TIP-073: Threshold Marketing Restructuring and Senior Lead Role

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Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 5-day vote period

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John Packel, @Gorkem, Ashley (@MrsNuBooty)


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  • Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 5-day vote period


This proposal calls for Threshold to upgrade its marketing capability by making 3 structural changes: hire a senior marketing lead, ask the Keep and NuCypher teams to each contribute 5 hours per week to oversight, alignment and updates, and re-focus the current marketing lead role on executing social media and content


  • Threshold’s Marketing Guild has gone through several iterations since its founding 2 years ago. In April 2023 the DAO approved TIP-49 to restructure the committee, and then TIP-50 in May, which created the DAO’s Marketing Lead role.

  • It was evident to several of us at the time that a single resource working 30 hours per week would be challenged to not only execute on all the deliverables outlined but also field new requests from the DAO and contributor teams (Keep, NuCypher and those working on thUSD), plus work to maintain communication and alignment with those teams and the guilds.

  • In terms of developing Threshold marketing strategy and priorities, the 6-month plan Ashley and John created and posted in response to Forum responses requesting clarity on the role’s deliverables included 3 top goals (“Expanded tBTC awareness enabling growth”, “Successful launches of thUSD and Threshold Access Control”, “Compelling, clear & unified Threshold brand presence, messaging & content”), as well as a need to, “Source & review proposals from marketing/communications professionals for content, SEO, and other marketing opportunities”.

  • The latter proved difficult to achieve, but even if we had more outsourced contributors there would still be a need today for a senior marketing professional to conduct a fresh review of current priorities, activities and impact in order to develop and implement an overall marketing strategy and execution plan based on where Threshold is in 2024 and where we need to go.


We propose that Threshold upgrade its marketing capability by making 3 structural changes:

1. Source a senior marketing lead (contractor ~25 hours/week) via a formal search process

We need a dynamic, leadership-oriented, crypto-native contractor to effectively create and guide the DAO’s marketing strategy, as well as lead cross-functional work streams in alignment with stakeholders. This requires a significant level of experience and track record in various aspects of marketing and growth, including product and digital marketing, acquisition, activation, and retention. The expectations associated with such a senior position are understandably high, especially considering the scope of responsibilities and the impact on the DAO’s success (see recruitment outlined in the Proposed Process section below):

  • Defining, activating and engaging high value communities with Threshold Network. This includes finding high-ROI places to drive awareness and establish long lasting relationships with those communities
  • Strategic thinking and planning, to provide a deeper understanding of audience engagement and interaction
  • Measurement and data-driven impact assessments based on who our audiences are, what goals each piece of content aims to achieve, and how to measure and capture further engagement
  • Clear ROI-based initiatives (including sourcing outside expertise and execution as needed) that demonstrate the value of our efforts and spend, as well as provide valuable insights for future planning
  • Alignment with overall product roadmap and goals, reflecting product development stages and marketing goals that includes distribution, content and social media strategies
  • Defining content calendar, writing content pieces or outsourcing when required
  • Stakeholder management and leading cross-functional work streams via strong project management and operations skills
  • Experience with brand marketing and partnerships, weaving together multifaceted campaigns, as well as crisis communications

It is critical that this person be willing, able and eager to execute some of the required tasks on their own, both because we need more “doers” and because Threshold has many expenses and demands continue to grow. Recommended compensation: DAO standard $85/hr.

2. Ask the Keep and NuCypher teams to each contribute 5 hours per week for strategic oversight, alignment and product updates

While we have tried various forms of weekly marketing sessions that included Keep and NuCypher representatives in managing priorities/progress, content/messaging, DAO alignment, etc., we need to establish a consistent cadence of input on priorities, updates on product strategy and development, as well as feedback on messaging and other product marketing efforts. While a major focus of the meeting(s) and input would initially be on sourcing and evaluating candidates for the senior marketing contractor, once that person is in role this can shift to helping them get up to speed and providing inputs as they develop the strategy and updated tactics. After that, the ongoing weekly contribution can settle into providing product updates and insights, giving input on priorities and messaging.

3. Re-focus Ashley’s role on executing social media and content

Threshold needs a lot more focus on social media and content than one person is able to provide while doing as many other things as we’ve tasked Ashley within her current role. “Crypto Twitter” is a critical vehicle for awareness, and ideally we’d have a full-time role focused on social media. By bringing in a senior contractor to provide the services described above, we can allow Ashley to focus exclusively on social media messaging and content creation - based on the strategy to be developed and with ongoing input from Keep and NuCypher.

