TIP 55: Contractor role for POL Operations Coordinator

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Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)

Assets owned and controlled by the DAO that are used to provide liquidity.


This proposal is a request to the Threshold DAO to fund a POL Operations Coordinator role for the purpose of overseeing all operations for the DAO’s Protocol Owned Liquidity. This proposal recommends East as a candidate for the position.


Threshold Treasury Guild has become an important working unit in the DAO. The guild was created and empowered by the DAO to work towards a strong, diversified and resilient treasury portfolio, to grow protocol owned liquidity, and to manage incentives for Threshold services and products…

Management of these activities requires heavy involvement of the guild’s committee members. The successful launch of tBTC, new exciting proposals, and the DAO’s expansion to L2s and other chains creates a persistent workload for the TTG. It is obvious that specialized roles with more time allocation are necessary. Roles such as Growth Lead (Incentives and Expansion) , POL Operations, Chairman (Meetings, Agenda, Moderation, Structure) and Finances (Accounting, Report, Payroll) are evident posts.

In practical terms this means that the TTG will continue to provide the strategy and oversight for the treasury with its 9 seated committee multisig as the core security mechanism empowered by the DAO.

The POL Operations Coordinator specialized role has the intention to increase TTG’s bandwidth by focusing on the following areas:

1. POL management

The DAO’s Protocol Owned Liquidity primarily consists of its governance token, T. This POL is deployed across several pools on Mainnet like the Curve T/ETH pool and the Balancer T/ETH 80-20 pool.

The DAO recently increased the number of tBTC pools across multiple DEXs on L2s with active incentives deployed to several. In addition to tBTC, the T token’s presence expanded to L2. Past and current diversification efforts and reward harvest increased the number of other assets in DAOs treasury, such as CVX, BAL, ETH, tBTC, WBTC, CRV, AURA, etc. All of these assets require a constant overview and active management.

2. Budget Overview and Execution
The Threshold Treasury Guild’s Budget has evolved and includes multiple line items (incentives, comps, expenses, allocations for diversification, etc.) that need management. The operations involved are rather complex to follow, require significant attention, coordination and collaboration with other specialized roles to ensure proper execution.

3. Successful Multisig Operations

Contracts, dApps, POL, diversification efforts and Budget require multiple constant multisig transactions which need to be addressed in a timely fashion. These operations call for knowledge of protocols and dApps, and should be reinforced with the occasional coordination with other expert members of the DAO.


The scope of this role will be a 20-hour/week POL Operations role at Threshold DAO, remunerated at the DAO’s contractor rate of $85/h.

The position will have the following responsibilities:

  • Assist DAO decision-making to deploy POL
  • Track POL assets allocation
  • Monitor yield on existing POL
  • Research new alternatives for POL
  • Analyze diversification alternatives
  • Work on UniV3 (e.g. Arrakis, Sense)
  • Research and test Limit Order capabilities for the DAO (e.g. CowSwap, 1inch)
  • Discuss and setup T to ETH transactions
  • Collaborate on the preparation and execution of new initiatives (e.g. Bonds, 8020 pools)
  • Track and set up Harvest rewards and loan repayment transactions
  • Track Voting Power, governance token assets and allocation
  • Vote with delegated governance tokens on behalf of the DAO
  • Budget preparation, discussion and ratification with TTG
  • Budget analysis and tracking
  • Research new software tools and dApps for multisig optimization
  • Analyze contracts codes and build JSONs to further automate transactions
  • Collaborate and coordinate with TTG and Council on diverse multisig transactions

Oversight & Review

The POL Operations Coordinator role will operate under the oversight of the Threshold Treasury Guild (TTG) and execute on decisions made by the TTG. The position and performance will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the TTG, upon delivery of a self-evaluation to the committee.

The performance of this position will be determined based on committee review of a self reported quarterly summary of work achieved, based on the scope listed above.

Key areas of assessment will be:

  • POL overview report
  • Budget review and oversight
  • Diversification summary


Recommendation is that Threshold DAO contracts with East for a 6-month renewable period working 20 hours/week at a rate of $85 USD per hour, starting August 2023.


With a track record of launching and developing Guilds and their strategies, East has demonstrated the necessary motivation, capability, and experience in this role. He has past experience in business management and development, product launches, and board of director roles.

East is an active contributor to Threshold, past contributor to Keep Network and other DAOs such as Taho, and has thus far contributed the following to Threshold DAO:

  • Former elected member of Threshold Council.

  • Elected member of Threshold Treasury Guild since inception.

  • Elected member of Threshold Integrations Guild since inception.

  • Delivered Threshold Treasury Guild reports to the DAO several times.

  • active engagement on current multisig transactions deployment.

  • Elaborated TTG’s budget on several occasions.

  • Participated in numerous integrations such as Arrakis, Curve and Aura.


I appreciate this proposal, and am in strong support for @Eastban filling this role.


I support @estban for this role, he has been partially doing it for a long time and has been very involved in many key decisions and actions; it’s great to see this offer to step in in a more dedicated capacity.


Strong support for East, been a pleasure to work with him on liquidity topics


I strongly support this role, endorse @Eastban for it and appreciate both his willingness to expand his time spent on Threshold (and Treasury Guild in particular) and his ability to articulate not only the need for this role but the broader needs from the expanding workload and complexity of TG work streams.

  1. On that last point, these 2 sentences bear calling out for emphasis: “The successful launch of tBTC, new exciting proposals, and the DAO’s expansion to L2s and other chains creates a persistent workload for the TTG. It is obvious that specialized roles with more time allocation are necessary. Roles such as Growth Lead (Incentives and Expansion) , POL Operations, Chairman (Meetings, Agenda, Moderation, Structure) and Finances (Accounting, Report, Payroll) are evident posts.”

  2. I and others have voiced strong support for the Growth role @sap proposed (snapshot on TIP-52 ends tomorrow, so please participate if you haven’t yet), and I agree the other expanded roles are needed, as well. The main reason that setting up the Threshold Foundation per GP-025 is taking longer than it should and is now urgent is my limited bandwidth and the need for more than 1 person to help shepherd such a large project (and I think it would be helpful to loop this work in with your overall DAO project planning @Luna5, as you’ve helped highlight the need and related efforts, such as the next minting for rewards).

  3. Lastly, I’ll note the point regarding contractor vs committee compensation that I posted in the discussion on TIP-52 (“I see a benefit to the DAO continuing to compensate TG committee members for their/our expertise and important oversight role, and combining the hours spent on committee and expanded role could make it more difficult to maintain clarity for tracking budget as well as roles/responsibilities”) in saying that I think it’s beneficial for role clarity and budgeting purposes that compensation for expanded roles is not combined with committee compensation (i.e., this role being 20 hours/week in addition to TG committee average of 8 hours/week).


I am also in support of East in this role.

East has invaluable expertise in DeFi, and has demonstrates a great attention to detail when it comes to DAO POL management. His enthusiasm and proactivity are characteristics that make him easy to work with, as well as a reliable contributor.

As the DAO POL grows, operations of this nature will continue to become more important, and it will be important that the DAO has a member accountable for operational executions.


Thanks for moving this to Snapshot, @sap! Please participate, everyone: Snapshot


This proposal has passed Snapshot with results:

  • Approve: 555M T - 100%
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We have recorded it in our Notion proposals database, for reference.

I also want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to @Eastban, we have been collaborating for quite a while and it’s a true pleasure to be able to extend this collaboration with such a skilled and committed person. Thank you very much for your proposal :slight_smile: