TIP-056: This proposal has been removed

After a meeting and further discussion with the Threshold Marketing guild, this proposal has been removed from the Forum.
The work that was described in this proposal can be performed by any contributing member of the DAO.
As action items mentioned in this proposal become necessary, any member of the Threshold Community can make a request to the Marketing Guild, and once approved, perform the work. Upon completion and review, the Marketing Guild can approve hourly compensation as needed.


I’m in support of this proposal. Nico has been doing a lot of this work already as a ‘volunteer’, for example around the Community calls and Conferences.

In this he’s proven to be very reliable and a great person to connect people and communities, which are both important skills for this position.

I think for Threshold it’s important to grow awareness. Part of this is through targeting big fish and large integrations.

Part of this can also be achieved through growing an active / vibrant community, collaborating with other projects & communities, creating a buzz and awareness for Threshold and its products, and attracting talent for the DAO.


I’d like to show my support for this proposal. I don’t believe I know a better candidate for a role like this one proposed than Nico.

He has the right skills, the knowledge, the vision and definitely the passion for growing our DAO and its products. I have seen him consistently attend DAO meetings, both weekly syncs and ad hoc project meetings. He has represented Threshold in conferences across the globe many times. He has hosted Threshold’s community and contributor calls since the beginning. I just wish we can keep hearing his amazing voice at all Threshold events :slight_smile:

Thanks for the proposal @nico186 !!!