GP-009 Threshold Ambassador Program


Through the Ambassadors Program we will achieve some goals like:
-Building a fan base for the project
-Spread the word about Threshold in various social media
-Spread the word about Threshold in various languages
-New content “such as articles, infographics, videos” about Threshold.

Program categories:

Social media lovers
Tasks: Interact with every post from Threshold, create simple content such as “tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, …etc.”

Content creators
Tasks: Create content about Threshold and publish it across platforms, such as “Create an article about the project and publish it via Medium”

Regional communities
Tasks: Create a local community and publish all updates about Threshold in other languages, such as “Create a local community on Telegram and post the latest updates.”

Registration and selection process:

Interested persons will register through a form, after that the probationary period will begin “for one/two weeks”. During this period, all registered persons will be required to perform certain tasks according to their choice of category. After the probationary period ends, the work will be evaluated and suitable persons will be selected.

  • This is a simple summary of the idea, more details + funding details will be added later.

Please let me know your opinions and suggestions.

Thanks @Mostafa!

Do you have any reference ambassador programs that you think worked particularly well that we should look to as a model?

At first glance, many of these activities seem like they may already fall in the remit of the Marketing Guild (MG). Have you joined the MG on our Discord?


Thank you @maclane for your reply!

I just finished making the Google slides, please take a look: Threshold - Ambassador program - Google Slides

Yes, I am already in the Marketing Guild, thank you.

I am always thrilled to see new proposals and people wanting to contribute to the DAO but with this particular proposal I am a little bit confused about the benefit to the DAO since this proposal is so similar to the Threshold Marketing Guild. Can you please explain why we would want a second guild system vs expanding the Marketing Guild to have pods of contributors from around the world? Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.

Hello, I guess there is a misunderstanding, I am not looking to create a separate guild from the current Marketing Guild, but rather this proposal is placed under the Marketing Guild.
The purpose of the proposal is to market Threshold in various languages.
I apologize for the use of the word “guild” in the proposal, perhaps this is the reason for the confusion.
Thank you.

Marketing Guild is almost same thing. Please Join.

No apologies necessary, we are naming things as we go around here.

It has been discussed on numerous Marketing Guild calls that we have a need for content to be translated, created and promoted in various languages.

I would highly encourage you to keep pushing for this and I believe it will quickly be a priority for the Market Guild Committee to work with community members to establish these important programs. When I say pushing for this, I mean engaged in the Marketing Guild on Discord. That would be the best way to get a comprehensive proposal together that aligns with the needs of the Marketing Guild.

If you don’t mind my asking, what specific language do you see yourself contributing in?

I will be glad to work with you, I am already on Discord and I contributed to support the launch of the project and published an article and a video in Arabic.
Thank you.