CP-001 Funding request for the Threshold USD front-end application development

This proposal is for the Threshold Network DAO to fund the front-end development of the Threshold USD application.

Project Background

ThresholdUSD is a project that was proposed by Agoristen, whose main principle is to be a fork of Liquity with some crucial differences, well summarized by Ben Longstaff’s proposal, reproduced here:

  • No governance token.
  • Fees accruing as Protocol Controlled Value for the Threshold Network DAO.
  • Accepts TBTC as collateral.
  • Interest rate.
  • An initial loan against the protocol’s future fees will be minted for use by the Protocol Controlled Value in the stability pool, see the docs below for more details.
  • Some upgradable components.


I am submitting this proposal after receiving an invitation from East to work as the front-end developer of the thUSD project. If this proposal passes I will immediately work as the front-end developer on ThUSD, 6 hours per day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)

My Background: I’ve been working as a front-end developer for 5 years, I worked as a full-time Core front-end developer for ElasticDAO and I’m currently working as a core front-end developer, sporadically, at Elasticswap.

I’m skilled in JS, HTML5, Svelte, React, Typescript, Tailwind for CSS, ChakraUI, ThemeUI, Redux, Ethers.js, and Jest (Being using these libraries on a daily basis working full-time dev in a real crypto project)

I have experience in developing the front-end from the beginning - From the initial structuring of the front-end environment, implementation of the layout and logic necessary to interact with the contracts through Ethers.js to the launch of the platform, I have already done it in practice in the release of ElasticDAO mainnet v2 and also with Elasticswap, which currently had its release postponed due to the acquisition of the project by the company 3six9

I have deep knowledge of the Liquity protocol, as I have an active frontend running since the first day of Liquity’s release: liquity.gg - and I also acted as a paid community moderator for Liquity in the first weeks after its release

My Linkedin profile for consideration: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evandro-saturnino-192b65b0/

The front-end development of the Threshold USD project will comprise:

  • Elaboration of the design for the application interface, landing page, documentation, and informational pages (This last two, if found necessary by the acting members of the thUSD project) in Figma following the best UI/UX standards and with a visual identity that matches the identity of the current Threshold Network application;

  • Front-end development of the application that will interact with the contracts developed by Ben Longstaff and Shawn through the Ethers.js library, as well as all other pages related to the project in a responsive way and implemented following SOLID principles

  • React, Typescript, ChakraUI, Redux, Ethers.js and Jest libraries will be used for the development of this work.

  • Regression tests using Jest framework will be applied to verify the expected functioning of the functions implemented in the front-end development

  • Continuous front-end improvement work, as well as constant maintenance and bug fixing - According to criticality, I will work overtime if necessary.

  • I will work together and synchronously with the developers responsible for implementing the project’s smart contracts so that the front-end development will take place in an uninterrupted and dynamic way according to the development stages of the thUSD project.

  • The entire project front-end will be developed in an Agile method, in the same way, we used in ElasticDAO development, using Github projects, where all community members will be able to access the development progress in real-time, with a listing of all opened issues and closed with their respective Pull Requests

  • Representatives of the Threshold DAO would (Same conditions previously presented by Ben Longstaff in his proposal)

    • Review logged hours against high-level tasks in clockify.me
    • Guild members would have to approve the hours on a fortnightly basis.
    • As the original champion for the project Agoristen would be the product owner and prioritize and
      approve work.
    • The mechanics in this agreement would be reviewed and need to be reapproved as part of the Q2


This proposal is for one front-end developer:

  • Rate $470 USD per day (6 hours) paid in T tokens.
  • T token price is taken as the global average price as recorded on Coingecko for the day that the work was completed.
  • Hours reviewed and approved fortnightly.
  • Tokens transferred monthly.
  • Contributor Mining Pilot with the option to lock the T tokens for a multiplier
    • 6 months for 1.2x
    • 12 months for 1.5x
    • 24 months for 2x

Thank you all for reading this proposal, and I make myself available to answer any questions that may arise.


Amazing. Yes super needed and very reasonable rate. I will happily vote for this. Can we also have a beta following the finalization of the back end contracts?


Great proposal, your familiarity with Liquity is a huge bonus, I support this proposal.


Thanks for the support @jakelynch and @ben! Talking about a beta launching, absolutely. Both in ElasticDAO and ElasticSwap, we launched a testnet version in Rinkeby prior to the main-net launch version. So if Ben and Shawn launch a testnet contract prior to the mainnet, I can definitely implement a test-net version of the front-end for the community to test/interact with it.


Evandro, great proposal.
I have full confidence this is an amazing thUSD project building team with you, Ben and Agoristen.

Just to have a global budget idea, how much time do you think will be your complete (5ds x 6hr) assignment and after that what will be your time commitment for maintenance purposes ?


Thanks for offering to do this. You seem to be the perfect person to do so. I strongly support!


Great proposal @EvandroSaturnino. Also supporting this.

Like East also interested in how you view maintenance after launch could be best arranged.


Thanks for the support @Eastban, @Naxsun and @JohnPackel. About the estimated development time, it is very difficult to accurately determine beforehand, because, considering that the Front-end main purpose is to provide an user interface that interacts with the contracts, to determine this, there will be a need to know how complex the practical final result of the contracts will be and-or what dynamic information will need to be shown in the interface based on that.

As a reference, the front-end development of ElasticDAO V2 took about 7 months of development, and 1 month to resolve all the issues/bugs post test-net release. But while the scope In ElasticDAO was already designed and architected in advance, the platform comprised a much more complex with multi-level interaction with multiple different front-end panels for each contract interaction.

For maintenance, improvement and future ongoing developments, it will depend directly on the demand that the project will have, both from users and from what the taskforce group decides on what is necessary to have in terms of front-end further development. Depending on it, there may be a need to expand the informational pages about the project, instead of having just a landing page (And the app of course). The more information, enhancements, and extensions be required, the longer the continuous work will incur, naturally - However, it is worth mentioning that I will only do these additional works if they are evaluated and requested by the project’s taskforce. If there is no need for further development and only sporadic maintenance be needed, then naturally I will drastically reduce the workload according to the work demand, therefore the costs will decrease proportionally.

I expect that thUSD project, in addition to bringing important use-cases to T and tBTC tokens, also brings a consistent revenue stream for the Threshold DAO. This way the ongoing development of the front-end would be, not only required for it’s importance, but also paid by its own revenue generated.

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I fully support this proposal and look forward to @EvandroSaturnino working on the front-end development of thUSD. I have already voted yes for the proposal and ask others to please take the time to vote as well. Snapshot voting is live here - https://snapshot.org/#/threshold.eth/proposal/0xf485049d18cb03a7c7c212ea8bafece5a54cf9f496d92c388d8363b56ddcb50b

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My wallet address for the compensation: 0xf1C30D30E07E6940D1C12Ea25502e2c40d752171