TIP 55: Contractor role for POL Operations Coordinator

I strongly support this role, endorse @Eastban for it and appreciate both his willingness to expand his time spent on Threshold (and Treasury Guild in particular) and his ability to articulate not only the need for this role but the broader needs from the expanding workload and complexity of TG work streams.

  1. On that last point, these 2 sentences bear calling out for emphasis: “The successful launch of tBTC, new exciting proposals, and the DAO’s expansion to L2s and other chains creates a persistent workload for the TTG. It is obvious that specialized roles with more time allocation are necessary. Roles such as Growth Lead (Incentives and Expansion) , POL Operations, Chairman (Meetings, Agenda, Moderation, Structure) and Finances (Accounting, Report, Payroll) are evident posts.”

  2. I and others have voiced strong support for the Growth role @sap proposed (snapshot on TIP-52 ends tomorrow, so please participate if you haven’t yet), and I agree the other expanded roles are needed, as well. The main reason that setting up the Threshold Foundation per GP-025 is taking longer than it should and is now urgent is my limited bandwidth and the need for more than 1 person to help shepherd such a large project (and I think it would be helpful to loop this work in with your overall DAO project planning @Luna5, as you’ve helped highlight the need and related efforts, such as the next minting for rewards).

  3. Lastly, I’ll note the point regarding contractor vs committee compensation that I posted in the discussion on TIP-52 (“I see a benefit to the DAO continuing to compensate TG committee members for their/our expertise and important oversight role, and combining the hours spent on committee and expanded role could make it more difficult to maintain clarity for tracking budget as well as roles/responsibilities”) in saying that I think it’s beneficial for role clarity and budgeting purposes that compensation for expanded roles is not combined with committee compensation (i.e., this role being 20 hours/week in addition to TG committee average of 8 hours/week).