GP-001 Request for 50k in inital funds for the Marketing Guild Committee

Summary: Request for MGC initial funding of $50,000 in discretionary funds.

We request that $50,000 in T be allocated to the Marketing Guild Committee from the Threshold treasury, for use in marketing efforts and contributor compensation.

How the funds will be used: These funds will be used to reward contributors and fund campaigns.

The funds will be managed under a new multi-sig (as outlined here)

There is no expectation for the length of time the funds should last - however, the role of the Marketing Guild Committee in this process is to ensure that all allocated funds are spent responsibly and tactfully. A more in-depth budget request will be developed in the near future.

Payment to Threshold Marketing Guild contributors will be handled by the MGC going forward, and the original budget of 10k Keep will be terminated.

If moved to snapshot, this proposal will run alongside the Dao Guilds Bootstrap Proposal


@ZeroInFo56 thank you for taking initiative and getting this proposal for initial MG funding separated from the T Marketing Guild Committee proposal. I fully support this proposal and have already voted yes. The snapshot is live here -

10k will be reasonable. Threshold just got started. Them 50k will fast track bk.

There is no particular time frame for this budget to be used but spending will be thoroughly reviewed by the Threshold Marketing Guild Committee and need to pass a majority vote to be authorized. These funds could last the MG a month or they could last six, I do not believe a $50k marketing budget will make the Threshold DAO go bankrupt. My understanding from my involvement with the Threshold Treasury Guild is that we are already making over $100k per week. The Threshold DAO at time of writing has over 157 Million dollars.

Lastly, most companies allocate 5-10% of their annual revenue to marketing. If the Threshold Treasury Guild continues to meet the minimum weekly revenue that they have so far maintained, of $100k, that will equate to over $5.2 Million in revenue annually. This would put a traditional company with an annual marketing budget of $260k to $520k. In my opinion the Treasury Guild has aggressive goals and we will see them continuously growing the Threshold DAO’s money and it will more than cover all spending of the Threshold Marketing Guild.

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Thanks for your feedback!

I am not sure if you are aware, but for the past several months the MG has had a budget of 10k Keep monthly, this equates to $5000-7000 depending on the price of Keep. While it has been immensely helpful to have this budget, it is not sufficient for the goals we have in mind for the future. As MrsNuBooty pointed out, there is no timeline for this discretionary fund, and it will be spent carefully under the safeguard of the multi-sig, which includes an advisor, and a member of each the NuCypher and Keep teams.


Will some of this funding be used towards retroactively funding some work already contributed by members (example: Nous, and Nico) who were key on helping out around ETHDenver, filming, and taking photos?? They contributed differently so I’m not sure what the right amount would be but absorbed costs with their personal funds nonetheless.


Great question - this is something that would need to be discussed by the committee should the proposal pass.

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Those numbers appear fancy good. My math ain’t that good and am also having a hard time applying those whole numbers to Threshold DAO given its contraption modelling. Anyway, hopefully I get to learn more as others weigh in…

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I wish you could see my bug eyes from forgetting to mention this. You are absolutely correct, @Nous and possibly a few others should be authoring proposals to be retroactively funded for major contributions that they have not even had their out of pocket expenses reimbursed at this time and definitely have not been fairly compensated. I also have a few out of pocket expenses that I will be writing proposals to have reimbursed. The largest being about $600 for a one year Notion subscription that covers 5 key contributors (at least one from each guild).


I triple checked my math but after reading your reply checked it all again. If I am allowed to verify my own work, it all checks out nicely. :laughing: I would be happy to answer more questions or dive deeper into anything you want to discuss further.

I support this idea, and we discussed in the Marketing Guild Committee weekly call yesterday putting together a list of such expenses that are worthy of reimbursement from our initial discretionary fund. We will post this publicly, ideally in the next week.

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