GP-026: Threshold Marketing Guild Funding Request

Vote Type:

Threshold Token Holder DAO Snapshot

Elected Representatives:

Threshold Marketing Guild (MG) elected committee members.


This proposal is a request for $240,000 from the Threshold Token Holder DAO on behalf of the Threshold MG. This is a Q3 2023 budget request but in practice, the governance process for this proposal will not conclude until mid-July and the funds may last beyond September 2023.

The Threshold Marketing Guild (MG) has demonstrated the ability to manage DAO funds through previous funding requests such as GP-024 which is located on the forum here.

This proposal is the result of collaboration among committee members in planning for upcoming DAO marketing needs.

Milestones and Deadlines:

  • MG syncs and budget discussion - complete.
  • Proposal Forum post - 07/13/23.
  • 5 day Snapshot - Tentatively 7/16, dependent on forum conversation.

Funds will be managed under the MG multi-sig and will be allocated towards MG goals. This budget will be primarily be used for, but not limited to, the marketing investment categories listed below:

Funding Request:

  • $100k EthNY

This amount will be used to cover sponsorship and bounties for our 2nd major event of the year, as well as contributor travel and lodging expenses.

The MG has executed conference sponsorships and in-person presence in the past, including ETH Denver and ETH Boston earlier this year.

  • $100k tBTC-focused Brave campaign

The approximate cost for a Brave campaign is $20k per 24 hours of Brave Browser take-over. (Take-over is outlined here)
The primary goal of the campaign is encouraging users to mint tBTC and promote deposits into liquidity pools, The secondary goal is to target potential new tBTC users for brand awareness and email collection. For this purpose, the Marketing Guild, in collaboration with Keep contributors, is requesting $100k. Initially, we will run a 24-hour campaign test, utilizing no more than $20k, and based on the results we will either continue or discontinue the campaign.

  • $10k content

We request $10k for funding content creation and delivery, including several product videos (tBTC, thUSD, Threshold Access Control).

  • $30k discretionary / sub proposal fund

This includes funding for partnerships/relationships-focused activities, commissioning outsourced marketing expertise (e.g., SEO services) and other opportunities that fall outside the line items listed above. The DAO will be launching both TACo and thUSD in Q3, and we expect to incur costs related to supporting these launches.

In total, the MG is requesting a budget of $240k USD for use in supporting Guild and DAO marketing and growth efforts throughout Q3/23

Expiry / Timing of Budget Spend:

There is neither an expiry on the allocated budget nor an estimate of when the funds will be depleted. However, the MG ensures that these funds will be prudently and responsibly allocated toward activities and expenses that are consistent with its focus on strategy, partnerships, and protocol stewardship, and aligned with our goals.

TX Details (if required):

We request that within 3 days of the approval of this proposal via Snapshot, the Threshold Council queues and executes a transaction for $240,000 USD (denominated in T) to be transferred to the MG multi-sig.

Mitigating Slippage:

We request that in the event that the amount upon receipt by the MG is >4% below the requested budget, a singular “top-off” transaction be created and executed by the Threshold Council to reconcile the deficit.


Thank you to the MGC team for all that it took to get this proposal set forth!

For those considering this proposal, please bear in mind the last 30 days of accounting and budgeting has been quite a feat for a decentralized, distributed and diverse team. From multiple last minute large and small funding requests that all were made possible with help from every facet of Threshold, to forecasting a decent budget 6-8 months out by digging in to the limited data we have.

All that being said is to the point that the ROI is significant because of the team that is putting it to use. Please approve this budget.


This has passed Snapshot with 518M T voting in favor and non in opposition: Snapshot