Proposed Process

  • Upon posting this proposal, commence weekly meeting with representatives from Keep and NuCypher, plus Ashley and John, to discuss the new role recruitment process, align on interim priorities for Ashley’s current focus and address marketing-related issues that arise (then oversee the selection process, assuming approval)

  • Recruitment process that thoroughly assesses the necessary skills and experience (we propose that Gorkem be the point person managing this process):

    • Write role description and post as reply to this Forum post
    • Align on screening and interview questions - to be used by all, for consistency
    • Initial screening call with a defined person
    • Interview with the Keep, NuCypher and DAO representatives
    • Session for candidate to present their case study (open to the DAO)
    • Assess cultural fit with the extensive DAO
    • Marketing Guild Committee makes offer and we prepare onboarding

Process timeline

  • Commence weekly meeting immediately
  • Align on role description within 3 days, post it and solicit candidates
  • Post this proposal to Snapshot in 7 days
  • Begin interview process once Snapshot quorum reached (unless significant votes against)
  • Aim to have candidate selected by Feb. 20th so that person can attend ETH Denver and meet stakeholders in person

I support this and look forward to additional details.


Glad to have been invited to take a look at this role! I’d like to take the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring for consideration. I had a moment this week to get on a VC with @JohnPackel and @Vict0r to ask a few questions about culture, expectations, and hopes for the role. After having taken a day or two to review the technology and familiarize myself with the product offerings, the conversation was all I needed to fill the gaps of understanding.

Role Overview
Based all of the above, I feel like I would be a good fit. In our conversation, John and Victor identified that they were looking for a seasoned marketing leader for the team, someone who could be both a strategist and a hands on “executor” to spearhead the marketing efforts in the blockchain and crypto space. Something I heard several times was that the DAO could use help prioritizing efforts.

Key Responsibilities:
Amongst the many things we talked about, the key bits of responsibility for this role included:

  • Strategic Leadership: Devise and implement marketing strategies aligning with Threshold Network’s vision and product roadmap.
  • Content Development: Collaborate on the creation of impactful content across various channels, ensuring brand consistency and audience relevance.
  • Brand and Partnership Development: Craft campaigns and forge partnerships to expand Threshold’s brand and market presence.
  • Co-Marketing Management: Oversee co-marketing initiatives with partners, maximizing the impact and reach of collaborative efforts.
  • Budget and Marketing Ops Investment: Decide on budget allocation and assess the balance between in-house and outsourced marketing operations.
  • Hands-On Execution: Actively engage in the execution of marketing tasks, demonstrating a lead-by-example approach.

I’m all over the web, and you can learn more about me on my professional side on LinkedIN and my cypherpunk side on X account, but generally, I’ve been in and around the crypto space since 2011. My last few gigs were/are: Dev Pod lead for UkraineDAO, Ops Pod Lead for FreeRossDAO, and cofounder of SiliconANGLE and TheCUBE.

  • Proven marketing leadership in the blockchain/crypto sector.
  • Deep understanding of crypto-native dynamics.
  • Strategic, creative, and analytical in approach.
  • Skilled in content creation and brand storytelling.
  • Adept at cross-functional team leadership and collaboration, having managed teams as small as two or three and as big as 80-90.
  • Agile and adaptable in fast-paced, evolving environments.

Marketing and communications is pivotal in any DAO as it moves to expand its impact. The goals of the organization are not small or modest, and the applications of the technology do truly spark my imagination on its potential, so if the stars align, I’d enjoy an opportunity to bring my experienced, focused marketing prowess to bear in elevating the organization’s presence in the crypto world.

I look forward to next steps!


This proposal is ready to move to Snapshot, but I just wanted to add a bit of clarification/update based on a question one of us received offline.

The primary goal of this is to add much needed resources to Threshold’s large, expanding and complex marketing challenges. As noted, a year ago there was a need for more than a 30-hour/week marketing role, but 30 hours was what the DAO seemed willing to fund at that time (and perfectly reasonable to start with 30 hours, allow lower priorities to wait and see how it went then revisit, as we are doing here).

