections and that will not be recurrent in time. For this reason, this term will start March 4th 2023 instead of March 1st.


I’d like to nominate @ZeroInFo56 and @the_egg1 for reelection to the Integrations Guild Committee. I have had the privilege of working with both over the course of the last 5 months and believe they will continue to serve the committee well.


I would like to second these nominations. I’m looking forward to continue working together on in a next term.


I would like to formally accept my nomination, thank you, @Vict0r and @Naxsun.


I also appreciate the vote of confidence and would love the opportunity to continue contributing through the IG.


Hi all, I would like to nominate for a seat on the Integrations Guild Committee.

I am an active member of the Threshold community, with roles on the Council and the Treasury Guild.

If elected as an IG Committee member, I intend to focus on tBTC and thUSD usability through integrations with leading DeFi protocols, while also assisting in other TIG initiatives.

I believe I can make a valuable contribution to the Guild because of my experience in business development and project management obtained from nearly six years in the crypto industry.

My ethos is based around forming synergistic, win–win partnerships that lead to long-term relationships. Good relationships take effort and engagement, which is what I intend to bring.

Additionally, my background in computer science will be useful when navigating integration requirements for protocols. I am also familiar with the existing management structure and project pipeline of the Guild.

I hope to lend my communication and management skills to help Threshold reach a wider audience and increase the use of our products.

I am excited by the possibility of working with the Integrations team to continue the great work being done, and thank you for your consideration.


Hi all,

I’d like to nominate myself as a member of the Threshold Integrations Guild.

At present, I’m working as an Analyst at a fundamental, long-biased crypto fund based in Central London, with the majority of my work focusing on the management of the tactical allocation of the portfolio. Both the fund manager and I are big advocates of the Threshold Network, with the fund manager having helped seed Nucypher and was one of the first 100 holders of T (it is important to note here that I would be representing myself and not the fund, I just wanted to give some context to my background with Threshold).

I admit, currently, I am not as active in the community as I would like to be, but I’m consciously trying to rectify this, having attended both recent TTG and TIG committee meetings, and I am also currently in the process of drafting a TIP.

With the release of tBTC v2, I believe that protocol integrations are the most direct path to growing tBTC and the Threshold Network. This is where I believe I would add the most value to the Threshold community. I have a deep understanding of DeFi and I have interacted with approximately 90-95% of the protocols on the potential integrations list. In my role I interact with smaller cap DeFi teams frequently, so speaking with teams and critically understanding the fundamentals and risks of an existing protocol is a comfortable task for myself. In addition to this, I think bringing an institutional perspective would definitely be beneficial to Threshold. Being based in London I am lucky enough to often attend events and be part of the London digital asset community, meaning many of the team members within the potential integrations are within my mutual network.

Being integrated into the community, and applying my skillset to help it grow is an integral part of my values, I don’t have professional experience in a DAO setting and it may take me a little while to hit the ground running, but I’m really passionate about the offering that Threshold brings to crypto and I believe it really doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, hence the nomination of myself.

I know this was very formal so I’d really love to take time out to speak to anyone who wants to ask me questions or have a call with myself to get to know me better.

Thank you for reading my nomination request,



I would like to nominate myself for the position of Integrations Guild Committee Member. I have been involved with the Threshold DAO through its inception and would like the opportunity to advance the network, through Web 3 partner collaborations.

I am involved in a variety of Defi, NFT, and DAO communities and hope to build new and nurture ongoing relationships between our communities.

I am currently on the Marketing Guild Committee and have previously contributed to the KEEP Network as a test net participant, and bounty (PFK) award winner. I look forward to offering my continued contributions to the Integration Gild, as well as the Threshold DAO.


I would like to self nominate for a position on the Threshold Integrations guild.

tBTC integrations across the defi ecosystem have been identified as of critical importance for the success of tBTC because they unlock further usability and deposit flow. More tBTC deposits is one of the north star metrics for the DAO. I want to be a direct part of the integration efforts within the DAO.


