TIP-044 Modifying Council election schedule & terms

Vote type:

Token holder DAO Snapshot with a 5-day vote period

DAO-elected representative sponsors:

@JohnPackel @MrsNuBooty @ZeroInFo56 @nico186


As outlined in John and Ashley’s recent comments here and here on @Luna5’s Forum post outlining the process for the upcoming election for Threshold’s Council, we recommended additional time and discussion before concluding the nomination period for Council members (originally scheduled for December 2, with voting starting December 5).*

We subsequently worked with Luna to determine that:

  • 3 current Council members are not able to extend their service beyond 12/31/22

  • There is support for the other 6 Council members extending their terms through February for continuity and onboarding

  • 2 current Council members have indicated they are willing to serve another 12-month term if nominated and elected**

Milestones and Deadlines:

Based on discussions on the Forum and in public meetings, there is support for updating the Council election process by:

  • Continuing nominations for Council through December 8 (please continue to do so on the original post here)

  • Holding a Snapshot vote December 11 - 15 to fill 3 Council seats (who will serve January - December 2023)***

  • Extending the Council term by 2 months of the 6 members who are able to stay

  • Holding a Snapshot vote in February for the remaining 6 Council seats (who will serve March 2023 - February 2024)

This will give the full current Council the second half of December to welcome the 3 incoming members, provide continuity in January and February 2023 while those 3 are getting up to speed, and also add a staggered term feature to the Council that we’ve incorporated into our guilds for consistency.

Who Is Involved:

Threshold Council, Threshold community and work token holders

* At the time of our 1st comment there were only 4 nominees with 3 days left in the nomination period, and the community wasn’t clear which existing Council members were interested and able to run for a second 12-month term.

** Reminder: anyone nominated by someone else and wanting to be on the ballot needs to post here accepting the nomination - so that the community has clarity and we can prepare the final list.

*** The December 11th start for Snapshot vote for 3 Council seats is based on the need for this proposal to be live for 3 days and then to have a 5-day Snapshot period.


Thank you for preparing this proposal John, it is well written and adds a lot of clarity to the council election, member participation, and the need for onboarding.

I am a fan of this proposed process. I think there is an immediate need to fill 3 council seats that needs to be addressed. This proposal satisfies the need, without delaying the election and snapshot timeframe.
This proposal also addresses the need for onboarding within the council members.

Filling 3 seats in December with newly elected members will ensure a smooth transition period, later in the spring. These 3 members will have 2 full months to work with the existing council, participate in transaction signing, and experience other day to day activities with the guidance of active members.

Later in the spring, these 3 members will remain on the council. In the event that all remaining council members are replace with newly elected members (in the spring elections), these 3 will have the ability to carry forth their experience from December to March and effectively act as onboarding liaisons.

Looking ahead, I really like the cadence of partial council elections, I don’t think it would be an issue to have this term repeated in 2023, because it allows at any given time, a minimum 3 “ongoing” council members.


I am in full support of this proposal but also want to add that the Council nominee period should remain open until the 14th, when this proposal’s snapshot ends. This will allow us to continue to expand the candidate pool until a decision has been reached on the final number of Council representatives that will be elected to take office in January.

The snapshot for TIP-044 live: Snapshot