TIP-068: Contractor Role for Senior Full-Stack Developer Role - Front-End Oriented

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Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 7-day vote period.

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Integrations Guild (IG)


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  • Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 7-day vote period


This proposal requests the Threshold DAO to fund a Senior Full-Stack Developer role with a front-end focus, to be filled by Evandro Saturnino. The role aims to enhance the application’s usability, design, and back-end integration for the Threshold projects.


With ongoing advancements in the Threshold Network’s projects, there’s a need for robust front-end development coupled with reliable back-end integration. Evandro’s extensive experience in front-end/back-end technologies, particularly in the context of blockchain and smart contract applications, positions him ideally for this role.


The role will encompass:

  • Front-end Development using React, NextJS, and Svelte.
  • UI/UX Design and Prototyping in Figma.
  • Back-end development using Typescript (API, SDK, and automation scripts refactoring adn implementation), Jest, EthersJS, and Hardhat.
  • Code Quality and Maintenance using Agile Methodology.

Strategic Goal Planning

  • The Integrations Guild will collaborate with Evandro to elaborate a set of specific goals to be achieved.
  • These goals will be structured to ensure alignment with the project’s needs and priorities.
  • The plan includes flexibility to adapt to unforeseen yet crucial tasks, ensuring responsiveness to evolving project requirements.

Oversight & Review

  • The position and performance will be reviewed by the Integrations guild on a quarterly basis, upon delivery of a self-evaluation to the committee.
  • Regular performance reviews based on delivery of KPIs.
  • Adapting strategies in line with project evolution and feedback.


  1. Effective implementation of UI/UX designs, improving user engagement.
  2. Management of hosting services and analysis of post-launch metrics.
  3. Development and maintenance of responsive design features.
  4. Adherence to Agile methodologies for project management.

First 6 months term milestones

This outline presents key milestones for the upcoming term. While it does not encompass all planned work, it highlights significant, publicly acknowledged demands to be addressed. The order of these milestones is not fixed; instead, they will be tackled based on a priority sequence determined by the DAO members, as represented by the Integrations Guild. This approach ensures that we are responsive to the evolving needs and directives of the community.

Delegates Dashboard:

  • Complete a comprehensive redesign.
  • Implement the new design in the front-end.
  • Regularly maintain delegated dashboard hosting service up and running.
  • Adapt to DAO requirements, including updates in design, frontend, and backend.

tBTC SDK Landing Page:

  • Design a dedicated landing page for the tBTC SDK.
  • Implement this page on the Threshold website.

TACo Landing Page:

  • Design and develop a landing page for TACo.
  • Ensure seamless integration into the Threshold website.

Liquidity Provider (LP) Page:

  • Create the design and implement a dedicated LP page on the Threshold website.

Maintenance of Threshold USD Services:

  • Continuously update and maintain the Threshold USD app deployment
  • Implement changes based on DAO feedback, covering design, frontend, and backend aspects.

tBTC Scan services maintenance:

  • Regularly update and maintain tBTC Scan services.
  • Adapt to DAO requirements, including updates in design, frontend, and backend.

These milestones represent a roadmap for our immediate focus, ensuring that essential services are enhanced and align with the community’s evolving needs.


  • Contract Evandro Saturnino for a 6-month renewable period, for 8 hours per day, 5 days a week.
  • Contract renewal and adjustment based on performance and project requirements.

Additional Clause

  • In case of future developments requiring additional resources, Evandro will act as a coordinator on behalf of the DAO.

Why Evandro Saturnino?

  • Proven expertise as Senior Frontend and Backend Engineer at Threshold Network, leading UI/UX development for the Threshold USD project.
  • Experience in DAO governance and protocol-level decision-making.
  • Skilled in React, NextJS, Svelte, EthersJS, Typescript, and a range of Web3 technologies.
  • Effective project management and deployment capabilities showcased in various roles.
  • Educational qualifications in Science & Technology and Computer Science.
  • Active contributor to blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.

Cost Structure

  • Rate: $74 USD per hour, paid in Threshold (T) tokens.
  • Schedule: 8 hours per day, 5 days a week.
  • Capacity to work overtime if explicitly required, same rate as outlined above.
  • Payment Terms: Bi-weekly invoicing

Great proposal, Evandro.

The need for your service is clear to me, and the track record of invaluable contribution to Threshold is unquestionable. The focus areas you highlighted are a high priority for improvement, and you are best positioned to do this work.

I am in full support of this proposal.


Thank you Evandro for proposing this, strong support from my side !

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Thanks Evandro, great proposal.
I fully support this proposal - Evandro is highly skilled; his record keeping is meticulous and detail oriented; and his contributions to the IG since joining have been invaluable. As mentioned above, Evandro maintains the tBTCscan application for the DAO. I look forward to working with you Evandro!


What he said. :slight_smile:

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Strong support for Evandro’s proposal, his abilities and knowledge are a great asset for our DAO :slight_smile:


I am in full support of this proposal, Evandro has done a stellar job in contributing to Threshold Network and with the upcoming product developments, now is more important than any to have the support of Evandro’s skillset.


Having been party to Evandro’s work and responsiveness in IG meetings, I wholeheartedly support this.


Snapshot on this is live for a few more days: Snapshot

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This proposal has been approved by the DAO with the following results:


  • Approve: 1.3B T - 100%
  • Disapprove: 0 T - 0%

Congratulations @EvandroSaturnino, welcome to the DAO!! It’s a pleasure to work with you, as always. Please make sure you use this space to post your hours, with the other DAO contractors.