GP-030 Threshold Treasury Guild Nominations Election - Epoch 4, 2023

Hello Threshold community!

Following the procedure stated in GP-11 / TIP-031 regulating the Guild Committee Elections and Nominations, we open the nominations for the elections of the Treasury Guild Committee Members.

In this 4th epoch we vote 4 seats. These 4 seats correspond to the members that were elected in August 2022 elections . For a complete review of the elections timelines, number of seats and community members elected, see this Notion space.

The seats we are voting are currently held by community members:

We encourage everyone to participate and provide their nominations, any DAO member can be nominated for an upcoming guild committee seat, including self-nominations. Bear in mind that a person who is nominated by another member must confirm their intent to be a candidate.

Focus of our Treasury Guild
The Threshold Treasury Guild is responsible for effectively managing the Threshold DAO treasury. This includes growing Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), researching / implementing best practice treasury management strategies, executing ecosystem liquidity incentives, diversifying the treasury, etc.

Timeline for the Elections

  • August 8th - August 23rd - Nominations Period
  • August 23rd 10 am ET - Threshold Guild’s Candidates Meet & Greet
  • August 24th - August 28th - Snapshot vote
  • August 29th - August 31st - Transition period
  • September 1st - New term starts for the elected members, which will serve 1-year term: September 1st 2023 - August 31st 2024

If you have any questions join us on Discord and ask away!


I would like to go ahead and nominate @Eastban, @ben, @ramaruro1 and @Figue for reelection.

This term they have worked hard and contributed strongly to the TG efforts, they have the right skills and a resolute commitment to advancing our shared goals.

I also want to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to them for their dedication and diligence.


Thanks Luna for this nomination.

Strong support and hope for all three @ben, @ramaruro1 and @Figue continue their work for the TTG for another term. All of them bring a lot of knowledge, experience and commitment to our DAO.

I’d also like to accept running for re-election myself as well, continuing with the work we do in the TTG.


Thank you @Luna5 for the nomination and for moving this forward. I accept this nomination for the TTG.

I joined the TTG recently (around May 2023) and I have enjoyed contributing, learning and challenging myself and others to progress the common objectives for the DAO.

I also strongly support the nominations of @ben, @Eastban and @Figue for another term in the TTG, they all do great contributions in multiple facets to the DAO.


I strongly support the re-election of @ben, @Eastban, @Figue and @ramaruro1.

All are valuable contributors that bring a diverse set of expertise, skills, and critical thought that are essential for treasury management.


I am honored to be nominated once again in this role. Working with @ramaruro1 , @Eastban and @ ben is an absolute pleasure and I hope to keep contributing in a qualitative manner on Threshold’s treasury and liquidity needs.


I would like to accept the nomination.


I also strongly endorse @Eastban, @ben, @ramaruro1 and @Figue for re-election. All are strong contributors, and each adds unique expertise to TTG discussions, decisions and process.


Live on snapshot for voting: Snapshot


The Snapshot vote for the TTG Elections closed August 30th with the following results:

  • Eastban: 143M T - 25.34% - Elected
  • Ben Longstaff: 140M T - 24.9% - Elected
  • Ramaruro: 140M T - 24.9% - Elected
  • Figue: 140M T - 24.87% - Elected

Congratulations @Eastban, @ben, @ramaruro1 and @Figue!! Welcome to the Threshold Treasury Guild.
All elected members will be able to serve a 1-year term spanning September 30th 2023 - August 31st 2024.

Resulting Committee Members and Addresses:
@ben -
signing - 0x421A8400049f6d832c9234Ed5fdEedD195a4DAb5
payments - 0x684ea56847738Ca76D10f7291B46824A34D79d6F
@Eastban -
MultiSig: 0x2844a0d6442034D3027A05635F4224d966C54fD7
Payments: 0x4c78b953def77d686615ef4c25570da550cee6d1
@ramaruro1 -
signing - 0xbBd2aC268dc72dFD6539E23fAeCFf1a9b236Cd10
payments - 0x803740916F4e6aB4F64E957a68eB7F62392dEE3e
@Figue -
signing - 0xf35dee924f483bc234f09cbfbc8b4488fd06be20
payment - 0x009d13e9bec94bf16791098ce4e5c168d27a9f07

This information is also compiled in our Notion proposals database.

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