Threshold Council Election Nominations - Second Epoch

Snapshot closed Dec 26. We manually tallied the votes and the final results indicate:

Candidate Number of votes (Million T)
@Mr_T 1,59848148
@the_egg1 51,1772765
@JP1 147,2785968
@sap 271,412341
@MrsNuBooty 157,2653699
@nico186 27,47859589
@ZeroInFo56 103,1706361

Therefore, congratulations :slight_smile: @sap @MrsNuBooty and @JP1 welcome to the Threshold Council.

The term will extend from Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2023. Addresses and Telegram handles are collected to join the multisig and the telegram group.

Signing addresses from the Council members:
@MrsNuBooty - 0x739730cCb2a34cc83D3e30645002C52bA4B06167
@sap - 0xcE3778528fC73D46685069D455bbCcE16A6e22Af
@JP1 - 0x73fC77C33fB91389E480A8816315Df05331A2E48