TIP-071: Contractor role for DAO Growth Coordinator

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This proposal requests the Threshold DAO to approve the transition of part of the responsibilities for the DAO Growth Coordinator Contractor Role to Ethan.

Sap recently announced that they will step down from their current role of Growth Coordinator (TIP 52: Contractor role for DAO Growth Coordinator), which leaves the DAO with a need for an ongoing relationship management and integrations lead. This proposal recommends that @eh_ethan assumes the Ecosystem Integrations responsibilities for up to a total of 20 hours per week.

Sap will continue to maintain the Liquidity Strategy responsibilities.

Ethan’s role on the Integrations Guild, supporting the DAO in generating and executing upon tBTC integrations for the past 10 months, makes them principally qualified to take on the role.


With tBTC’s use and adoption growing steadily since inception, the recent launch on TACo and with the upcoming launch of thUSD, there is still an implicit need for the Growth Coordinator Role. With Sap having to step back from his commitment, this role would cover the following areas:

Ecosystem Integrations
Diverse use cases for tBTC and Threshold products are required to drive adoption, although relationship development takes time. Currently, the attention of the Integrations Guild is divided between essential DAO operational tasks and outreach, and would benefit from a dedicated position to manage relationships.

Documentation and UX

As we scale and our product user base grows, documentation related to tBTC and other Threshold products use cases and deployment options becomes increasingly important. Those involved on the front line of protocol integrations are well positioned to create documentation of this nature and to participate in DAO efforts to deploy UX improvements, such as a tBTC use cases dashboard.


The scope of this role will be a 20-hour/week Growth Lead role at Threshold DAO, remunerated at the DAO’s contractor rate of $85/h.

The position will have the following responsibilities:

Ecosystem Integrations

  • Create new relationships and opportunities for the Threshold product suite.
  • Lead protocol onboarding of Threshold products.
  • Coordinate with the Marketing Guild to amplify and promote new integrations.
  • Manage and maintain ecosystem relationships.
  • Write outbound governance proposals for key tBTC, thUSD and TACo integrations.
  • Sponsor and support interested protocols to seek partnerships via the forum.
  • Structure a pipeline for inbound integrations and partnerships, creating an easy access point for any party interested in integrating Threshold Network products.
  • Supporting the IG with TACo integrations

Documentation and UX

  • Collect and maintain a list of live tBTC, thUSD and TACo integrations and pools.
  • Write documentation to collate key DAO metadata, integrations and pools.
  • Support DAO UX improvement initiatives, such as tBTC integration’s public dashboard.
  • Update and maintain tBTC, thUSD and T token registries and lists.

Oversight & Review

The Growth Coordinator role will operate under the oversight of the Threshold Integrations Guild (TIG). The position and performance will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the TIG, upon delivery of a self-evaluation to the committee.


It was determined that volume-based KPI metrics don’t necessarily align to ideal DAO outcomes. Quality relationships are preferred over a quantity of low-value relationships, and governance cycles differ from protocol to protocol.

Therefore, the performance of this position will be determined based on committee review of a self-reported quarterly summary of work achieved, based on the scope listed above.

That being said, key areas of assessment will be:

  • Successful development of tBTC, thUSD and TACo use cases across chains.
  • Proactive, quality, relationship development.
  • Ongoing relationship and integration management with DAO partners.
  • Coordination between DAO guilds and other growth initiatives.
  • Number of tBTC and thUSD minted.
  • Variety of tBTC and thUSD use cases.

Transfer of responsibility

Given this has been posted on the forum on 19th January 2024 Ethan would look to take over the responsibilities in full from 1st February 2024 (5 days for comment, then a 7 day vote period via snapshot). From the week beginning 22nd January 2024, Ethan would look to take over the responsibilities of the DAO Growth Coordinator role in the interim period.


We recommend that Threshold DAO contract with Ethan for a 6-month renewable period working 20 hours/week at a rate of $85 USD per hour.

Given the variable nature of the time requirements for this role, as suggested by other members of the Integrations Guild Committee, Ethan would retain their hours on the TIG, and bill any additional hours up to 20 hours/week. This allows more flexibility for the time demands that DAO integrations bring.

Should Ethan not be re-elected in the upcoming Threshold Integrations Guild elections, they would retain the sole responsibilities and hours of the DAO Growth Coordinator position.

Why Ethan

Since joining the Integrations Guild, Ethan has explicitly exhibited their ability to perform at all stages of the integration process, from developing a universe of potential integrations across multiple verticals and multiple chains, through to onboarding of tBTC to the protocol, and then engaging in co-marketing.

Ethan has several years of experience working within Digital Asset investment management, for which he has attained a high-level understanding of blockchain technology and use cases, resulting in an acute ability to spot uses for tBTC.

Given the strong passion for growing the reach of Threshold products, Ethan is a disciplined and motivated individual who works independently and effectively.

Ethan is an active contributor to Threshold and has thus far contributed the following to Threshold DAO:

  • Elected member of Threshold Integrations Guild.
  • Generated ecosystem lists for thUSD (mainnet), tBTC (Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Polygon and Solana) and for Pyth integrations.
  • Written retrospective reports reporting Threshold Integration Guild’s performance to the community over the past year.
  • Either led or been involved in the majority of integrations that has led tBTC to reach the 60m USD TVL that it currently stands at.
  • Updating token listings, to ensure a fluid perception of tBTC across all platforms.

Thank you for this proposal @eh_ethan and volunteering to take on this important role. I am in full support of this proposal.

I am highly confident you will do a great job when elected, based upon your prior contribution to the DAO, congenial personality, business experience, and undeniable bullishness for Threshold and it’s suite of products.


I have worked with @eh_ethan as part of my IG duties and I think he would be an amazing fit for this position.

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I support this proposal, Ethan has proven himself more than capable and continually provides significant value to the DAO.

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I am in full support of this proposal, I believe that @eh_ethan is perfect for the role, he has proven capable of performing these tasks as well as the proactivity and self management so needed for the role. Thanks Ethan for stepping forward with the proposal and thanks @sap for your contribution and continuous support to the DAO.

This proposal has been moved to Snapshot.

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This proposal has been approved by the DAO with the following results:


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Congratulations Ethan!! It’s a pleasure to have you onboard :slight_smile: please note we have a forum post to post your weekly hours for compensation: DAO Contractooors.