GP-021 Increase the number of seats on the Integrations Guild from 5 to 7

The Integrations Guild proposes that the number of Integrations Guild committee seats be changed from 5 to 7.


(From @Eastban discord post)

"Dear all,

As you can see in the forum post we’re having a lot of really interesting nominations for our Integrations Guild. I personally know them almost all and would be delighted to work with everyone on the IG.

In that regard we’ve been discussing in the IG committee expanding the seats on our guild.

IG is absorbing a lot of stuff outside its initial scope of protocol integrations.
We’ve been tackling with diverse subjects that otherwise fall through the cracks in the DAO, such as e.g.:

  • bug bounty program and relationship with Immunify
  • Subgraph development and grant management
  • Tokenlists
  • Discourse implementation
  • Monitoring for nodes
  • Tech support for the DAO
  • Guests for community calls
    We have great skills to cover these. Irl tech jobs & experience of various of our actual IG committee members makes it comfortable thinking about these wider scopes, but we’re running out of availability and we’re feeling short at hands. We could use more BD oriented people in the IG.

More so during this particular phase in our DAO’s life after the long awaited tBTC launch to actively reach out to protocols, establish longterm prosperous relationships with other apps and successfully integrate tBTC expanding its use cases.

I therefore want to ask to increase by 2 our current seats (5) to (7)."

This proposal would increase the number of signatories on the Threshold multisig from 5 to 7 and increase the threshold required to sign as well from 3 to 4.

Feb 24 to Feb 27 - Discussion Period
Feb 27 to Mar 1 - Snapshot Voting Period (contingent on above)
Mar 1 - Implement Changes (contingent on above)


I support this idea. Adding more seats to be filled by contributors that could focus on assisting with BD tasks would benefit the DAO greatly. I realize this is an inopportune time for this discussion with the elections about to kick off, as well as eth Denver right around the corner, but I think this is an important decision and we should start the dialogue around it as soon as possible.


This makes sense, and I support it. Having seen how much work has gone into updating the token lists from tBTC v1 to v2 alone, and now that we have tBTC live and opportunities for integrations should increase - a larger IG with an expanded number of roles is a good idea.

Further, I trust the judgement of current committee, particularly with regard to what they need to function well. A year into the guild system, we have a lot of learnings and hope there is support in the DAO for applying those to our growing needs and future course.


This proposal moved to Snapshot, and was passed with the following votes:

  • For: 525M T100%
  • Abstain: 233 T0%
  • Against: 0 T0%

Therefore, from March 1st, 2023 onwards and until modified by the DAO, Threshold Integrations Guild will have 7 seats.