GP-020 Threshold Treasury Guild Nominations Election 2023

Hello Threshold community!

Following the procedure stated in TIP-011 regulating the Guild Committee Elections and Nominations, we open the nominations for the elections of the Treasury Guild Committee Members.

This is a staggered procedure, where we vote 5 seats. These 5 seats correspond to the members that in August 2022 elections process received the minor amount of votes.

These seats are currently held by community members:

We encourage everyone to participate and provide their nominations, any DAO member can be nominated for an upcoming guild committee seat, including self-nominations. Bear in mind that a person who is nominated by another member must confirm their intent to be a candidate.

Focus of our Treasury Guild
The Threshold Treasury Guild is responsible for effectively managing the Threshold DAO treasury. This includes growing Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), researching / implementing best practice treasury management strategies, executing ecosystem liquidity incentives, diversifying the treasury, etc.

Timeline for the Elections

  • February 7th - February 24th - Nominations Period
  • February 24th 1pm ET - IG Candidates Meet & Greet
  • February 28th - March 4th - Snapshot vote
  • March 4th - New term starts for the elected members, which will serve 1-year term: March 4th 2023 - February 29th 2024

If you have any questions join us on Discord and ask away!

Please note that the timeline for has changed to provide flexibility for DAO members going to the ETH Denver conference. Additionally, this terms’ Snapshot vote has been displaced 4 days due to technical reasons that would benefit the process of elections and that will not be recurrent in time. For this reason, this term will start March 4th 2023 instead of March 1st.


I would like to open this up by nominating these members who have seats expiring as I believe each of them have served the Treasury Guild well. @Vict0r @sap @JohnPackel @LakeLaogai


Thank you @ZeroInFo56, and I would like to accept your nomination.

As a Threshold Treasury Guild member, nothing would please me more than to continue my current role. I thank the DAO for the time I have already spent in the Treasury Guild and this wonderful decentralized community.

I believe I am a valuable contributor to the Treasury Guild, working as I do on the DAO’s financial reporting. This involves complete audits and reconciliations of the DAO’s transactions, thus providing a solid foundation for budgeting decisions and protocol revenue figures. I thoroughly enjoy this work and believe there is much more to be done, so I am eager to continue this work.

Other qualities I bring to the Treasury Guild include a high responsiveness to signing requests, an enthusiastic attitude, a strong knowledge of DeFi protocols gained from more than five years’ experience in the crypto industry, and a curiosity that drives my engagement in discussions on Treasury Guild decision-making.

In addition to my work in the Treasury Guild, I have the privilege of being a Threshold Council member and a Threshold Guardian.

I am thrilled to be a member of this community. I intend to support Threshold, and our mission of decentralized freedom tech, into the future.


Thanks @ZeroInFo56 - I would like to accept the nomination.

With regards to the treasury guild, I primarily help with the liquidity strategies for the DAO.
Specifically, the liquidity for the T, TBTC, and (soonTM) the thUSD markets.
Given my background in crypto trading, which extends ~5 years, I believe I am a valuable resource for these discussions and believe that this component of the DAO will only become more important as we launch all of our product offerings.

I’d be thrilled to be elected again!


Thanks @ZeroInFo56, I would like to accept your nomination. I would also like to second (in no particular order) the nominations of @LakeLaogai, @JohnPackel, and @sap.

Lake has demonstrated deep understanding of DeFi and dedication to developing optimal strategies for the Threshold DAO. John has taken on the momentous task of taking notes and posting a digest of the discussions, organizing agendas for meetings, and keeping meetings on track. Sap has done fantastic work on the DAO’s financial reporting and tracking. I am thrilled to be working with him on this project as his crypto reporting experience is greater than mine - my background is in traditional (legacy) finance and financial reporting. As Threshold products become more widely available, tracking, categorizing, and processing transactions for report-generating processes will become more complex.

I would be thrilled to be elected for another term to continue building and contributing to the Treasury Guild. I am actively involved in the community and contribute to the Integrations Guild as well as providing technical support. I am also honored to serve as a Threshold Guardian.


I second these nominations.
We have worked well together these past months. It has been a very positive and synergistic collaboration. All have contributed with their experience and dedication for a better functioning of the entire guild.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, @Vict0r!

I have enjoyed my involvement in the Treasury Guild since November, have received positive feedback regarding my efforts to add value and would be honored to be elected. So I accept the nomination.

While I have a lot less DeFi experience than other committee members, I have learned a lot from our weekly discussions and research required to understand the topics and help keep our agenda moving forward.

The current committee functions at a high level, with members contributing significantly to complex and consequential decisions regarding the treasury, as well as making recommendations to the Council.


I am self nominating to continue with my position on the treasury guild. There is a lot of critical work upcoming in regards to tBTC liquidity which will require tight coordination between Keep and DAO. I am in a great position to continue to be the best liaison between both groups.


I would like to nominate @MrsNuBooty to the Treasury Guild. We have served together on the Marketing Guild and I think She would be a great addition.

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I would love to get more involved with the Treasury Guild and would like to accept this nomination and run for a seat.


The Snapshot vote for the TTG Elections closed March 4th with the following results:

  • Vict0r 317M T - 17.97% - Elected
  • LakeLagoi 310M T 17.57% - Elected
  • Sap 310M T 17.56% - Elected
  • Will 302M T 17.13% - Elected
  • JohnPackel 281M T 15.91% - Elected
  • MrsNuBooty 245M T 13.86%

Congratulations @Vict0r, @LakeLaogai, @sap, @Will and @JohnPackel!
All elected members will be able to serve a 1-year term spanning March 4th 2023 - February 29th 2024.

Resulting Committee Members and Addresses:
@Will -
signer: 0xC635f3BF4073933f037d48cAe48e630546cA2f11
payments - 0x38A72723b1E64425Ad2d647f453860BAf7682A91
@JohnPackel - 0x8FBCa7800D1B820176b0696A22bce5E50C5c9A71
@sap -
signer: 0xd818B9f7Cb4090047D26C51e63C9CB1b5E12886a
payments: 0x140f874A7c31A9E09B30b46420B4A5FBb8975897
@Vict0r -
payments: 0x5E00CCF2c9eD05f6999C83B5d03fbF0e9e439627
signer: 0x1Ba899530A89fAb245De9ff6cc23534F4a8A4e58
@LakeLaogai - 0x45fEb606e27Fab677785e15762fAf0E3AC1C02eD

This information is also compiled in our Notion proposals database.

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