I would like to second Will’s self-nomination. I have had the pleasure of working with him on the Marketing Guild and I think he would make an excellent addition to the IG.


I would like to nominate Ashley (aka @MrsNuBooty) for the IG committee.

Her contributions to Threshold over the last year and a half are numerous and impactful (I outlined a number of them when nominating her for Council in this post: Threshold Council Election Nominations - Second Epoch - #21 by JohnPackel), and there are several reasons I think Ash would be a valuable addition to Integrations:

  • Because Ash has committed so much time to so many aspects of Threshold DAO, she has as much “institutional knowledge” as perhaps anyone

  • Ash thinks and acts in terms of the big picture and how the various components of Threshold work - and how they can work even better together

  • She is skilled at considering various points of view but then helping move from discussion to action, and we need more of this

And having seen up close how our guilds function (I’ve been on the Marketing Guild committee since inception, Treasury committee since November and have also attended every IG meeting since then), I believe that the hours Ashley spends on marketing, Council and DAO-wide needs will be a plus for IG - and vice versa.


Lot of really interesting nominations for our Integrations Guild. I personally look forward to work with everyone of you !

In that regard we’ve been discussing in the IG committee expanding the seats on our IG.

IG is absorbing a lot of stuff outside its initial scope of protocol integrations.
We’ve been tackling with diverse subjects that otherwise fall through the cracks in the DAO, such as:

  • bug bounty program and relationship with Immunify
  • Subgraph development and grant management
  • Tokenlists
  • Discourse implementation
  • Monitoring for nodes
  • Tech support for the DAO
  • Guests for community calls

We have great skills to cover these. Irl tech jobs & experience of various of our actual IG committee members makes it comfortable thinking about these wider scopes, but we’re running out of availability and we’re feeling short at hands. We could use more BD oriented people in the IG.

More so during this particular phase in our DAO’s life after the long awaited tBTC launch to actively reach out to protocols, establish longterm prosperous relationships with other apps and successfully integrate tBTC expanding its use cases.


I would like to accept my nomination and run for an IG seat. :slight_smile:


The Snapshot vote for the TIG Elections closed March 4th with the following results:

  • Eh Ethan 510M T 27.46% - Elected
  • sap 475M T 25.54% - Elected
  • ZeroInFo56 (Benjamin) 341M T 18.34%
  • Will 299M T 16.08%
  • the_egg 90M T 4.84%
  • Nico186 85M T 4.57%
  • MrsNuBooty 59M T 3.17%

Congratulations @eh_ethan and @sap!
All elected members will be able to serve a 1-year term spanning March 4th 2023 - February 29th 2024.

Resulting Committee Members and Addresses:
@sap -
Signer Address: 0xbC341C834B0BA6d2B1398d5f4f83e76196865cDE
Payment Address: 0x140f874A7c31A9E09B30b46420B4A5FBb8975897
@eh_ethan -
Signer Address: 0x7e851715ea72bd9A3f6452f8D5625bbcA9738f7b
Payment Address: 0x2d0501dAF1A7f2a68aB0Cb61Cc0a7DBBa5fd949D

This information is also compiled in our Notion proposals database.


The [Snapshot vote]Snapshot) for the TIG Elections (Part II - Extension of the number of committee seats) closed March 17th with the following results:

  • ZeroInFo56 461M T 42.02% - Elected
  • the_egg1 390M T 35.53% - Elected
  • Will 172M T 15.67%
  • MrsNuBooty 41M T 3.76%
  • nico186 33M T 3.02%

Congratulations @ZeroInFo56 and @the_egg1!
All elected members will be able to serve a 1-year term spanning March 17th 2023 - February 29th 2024.

Resulting Committee Members and Addresses:
@the_egg1 - 0x7CB5ee216032C527732bce22b409aC764207eF28
@ZeroInFo56 -

This information is also compiled in our Notion proposals database.