While a new hire will be tasked with creating, building consensus on and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy - and this will include how much of our resources should be devoted to each area - we already have consensus that Threshold will benefit from more focus on our Twitter presence, including raising awareness of our products with the people most likely to use them immediately. We have also struggled to produce certain content (newsletter, videos, blog posts that require more collaboration with technical experts) on the regular cadence required to build sufficient momentum. That was the rationale for proposing that the additional resource would allow our current lead (Ashley) to focus a lot more of the 30 hours/week on these two areas.

As a practical matter, there are many workstreams that we need to continue to prioritize, and Ashley is our primary resource for executing most of them (though the guild has budget to contract with outside providers, so if anyone reading this has expertise or knows someone interested, please ping us in Discord #mg-main).

Also a clarification on the word “senior” in the call for the new role: this refers to the broad and deep experience needed, not a suggestion that it be a “boss” for the current marketing lead. This is a DAO; we don’t have bosses; rather, we work by aligning stakeholders on things like budget, priorities, messaging, etc. But that takes a lot of work and reduces the time available to develop strategy and execute workstreams. Thus the need for the additional resource.


Snapshot is live: Snapshot


Congratulations team! TIP-073 has been unanimously approved by the DAO!

Snapshot Results:

  • Approve: 436M T - 100%
  • Disapprove: 0 T - 0%

It falls under the MGC and @Gorkem to lead the candidate selection and onboarding. Thank you!


Love it! Just barely missed :camera_flash: on these. Looking forward to voting on the next! :fire:


Looking forward to next steps!

Thanks for your patience, @rizzn! I believe we can finalize the formal job description and interview questions today, get them posted and then start scheduling interviews. We’ll either create a discord subchannel or post updates in #mg-main.


I’d love to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my strong interest in the senior marketing lead role after being invited to consider the opportunity with Threshold.

By way of background, I’m an accomplished senior marketing and communications professional turned web3 specialist, with experience in tokenization protocols, staking, and DAOs, and bring:

  • A breadth of experience across GTM and launch strategy, media relations, content and social marketing, brand and partnership marketing, and thought leadership development, spanning in-house, start-up, and agency environments
  • Strong track record of generating breakthrough print, broadcast, online, and social media coverage through media outreach, press releases, editorial placements, and social marketing
  • Proven ability to zero in on ownable messaging and to craft and deploy clear and compelling narratives that drive growth, engagement, and retention
  • Talented content creator with an eye for innovation and differentiation and a flair for building emotional connections between brands and audiences
  • Experienced brand custodian with expertise in crisis and reputation management in fast-paced, issues-rich, and regulated environments.

As an Advisor & Consultant working for VC-backed clients in web3 wallets, infrastructure, gaming, NFTs, and blockchain developer education, I have:

  • Developed and delivered custom marketing and communications solutions to drive activation, adoption, and conversion for web3 projects funded by leading investors including a16z, Alchemy Ventures, Autograph, Laser Digital Ventures, Not Boring Capital, and Robot Ventures

As Head of Content & PR at a leading web3 marketing agency that has worked with 200+ leading blockchain projects, I have:

  • Led and executed overall content and PR strategy, driving global communications campaigns across key client accounts, including top-tier layer-1, layer-2, DeFi, stablecoin, exchange, gaming, wallet, infrastructure, NFT, DAO, and restaking projects
  • Developed and implemented communications strategies, including proactive and reactive media plans, creative multi-channel content campaigns, and social media calendars, securing high-impact coverage in leading technology, business, and blockchain media outlets
  • Leveraged data to refine value propositions and optimize acquisition, engagement, and retention touchpoints across customer journeys
  • Partnered with clients, collaborated with cross-functional teams, and managed a team of writers and content marketers to drive content, PR, and social media campaign outcomes, including educational content, product roadmap communications, and developer relations
  • Elevated agency thought leadership position by authoring reports on NFT.NYC, metaverse brand activations and web3 entry strategies for Gucci, adidas, Budweiser, Louis Vuitton and Nike, targeting web2 brands exploring web3

I was delighted to be able to discuss my experience as well as the challenges and opportunities for Threshold with @MrsNuBooty and would be thrilled to make a major contribution as senior marketing lead.


Looking forward to it! If I’m missing @ or communication requests, let me know. I don’t think I have access to #mg-main on discord, but I’m still thrilled at the possibility of working with the team.

@rizzn drop by #dao-contribute in Discord and react to the respective emoji to claim roles you are interested in and to which channels you would like access.


I’m in.

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Apologies for the delay in getting the job description posted, @rizzn, @Kyloe and all! Many of us were swamped while traveling to ETH Denver, etc.

Please see this link: