GP-029 Threshold Integrations Guild Nominations Election - Epoch 4, 2023

Hello Threshold community!

Following the procedure stated in GP-11 / TIP-031 regulating the Guild Committee Elections and Nominations, we open the nominations for the elections of the Integrations Guild Committee Members.

In this 4th epoch we vote 3 seats. These 3 seats correspond to the members that were elected in August 2022 elections . For a complete review of the elections timelines, number of seats and community members elected, see this Notion space.

The seats we are voting are currently held by community members:

We encourage everyone to participate and provide their nominations, any DAO member can be nominated for an upcoming guild committee seat, including self-nominations. Bear in mind that a person who is nominated by another member must confirm their intent to be a candidate.

Focus of our Integrations Guild
The core mission of the Threshold Integrations Guild is to build successful, synergistic and long-lasting relationships with other protocols, DAOs and external organizations. The TIG has recently extended their number of seats available due to a expansion in the responsibilities and tasks handled. For a detailed overview of last semester’s activities of the IG you can review the IG H1, 2023 report.

Timeline for the Elections

  • August 8th - August 23rd - Nominations Period
  • August 23rd 10 am ET - Threshold Guild’s Candidates Meet & Greet
  • August 24th - August 28th - Snapshot vote
  • August 29th - August 31st - Transition period
  • September 1st - New term starts for the elected members, which will serve 1-year term: September 1st 2023 - August 31st 2024

If you have any questions join us on Discord and ask away!


I have worked extensively with the current IG members and could not ask for better people. If they are willing to return for another session, I would feel honored to work alongside @Vict0r @Eastban and @Naxsun.


Thank you @the_egg1.

I am expressing my desire to accept a nomination for re-election to the Integrations Guild Committee.

Since the early days of NuCypher, I have been an active contributor and have been serving on the Integrations Guild since its inception. Additionally, I am a member of the Treasury Guild Committee and provide technical support to the community in my role as Threshold Support Moderator.

The Integrations Guild holds a unique position within the DAO, as it takes on a wide range of tasks that fall outside the scope of the Treasury or Marketing guilds. As we move forward with the launch of thUSD and Threshold Access Control applications, and witness the growth of both the community and the DAO, numerous tasks lie ahead. It would be a privilege for me to continue collaborating with the Integrations Guild.

I would also like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of @Eastban and @Naxsun to the IG. I sincerely hope that both of them choose to run for re-election as well.


Thank you @the_egg1 and @Vict0r!

First of all I’d like to express strong support and hope for @Eastban and @Vict0r running for re-election. They are both essential to the IG, and hope they can continue their work for another term!

I’d also like to accept running for re-election myself as well, hoping to be able to support in growing the Threshold DAO and it’s products.


Thank you very much @the_egg1 , @Naxsun and @Vict0r for the nomination and I accept it with joy.
I hope to continue to work another year for the IG in which we’ll have a lot of challenges ahead: tBTC will get mainstream and accepted in a lot of protocols, thUSD and Taco are new products/services which require attention and focus and we have many different tasks ahead such as grants, developments, tools and support that need hard work through the IG.


I strongly support the re-election of @Eastban, @Naxsun and @Vict0r.

Each bring the skills and willingness required to continually improve Threshold operations, with good humour and a positive attitude.


Is there 3 or 4 seats being filled on the IGC this cycle? If I’m not mistaken there was a resignation from the IGC recently and I would recommend that vacancy be filled during this election cycle.

I believe @Eastban @Naxsun @Vict0r are key players to the current success of the IG and I am in strong support of their re-election to the IGC.

I would like to also nominate @EvandroSaturnino to join the IGC and would recommend that he help lead thUSD protocol integrations and other IG related thUSD work streams.


I’d like to also nominate @JCELENA for a position in the IG.

We have known him for a while as he has contributed to the DAO as translator for our blog and social media. He is responsive and hard working, for the IG I can see that he can easily contribute on the side of the IG initiatives and projects, an IG-managed task that’s getting more workload and relevance over the last months.

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A key contributor to the IG team has been struggling with life events and has made the decision to step down. I am sure I speak for the team when I say that I will miss @ZeroInFo56 but I also have huge respect for his decision to do what is right for the DAO. @ZeroInFo56 plans on participating in DAO functions but cannot consistently commit the time required for his role.

We will be adding an additional slot to the IG election to fill his position. The 4th ranked candidate will receive the remaining 6 months of his term.


Thanks for the nomination. I accept it with honor!! I have helped with the translation of several blog posts for the DAO for more than a year now and it has been a pleasure. I have also helped with the newsletters and I do hope to have the chance of contributing with more tasks. I consider myself a proactive and responsive person always looking to provide solutions and meet my customers’ needs. Once again, thanks for the nomination!


Thank you for the nomination, @MrsNuBooty!
I gladly accept the nomination. As one of the founding members of the IG guild, alongside @Eastban, @Naxsun, and @Will, we were able to shape multiple integrations that are still up today. I am looking forward to getting back to work on the integrations guild, mainly concentrating efforts on thUSD protocol integrations. These will surely be needed in the following term.


I second the nominations of @Eastban @Naxsun and @Vict0r. These are integral members of the TIG and the DAO is very well served by their Capable and diverse hands.


Live on snapshot for voting: Snapshot

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The Snapshot vote for the TIG Elections closed August 30th with the following results:

  • Eastban: 121M T - 27.3% - Elected
  • Vict0r: 111M T - 25.01% - Elected
  • Evandro: 111M T - 24.96% - Elected
  • Naxsun: 100M T - 22.62% - Elected
  • JCELENA: 500K T - 0.11%

Congratulations @Eastban, @Vict0r, @EvandroSaturnino and @Naxsun!! Welcome to the Threshold Integrations Guild.
All elected members will be able to serve a 1-year term spanning September 30th 2023 - August 31st 2024.

Resulting Committee Members and Addresses:
@Eastban -
signing: 0x2844a0d6442034D3027A05635F4224d966C54fD7
payments: 0x4c78b953def77d686615ef4c25570da550cee6d1
@EvandroSaturnino -
Signer address: 0x8122158AaabA26eA9e6fB3eD2dfe3fb6B4D9Bd32
Payment Address: 0xf1c30d30e07e6940d1c12ea25502e2c40d752171
@Naxsun - 0xf590CcAc95E242F82c0494e3544CE2659C58c4D2
@Vict0r -
signing: 0x1Ba899530A89fAb245De9ff6cc23534F4a8A4e58
payments: 0x5E00CCF2c9eD05f6999C83B5d03fbF0e9e439627

This information is also compiled in our Notion proposals database.


@Naxsun resigned the IG October 2023. @JohnPackel was elected as replacement in their place, and for the remainder of Nax’s term, until August 31st, 2024.

@JohnPackel address for signing and payment: 0x8fbca7800d1b820176b0696a22bce5e50c5c9a71

Welcome to the guild John!!! Happy to have you here :slight_smile: